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What Made me Decide to Get CCW

This is a discussion on What Made me Decide to Get CCW within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have always been a firearms enthusiast. The one event other than growing up in Chicago was the Long Island Train Massacre in 1993. I ...

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Thread: What Made me Decide to Get CCW

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    I have always been a firearms enthusiast. The one event other than growing up in Chicago was the Long Island Train Massacre in 1993. I decided then that I would never be a willing victim.

    Colin Ferguson (mass murderer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Welcome to the Forum!! I want to encourage you to get some good training in Defensive Handgun use. Front Sight, Gun Sight, lots of decent places out there to get reputable training. As a thought, call your local police/Sheriffs department and talk to their SWAT guys and ask them the best place locally/regionally to get quality training.......
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    Why? Look around my friends... there be wolves.

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    What Made me Decide to Get CCW????

    My wife started getting odd letters from a ex boyfriend who said he was going to come "get her". Even though we had moved to Florida and he was in Virginia, as soon as she told me, that night we had a shotgun, and 3 months later we both had our CCW and she had her 38 special and i had my 45 on us at all times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFreddie View Post
    What made me decide to get a CPL (Michigan) was the guy who threatened to "take me out" while I grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks before work one morning.
    The fact that it was his coffee you grabbed might've had something to do with it!

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    POS killed 4 members of his family 1/2 a mile from our house. Then he drove 2 miles away and killed 3 more...including his own daughter. Then he took 3 people hostage and finally maned up and killed himself. He was on the loose within a mile or so from our house and I remember thinking if he did come in our house all I had to stop him was to hope he didn't. I bought my P229 .40S&W within a month, went to the CPL class within 3 months, and now I carry knowing that if he or someone else did come in I've got a lot more than hope to stop him.

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    I was working for my dad in Long Island City in 1985 and we were delivering video tapes to video stores. The business was all COD, so we had a lot of cash coming in from the delivery drivers. I applied for a NYC carry permit and came "this close". They ended up giving me a premise permit which meant I could carry while on the premises of the business but no where else. After that I was determined to carry legally whenever I could.

    I moved to Florida in 1987 and left in 1991 not realizing I could have gotten a carry permit there. I then moved to Denver and it wasn't legal yet to carry there. For the next 10 years, my job kept moving me to states that either had no concealed carry or I didn't apply for a permit. Finally, we moved to Dallas in 2003 and I could legally carry.

    To answer your other question:

    Quote Originally Posted by Poorcupcake View Post
    My question is how do you carry in your car, is it still attached to your hip? Or do you have a different rig set up to have access quicker?
    I carry in the car the same way I always carry, 4-5 o'clock, in a belly band.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mopack View Post
    I was the biggest anti gun anyone could see or imagine. Not because there were no violence or crime around, but the concept of guns period. My philosopy was "it will never happen to me". Here are several incidents that precipitated my decision to carry a firearm.

    I was in a car with couple of friends, when a guy approached the window, after verbal exchange of words with one of my friends and he threatened to kill us if he (my friend) said one more word. No words followed (I though this was a good decision). But that was a really scary moment.

    Another incident/s: 2 differents friends, and on separate occassions, one of them a female were involved in car jackings. One of those car jackings involving the female friend (very good frriend) was also a kidnap situation and ended up in a shootout between the culprits after they took her money, wallet, credit cards etc. One of them (BG) tried to take all the stuff by himself and thats what triggered the shootings.

    Another incident: another good friend of mine's wife was stabbed in the abdomen during a robbery. The robber snatched her purse in an apartment hallway (very bold considering the location). She resisted out of instinct and she was then stabbed. She survived but spent time in hospital and it was a long recovery for them.

    Note: these incidents happented in a span of 3-4 years and yet I was not convinced that I need to own or carry a firearm for protection. Again, I was being naive and just believed in the "it is not going to happen to me" thing. There were sort of denial as well.

    Note: my cousine carried all the time and I used to tell him he was paranoid. I used to tell him you are more likely to shoot yourself accidently than use your gun on a BG. I was always afraid that his young childrent will one day get a hold of the gun followed by a tragic outcome. My cousin is a responsible person, but this is all me in my head.

    Final incident that made me say screw this: I used to go to a grocery once a week, minimum. The owners and staff, I knew them by name and became really good friends with them. One day (last winter), two of the owners and a customer were shot to death in a robbery. One of the robbers actually went back to the store to finish one of the victims (the customer), who was still alive. One employee survived by hiding in a big freezer. He hid from the robbers and dodged the bullets, but had a close call with hypothermia. I could have been there. This really pissed me off. They didn't deserve this. The customer was buying a phone card to call his pregnant wife in overseas.

    That store's staff is now armed, and so am I.

    This is my friends is the story of my journey to become a CC holder.
    The supermarket staff is now armed? That's a pretty bold move (in a very good way IMO). Most places would have put up a "no guns" sign, lobbied their congressmen to ban bullets, and been shocked when it happened again. Good for them.

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    I live in Orlando...need I say more?
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    dmicucci, yeah they did, which I thought was good too.

    Yoda: thanks for the wlc

    Chaplain Scott: thnx for the wlc and advise. I plan on physically training. I have been reading books and on the internet sites. I have been reading stuff on this site alone for months. good stuff.

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    A guy threw a brick through the front doors' window while I was working late one night...alone. He didn't know that I was there. Didn't see me. He started going through drawers and files and stuff. He was drunk AND stoned. I called 911, and the cops got there in about 2 minutes.. I decided then and there to get a pistol and my Utah CC permit. I've carried daily ever since. We had a jewelry shop 100 feet from my office robbed at gunpoint about a year ago. Three workers held in an upstairs office for two hours. (provo, Utah). Luckily they were all unharmed. Stuff is happening out there folks. Bad stuff.
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    I used to put my EDC in my center console when driving. Then I started really thinking through scenarios, and realized that the most pressing situation where I might need it would be a carjacking. The perp is likely to have a gun, and the odds of me getting the center console open and draw was probably pretty slim. Odds are I would be ordered out of the car, and with no opportunity to access my firearm I would likely hand the BG not only my car, but a loaded 1911.

    Since then I have always CC'd on my person while driving. First, I always have a seatbelt on, so if ordered out of the car, I would naturally have to reach down to unbuckle, which might allow me to draw in the same motion. More importantly, if ordered out of the car, I still am armed. Even if I don't get the chance to draw, I'm not left in god-knows-where unarmed, and I haven't just handed a bad guy my gun.

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    I know how I would react the instant I saw someone in front of my car with a gun..... foot to the floor..... he won't win over a 4000 lb car.

    An elderly woman, had a very similar situation (sounds the same ) occur at a stop light. She floored it and ran over the guy standing in front of her car with a gun..... killing him. She was never charged with anything, as it was all determined to be self-defense. The other 3 men involved, got a life sentence for murder (death occurred while in the commission of a felony).

    I had a situation once going down a street , very narrow due to cars parked for a basketball game nearby, and they had a pipe, chain and the other something else..... I did the same thing, I floored it.
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    I moved into a "what looked rather decent apartment in a decent area." After the first month there, I was seeing more and more police presence. We also have unsecured entrance doors. The week after, I picked up a weapon and took my class. I also work part time for a police department near by so often times, tenants have seen me in uniform. Since then, 4 of them have moved out. :) I rarely see police anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    What Made me Decide to Get CCW????

    The two stab wounds to my rib cage..
    Although I have never been stabbed, my reason to get a CCW is really very simple. He is the current resident in the whitehouse and the brownshirt socialists that he has around him. He is the closest this country has come to Hitler and 1930 Germany and unlike my jewish relatives who just walked to a freight train and their destiny, someone comes to my house they will go to hell before I go to heaven.

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