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Do I suddenly have a neon sign floating above my head saying “Gullible Target”?

This is a discussion on Do I suddenly have a neon sign floating above my head saying “Gullible Target”? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bark'n Asking for a handout is a ruse a lot of criminals perform in order for you to allow them to get ...

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Thread: Do I suddenly have a neon sign floating above my head saying “Gullible Target”?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    Asking for a handout is a ruse a lot of criminals perform in order for you to allow them to get close to you. As you are distracted digging in your pocket for just a few bucks, out comes the knife or gun and all of a sudden it becomes an armed robbery and you're suddenly at their mercy.

    I realize times are tough, and people are out there panhandling who never have before. But there are other avenues for people to get assistance, food, shelter, money or whatever. Most people who are legitimately down on hard times will pursue those options.

    As someone else mentioned... offer to buy them a meal, and they usually decline. I've tried that route too. Why do they decline a free hot meal? All they want is the next drink or fix. I don't support that.

    For personal security reasons, I don't engage in conversations with street people other than to say, "I can't help you; I don't have any money; I don't know what time it is; or I don't have a cigarette."
    You are exactly correct. A few years ago I was out on the town and, walking back to my car a homeless man asked me for change. Deciding I would surprise him and be friendly, I opened my wallet to give him a 20. Well, when I got my wallet out, he just grabbed it and took off running. Tried chasing him down, couldn't keep up, and I called the police. They tried to find him and had no luck.

    Ironically a month later, I was walking through the same part of town and the SAME guy approached me asking for change. I told him no, he cursed at me, I explained that he stole my wallet before and that I was calling the cops. He took off running again.

    One approach I like as of late has been to just lock eyes with the person when they approach but remain completely silent. It seems to throw them off their guard. A few weeks ago I was at the gas station filling up and this gentleman approached me and said "Hey, you got any change or a cigarette or anything?" I just stared at him without saying a single word. There was about a 15 second silence, and then he just said "Uh.. O-o-okay man, well, have a good one!" Then nervously strolled off.
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    The worst place I have been for people asking for handouts is on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. You have to be really firm with them, like I was or they will not leave you alone. I saw several people being followed down the street by people who were aggressively asking them for money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tactilame View Post
    Deciding I would surprise him and be friendly, I opened my wallet to give him a 20.
    I don't give any money to panhandlers for the same reason I don't feed rats or pigeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crescentstar View Post
    When beggars have appeared to be truly in need, I have offered to buy them food. Interestingly, they usually pass up the offer.
    A few years ago, I was in Chicago for a conference. I walked to a restaurant with a group, but left by myself because I had no desire to sit there drinking. I was followed by a group of men asking for handouts almost all the way back to my hotel. I had told one that I would buy him a sandwich, but I was not giving him any money. Finally right before I got to my hotel they all split because they wanted cash . Then I heard a small voice say "Mister? Could I get that sandwich?" I went into the Cheesecake Factory and for some reason bought him two full meals to-go. When I got back out, he was over-whelmed. He and his pregnant wife were living under the overhang at the Presbyterian Church across this street. They were truly thankful. and I sat and talked to them for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    As the economy gets worse, you can expect more of this type of occurrence.
    I agree. When the economy gets worse crime goes up and so does poverty.

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    I was mugged by people asking for money when I was probably 11 or 12 years old, I will never give handouts to panhandlers, in fact I will treat them as assumed robbers until they go away. Actually just thinking about it has brought up the awful memory and raised my anger. The worst part about it was my father essentially blamed me for the mugging.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    Since I saw John Stossel's report on "professional bums" I don't give a penny. Call me hard hearted if you want, but if they have the energy to beg, they have the energy to get a job.

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