What situation, if any, caused you to become more home defense oriented? - Page 3

What situation, if any, caused you to become more home defense oriented?

This is a discussion on What situation, if any, caused you to become more home defense oriented? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The straw built up on the proverbial camel's back for a long time, but the one that broke it was a home invasion not half ...

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Thread: What situation, if any, caused you to become more home defense oriented?

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    The straw built up on the proverbial camel's back for a long time, but the one that broke it was a home invasion not half a mile from my house.

    We live in a very quiet area outside a city of about 75000.

    For a few months, I heard stories almost every week of meth-heads breaking into peoples homes; all within 10 to 15 miles.

    It got personal when a young couple had left the garage door cracked a little so their cat could come and go as it pleased.

    A group of 4 meth-heads let themselves in and caught the couple while they were sleeping.

    Tied them to chairs with duct tape on their mouths and the whole nine yards (hollywood style I guess).

    Then used the guy's pickup truck to load up all it could hold and stole the girl's car as well.

    Needless to say, I signed up for my CC class the next week.

    If I can find the news story on it I'll post it.
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    Kerberos, sounds almost exactly like a story from around Tuttle, OK a while back. Except the thugs left the people tied to the chairs and set the house on fire when they left...

    Also, interesting name. You a computer nerd?
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    The honne invasion incident out of Connecticut should be enough to make everybody want to be more home security minded.
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    When I was 15 two drunks put a baseball bat through my bedroom window with me on the other side of it yelling no. I grabbed my .22 rifle and started pumping rounds as they tried to enter. They ran off. Cops called and they were caught. I wonder how it would have gone otherwise.
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    under a rock in area 51
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    Hurricane Katrina

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    Around July or August 1994 in my old Norfolk neighborhood of Coleman Place, a neighbor who loved in in a house on Santos and Rush Street got attacked in his yard by someone wielding some bludgeoning weapon. In return, the homeowner shot the attacker dead with a handgun of his own. I saw an ambulance ouside while I woke up around midnight for a snack. Thought at first is was a serial murder but it was a self-defense shoot. The homeowner didn't got arrested and even the mother of the assailant refuse to even sue him. Despite the homeowner not being prosecuted, he moved out of the area into another neighborhood in Chesapeake since he did not want to be recognized as a killer in the neighborhood.
    As a result of this incident that made local news, I decided that day to buy my first gun (H&K USP .40), which I still have to this day. Afterwards, did a range safety course, had more professional firearms training as well as combatives training, made some changes in my home security, acquired other guns (.45 pistol/12 ga. shotgun/AR-15 rifle), and the rest is history.

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    15 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Kansas City, Kansas during the 70s and 80s. Seeing the "wolves" in human forms prey on citizens. It leaves a lasting memory. I refuse to be one of the victims. I could not stand by and see my family attacked by the likes of them and not be able to protect the family.

    Just read the papers and see where it is necessary. I can't run and I don't have the body strength to fight, but I do have the training and resources to put up a reasonable defense.
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    No incident of any kind caused me to take this decision. I had always kept guns in the home, but
    never considered carrying.

    Years back our state only allowed you to take a gun from your home to
    a range by the single most direct route, without any stop. There was then no such thing as car carry or
    even a concealed carry permit. You were only legal to carry if you traveled outside your home county, overnight, and even
    then the burden of proof that you were traveling was on the accused.

    I used to worry that a minor detour or disagreement over what constituted the shortest route to the range
    would get me in trouble. Also, there were a few times I traveled out of my home county and was uncertain if I
    would be staying overnight.

    So, when it became feasible to get a CHL, I determined that having one would solve the issue of
    following the most direct route to the range once and for all. That issue was also complicated by the
    fact that I had access to a ranch, and would sometimes go out to the ranch to shoot. It was a distance away, and
    I couldn't even stop at a DQ for a soda on the way home. (The ranch is now a 25 year old upscale subdivision
    where I couldn't even afford the smallest building lot. Should have bought some of those ranch acres when
    they were still available--of course no money then and the rancher wasn't selling.)

    Once I got the CHL it of course made sense to make use of it for the purpose it was intended.
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    East Texas
    I've posted this elsewhere, but, the same answer belongs here too. I began CCW shortly after the February 2005 Tyler, Texas Courthouse shooting. You can Google it for the details, but, I was in a third floor office of the Courthouse when the shooting began. I witnessed it all, from the killing of the estranged wife and son, to the wounding of several Deputies, to the execution of private citizen Mark Wilson, a Texas CHL license holder who tried to end the attack by killing the BG. As the BG escaped in his pick-up, he sprayed the side of the building with rounds hitting the brick only three feet below the window where I crouched. I have never felt so helpless in my life. My wife and I both worked in the Courthouse and there was nothing I could have done to stop the BG had he entered the building looking to kill more people including us. The next day I signed up for my CHL classes. I always carry, because a nice, quiet, normal day at work (or anywhere,)can go to hell in seconds. You just never know.
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    I've ALWAYS had a weapon in my vehicle (when legal) and have ALWAYS had weapons in my home. I started carrying seriously when I began to observe the serious decline in the morals of our society, and in particular the recent decline of our government in leadership, respecting my constitutional rights as an individual and my states rights per our constitution...I figured it was time to prepare for the worse, and my preparations are ongoing as the decline continues. If MY hope for a change in our CURRENT political leadership isn't realized in the NEAR future, I fear we ALL will have reason to carry, prepare, and TRAIN for the probable inevitable rise in violence. JMO
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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    No particular reason other than its my home and it needs defending if such an occasion arises.

    Home defense is nothing more than having a spare tire for your vehicle.
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    As oxymoronic as it is, my wife and I became more sensitive to self-defence when we moved to a poor, rural county in Texas from the DFW Metro.

    I guess we had been rather "assuming" of our safety based on our lifestyles and living and working environments while in DFW. When we moved to a poor NE Texas county ravaged by meth with only a few Sheriff Deputies patrolling 800 square miles our minds and eyes opened up real fast. We were further "awakened" when we realized a call for help could result in a half-hour or longer wait. Our only neighbors shared our concerns and we armed up and got our Texas CHL's soon thereafter.
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    11 years ago, when we bought our home on several acres surrounded by mostly farmland, the previous owners couldn't give us their door keys because they had no idea where they were... they'd never locked their doors in all the years they lived there. It's really a great neighborhood, with a local farm store and great neighbors of many colors, religions, backgrounds. That being said, I've lived in many places that were not as peaceful and never have I been guilty of thinking "it can't happen here". Naturally, we changed the locks, reinforced door frames and all that stuff. I personally hate the fact that we've got to lock everything up and maintain a defensive posture at all times, but let's face it... it's not the same world it was just a generation or two ago. Local Law Enforcement can only repsonse so quickly and can only be in so many places at once, so depsite their best intentions they simply can not (and should not) be considered our first line of defense. It's this mindset that has led to placing home / personal defense high on our list of priorities. Our home is reasonably fortified and we've added motion sensor lighting and exterior cameras, we both have permits and carry every day (both home and away), we pay attention to changes and unusual situations within our own property lines as well as those of the few neighbors we can see from our place. It really doesn't cost a lot, nor does it take a lot of time to manage reasonable security at home.

    So.. were there any specific incidents that caused us to become more HD oriented? no.. not really, but the dozen home invasions that have taken place near here in the past year and the body they found in the woods 2 miles from here last month help to validate our positions on the subject... and apparently we're not alone... we live in a town with a population of just under 20K residents where more than 2100 concealed carry permits have been issued. Did I mention this is a really nice area? :)

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    Akron, Ohio
    When my wife showed me large footprints in the snow leading from the street to her front window and then back to the street. The prints were put down at night and whoever left them went through a garden area to reach the window.

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