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House Clearing

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Thread: House Clearing

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    House Clearing

    So last night the power went out, after putting my family to bed, I decided it would be a good time to do some house clearing. Now I know it is recommended that you do not try to clear your house and better to barricade yourself in the room and call the police, but I have a bit of a tactical dilemma.

    Our bedroom is in the downstairs suite, but my guns are in another room (working on the wife to install a small safe in the bedroom) and my dad is living upstairs. Now on weekdays (I get up early) I sleep in the same room as my guns giving me good access to them (As good as can be legally managed in Canada that is). So assuming I am asleep near my guns, hear BG breaking in, my first priority will be to secure wife and kid. The tactical move to do so is fairly simple. But if I want to get my dad I have quite the obstacle course to run and the dry run exposed a few tactical dilemmas for me.

    To move from my gun room upstairs, I have to exit from the room into a L shaped hallway with myself being at the lower left of the L. The door opens in and I stay clear to the right so I can scan the hallway, then move out to check the bathroom at the bottom of the L, check my back and then move through the door to the laundry room at the right side of the L, The door opens in and blocks a side room of the area, I check for a threat through the door jam before scanning and clearing the rest of the room, I made sure I entered the doorway with a foot forward to prevent the door from being shoved into my face. Once I clear this room I now have to make my way upstairs.

    The stair bottom does not give any place to hide and the door opens to allow you to peek up the stairs while retaining cover from the jamb, the stairs parallel the upper hallway (on your left going up, separated by a banister. The top landing is tricky, on your left is the front door and slightly to the right of it is the entrance to the kitchen. To your immediate right is the entrance to the living room. Behind you to your left is the hallway with 2 bedrooms and at the end of the hallway is a left bend to my Dads bedroom.

    I was a bit stumped at this point how to proceed, kept low and scanned the hallway and then peaked around the wall squatting to check the living room, quick check of the kitchen and then proceeded to clear each bedroom along the way and never assumed the hallway was clear until checked coming out.

    I kept the gun (loaded with dummy rounds, checked twice don’t want any unexplainable holes in the wall ) close in facing forward, used a flashlight in the other hand with the “hodson” hold (spelling?) ie left arm holding flashlight supporting gun arm.

    So can anyone give a few pointers on this scenario and how they might/have dealt with stairs, multiple openings etc?

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    stairs are a pain. usually 2 people are needed to cover stairs, especially ascending. Perhaps a better plan might be to set up an intercom and order your dad to barricade himself in.
    If clearing is considered a must , perhaps night vision and a mirror might be in order .
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    if you can, get a good dog and keep him in the downstairs room w/ you. he'll snoop out any problems b/w you and dad when you let him out.

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    You need to get a safe for your bedroom. That's like having a fire extinguisher upstairs and none in the kitchen. In a situation like this every second counts. IMO don't get a safe where you have to mess with a key or combo. Get one with a quick access keypads.
    Here's one that won't break the bank:

    I have this one:

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    I agree with jowgafist - the gunvault is a great safe and is easy to access under pressure. Have had mine for close to ten years and no problem.
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