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Man Fights Armed (Hoodie Wearing) Robber Over Moped and Wins

This is a discussion on Man Fights Armed (Hoodie Wearing) Robber Over Moped and Wins within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was not there and it is easy for me behind the screen to comment. I don't know the laws in Ohio, or if this ...

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Thread: Man Fights Armed (Hoodie Wearing) Robber Over Moped and Wins

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    I was not there and it is easy for me behind the screen to comment. I don't know the laws in Ohio, or if this victim may be proscribed from having a weapon. That said, what was he thinking? Seems even an untrained person would get to cover, have someone call 911, and prepare mentally for lethal force. I mean if you live where kids with guns walk up in broad daylight to steal a motorbike while you and four friends are present... By definition, that is a 'pay attention to your surroundings' zone. Must have been under the influence of prescription or other substances.

    I just hope I never get to the point in life that I am so poorly functioning that a single thug feels he can walk up to me and four friends at noon and steal anything. That kid must have known something about these victims.

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    WOW! I'm speechless. Why do you carry if you're not willing to use it when things like this happen?

    Yes, you were the victim.... now.. lets fast forward to the end.. what if one of your bullets hit him in the back while he's leaving? You're not going to be the victim this time.

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    "He couldn't make himself shoot a teenager."

    Ha! That's a very lucky teenager right there.. IMO, he put himself squarely in a "mans" position when he pulled his gun and tried to forcibly take something that wasn't his... I'd have shot his butt without hesitation.
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    I'm going to make several assumptions here, so bear w/ me...
    The kid (w/ the gun) had to be acting like he wasn't going to shoot anyone and was just trying to scare them. As skiddish as he was acting, and as much as he kept "toying" w/ the guy (w/o a shirt), I would have taken a nice board out of the truck and seen how confident he was then. The kid didn't want to shoot anyone or he would have done it sooner. I would have either:
    A. pulled my gun ASAP if I felt my life was in danger
    B. rushed the kid instead of taking it slow and easy, in hopes of catching him off guard, or
    C. went inside and called the cops.

    Which choice I made would depend on things that we certainly can't tell from the video about the kid's behavior, etc.

    I'd say both of them were stupid, ignorant, and very lucky that at least one of them didn't get shot.

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    I don't care how old you are. If you are pointing a gun at me in a threatening manner, you are a threat. 17 or 70, I will do my level best to stop the threat.

    I also don't care if it is just a moped. If you pull a gun and want a piece of bubble gum, I will also treat you like a threat.
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    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I agree. Stupid move. I don't care if it was my favorite moped and I worked a second job for four years to buy it. It's not worth dying over.
    I agree with you 100%. However, it looks like the gent hand a pistol in his back pocket the whole time but just couldn't bring himself to shoot the punk... So, it looks like the gent decided that it wasn't worth killing someone over... IMO, that was just crazy; if you don't want to defend your property with equal force if it's available, why in the hell try to stop someone with a gun apparently dead set on taking it.

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    From the article: "I don't know that I could confront someone and be as calm as he was or not want to take the weapon out," Eyster said. "It either took a lot of restraint and guts or real stupidity."

    I'm going to go with stupidity. The guy just shot at you and you have a gun in your pocket. Why would you get up and keep pointing your finger at him. There were a lot of potential decision points in that confrontation going either way (run of shoot), and he waited until the other guy ran and then shot??? After he shoots at you, you either shoot him or get out of the way.
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    First.. Anyone would try to stop the theft at least until the gun was presented.

    I don't think the teen wanted to shoot but I am terrified by how calm he was just walking around in no hurry even after shooting at the guy.

    The shirtless man should have was stupid and lucky. If he wasn't going to defend his life why would he decide to defend a scooter? He should be charged with negligent discharge of a firearm.

    If after being sot at you still don't present a gun then why have it?

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    If they are unarmed and just stealing the scoot, blindside them and commence to beat the criminal intent out of them. Shooting a person simply for theft is usually not a defensible position in most courts.

    What was the Bad Guy's intent? The second he displayed the pistol, his intent was clear, and the response is clear. He MAY just take the property and leave, or he may decided to leave no witnesses. I am not going to try to determine his true intent. He presents a weapon, as soon as he is distracted (and he will be), if I am armed, he is getting shot multiple times.

    If you watch the vid carefully, you see plenty:

    1. People tend to use pistols or other weapons as pointers to emphasize their actions. Watch the guy point the gun. Watch the idiot point his finger. Those are instinctive shooting positions and more than likely to hit the target at that distance. I imagine neither had training but both could have hit their target.

    2. See how many times the Bad Guy looks away, points the pistol toward the sky or ground, or is simply overwhelmed by too much input (where are the other guys, how do I ride this scooter with a gun in hand, etc.)

    3. I believe the shirtless guy may have been a few beers into a keg from his reactions. He is WAY too brazen, WAY too unaware of his danger, and WAY to indecisive. Hell, he had a gun! SHOOT!

    4. I doubt that the Bad guy ever noticed that the shirtless guy was armed. Again, too much input that he was trying to process.

    5. Finally, WHERE THE HELL WAS EVERYONE ELSE!!! Are they calling 911? Running scared? trying to figure out what to do? Full Stationary Panic (feet moving, brain disengaged)?

    All in all, the shirtless guy by all rights and reason SHOULD be dead. We know the Bad Guy's gun was loaded. He shot it. The only conclusion I come too is this - God didn't want them....and Satan was afraid they would be a bad mark on his reputation if he took them both in right now.
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    The man was a fool on several levels. First was going after someone with a gun. Second, once he knew the kid was armed, not waiting for the opportunity and using his own weapon, third, shooting in the direction of the fleeing BG.

    "You see him reach several times to his back pocket, but he just couldn't do it," Eyster said. "He couldn't make himself shoot a teenager."
    If your not willing to use a gun to protect yourself in a life threatening situation DO NOT carry a gun. Age has no relevance. A teenager with a gun is just as deadly, if not more so, as a 30 year old with a gun.

    Once the man ran off, Gramza pulled the gun out and shot in his direction to scare him off and prevent him from coming back, Eyster said.
    Where did these "warning shoots" go? Did they eventually drop harmlessly to the ground, or are they now decorating the walls of someones house? It's been discussed here many times, NEVER shoot at a fleeing person, it's one of the best ways to end up behind bars. The threat is leaving, you no longer have a legal fear for your life defense.
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    If I was put in this situation people would be talking about how the hoodie wearing punk was turning his life around.

    If my use of the descriptor "hoodie" offends, too bad. Walks like duck, quacks like a duck,........ it's a duck.

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