Had a scare last night - Good Thing

Had a scare last night - Good Thing

This is a discussion on Had a scare last night - Good Thing within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last night it dropped into the 60's here, so I decided to open all the windows in the back of the house. It was about ...

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Thread: Had a scare last night - Good Thing

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    Had a scare last night - Good Thing

    Last night it dropped into the 60's here, so I decided to open all the windows in the back of the house. It was about 10:30 last night, my wife and I were watching the news. All of a sudden my dog starts barking from the back of the house, not a normal bark, like at another dog, but a bark that sounded like she was very scared. I looked over at my wife and the look on her face was if she had just seen a ghost. Without thinking, I jumped up, grabbed my glock from the coffee table, and tossed my cell phone to my wife. Without thinking about it, I slowly slid slide back just enough for my finger to feel a round in the chamber. I whispered to my wife to get ready to call 911. I slowly approached the back bedroom to find my dog barking at the window. I shut the windows and cleared the rest of the house. I dont think there was anything outside the window, but to be safe we closed all of the windows.

    I was really impressed how fast I was able to go from sitting watching tv into defensive mode. The rush felt good, and I was glad it was just a false alarm. Does anyone else have a story like this, where you had no time to think, and realized afterwards you handled yourself well?

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    Only one Ben.

    In my office I have three RF linked CCTV inputs - front of house and two showing back area - and if one is ''triggered'' I get bleeps. Any time I hear a bleep I look at monitor. It's usually my wife or an expected visitor.

    The closest bleeper is triggered just about when someone is going to open door to come in - it's mounted not too far from the building - this visitor tho, having driven or walked down a side driveway which is out of range of other two units. If my wife comes down from the house she triggers another unit first so I have plenty of time to check things.

    As I looked at the monitor I saw an unidentified male about to open the door - and so drew and got up to move to the dividing wall door - gun behind me from sight.

    It was it turned out a ''friend of a friend'' who I had forgotten was supposed to call ''sometime'' and he announced himself adequately as he entered. I was able to reholster screened by part of the inner door frame - and all was well. I doubt he knew the response he had triggered.

    I was all but surprised how fast I reacted - enough to tip over my puter chair! LOL. Sounds like we can both go into ''jumpy'' mode quite quickly
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    Glad to hear everything turned out well. Although its not a gun story it relates to your question of acting without thinking. About a year ago i had a few friends and family over. While out on the deck, without warning, my sister, standing to the left of me started to seize. I have had a good bit of training in wilderness first aid and in a split second it all went into action. Everything was instinct from breaking her fall to preparing for rescue breathing. In your case as well as mine, it all goes to show that with the proper training and enough of it you can act faster than you know what is goin on.

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    As cooler weather returns, this is a issue we can all think about a bit. Glad your's turned out OK, and your response sounded good too! Give that doggy a milkbone!
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    Ahh, yes the fun rush of adrenaline. Nothing quite like it. I get it about once or twice a week while working. Kinda nice to know that I can go on training , rather than having to decide what to do (wasting time).
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    Well, Ben, first thing I've got to say is 60 degrees in OK already?? Lucky you!

    On to the topic... Glad everything was all right, and that your training came through.

    I had a similiar experience a few weeks ago. The alarm had just gone off. I hit the snooze button as usual and was just about back to sleep. A strange noise came from the front of the apartment. By the time I was fully awake, I was halfway to my bedroom door with my SAXD in hand (proper stance) with a round chambered. I cleared my apartment, and found nothing (never figured out what the noise was either). After all this happened, I pieced together what I did. Without moving much, I reached over my shoulder to the night stand, opened the drawer and took out my pistol. Then rolled out of bed to my feet while chambering the round (I live alone, so I keep it stored with a full clip in, but without a round chambered). I also impressed myself with my reaction time. The only thing I did wrong (as far as I know) is I had my finger inside the trigger guard (but had not depressed the trigger safety). So, definately not good, but not terrible.

    As usual, my apologies for the rambling speech.

    Oh and +1 on rewarding the watchdog! Having a few seconds warning can really make the difference in a bad situation.
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    clearing the house

    Woken up in the middle of the night out of a DEEP sleep w/ the burglar alarm blaring. grabbed the gun and flashlight, racked the slide, told wife to get her gun and cell and hide in bathroom.

    Off to clear the 2nd floor, then the main floor (which has the keypad). Alarm keypad showed an alarm was tripped in the basement (meant something broke through the basement door (walkout basement)).

    Come down the stairs. As my foot came to the last step, I saw my reflection in a mirror (didn't know the person I was looking at was me) and that person was closing the distance toward me AT the same time a thunderous BOOOM!!!! went off.

    I instinctively squeezed what I had a grip on as I raised the gun. If I would have had my finger in the trigger guard, I would definitely have set off a round.

    The BOOM!!! was thunder and the big hairy intruder was just my reflection. Apparentyl a thunderstorm rolled through. I did not wake up from the sound of the thunder, but the sound of the alarm. The thunder was so close, it set of the alarm. Got to the basement and another thunder hit while I got to the bottom of the stairs.

    I realized this, then cleared basement (checked door was locked), reset alarm and promptly went upstairs where my hands started shaking. Had a hard time sleeping after that.

    What did I learn? Never clear a house. Call the police. I will never attempt to clear a house. Way too dangerous. Stay locked up in a safe area and call the police in.

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