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How dare you call an armchair quarterback an armchair quarterback. Pro tip: That's what a scenario-based discussion board is all about.

If you've seen such an encounter and are smart (like any LEO should be), then you would know the best way to avoid a potential assault is to simply leave your door locked, turn out the lights, and go back to bed. But, everyone thinks it's sooooo much fun to have the drama. Sure, keep looking for ways to justify shooting some feckless drunk girlfriend you recognized before opening the door. I'd bet that would make you feel so good.

There are more drama queens in this scenario than armchair quarterbacks commenting.
Not a LEO....left that type of life behind when I left the Army. I agree with the best method as laid out here. My comment was directed at the "should of been able to restrain her" comment. At NO TIME did I imply that it was ok to shoot an unarmed person or drunk ex. You need to re-read my post if you think that shooting an unarmed ex "would make me feel so good."