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Punk jumping on the roof of my car

This is a discussion on Punk jumping on the roof of my car within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Miketrance What about hitting them with a taser? You don't want them falling off the car and cracking their head open with ...

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Thread: Punk jumping on the roof of my car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miketrance View Post
    What about hitting them with a taser?
    You don't want them falling off the car and cracking their head open with that 0_o
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable- JFK

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    paintball gun? it hurts like bear... and then when the punks get home sightly bruised and rainbow colored, they can explain what they had been doing to their parents ...
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

    If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics stink.

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    I've got this "lingering hip pain" from when I was in the service. So I hobbled out there with my cane. There was so much noise I thought those boys needed something. Then they jumped me, so I had no choice but to protect myself with the cane. After all, it was 2 against one......
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    Water hose and hope one breaks an ankle when he jumps from the roof. Hope it don't ever happen to me- would be very difficult not to flip.

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    Heck with pepper spray or anything of that nature. I think one of these with a hopper full of pepperballs would do the trick! I hope the link works. http://www.pepperball.com/pdf/custom..._specsheet.pdf
    Libertas Vel Mors

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    Hitting the parents in the pocketbook is the best way to handle it. Then what happens is the parents get all POed that their kids just cost them big bucks. Then the parents beat the tar out of their kids and you get their butts whupped by proxie.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    We, as a society are screwed.

    Videotaping is about the only thing you could get away with. Anything else and the family would probably try to sue you for a bunch of BS.

    Those kids aren't going to ever do anything good for society.

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    I live in a rural neighborhood, if you can imagine such a thing. It's out in the county where you can shoot if you were of a mind, but there's too many houses around to make it safe to do so in my opinion. We've had a bit of a problem with neighbor dogs causing a ruckus on our property. While I've been extremely tempted to mete out typical country justice on a trespassing dog, I've refrained...wife wants no part of dead dogs and won't let me string up a hot fence because of the kids...tried to explain they wouldn't touch it more than once, but noooooo.....

    Since I grew up out in the country, I'm pretty familiar with most farm and ranch tools, even the ones that aren't really much in use anymore.

    I had a theory about how to deal with this, and then went ahead and tested it out. I conclusively proved that the cracking of a bullwhip sounds awfully like a shotgun going off, especially when the trespasser had no idea it was coming. The dog runs the other direction every time it sees me now, which I'm fine with. And I didn't even muss a hair on its head.

    I think that noise might cause a two-legged critter to hightail it out of the area as well....The only law you have to worry about violating is a noise ordinance.

    We used to use a carbide cannon on a timer to keep crows out of the corn. Usually they're even louder than a shotgun. Something like this:

    BIG-BANG Cannons Conestoga Company

    Just saying....

    Of course, you run the risk of escalation if you resorted to one of those options, but you certainly have a right to protect your property within the bounds of the law in your jurisdiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    I remember when that American kid got sentenced to caning when he got arrested for doing something stupid in a foreign country. I forget where it was. Indonesia maybe? He was sentenced to 5 lashes with a bamboo cane. The media from that country said most people pass out from the pain after 3 lashes. Everyone here in the USA was in an outrage over it. It happened about 15 years ago, IIRC.
    Yeah, I remember that. It was this guy:

    Michael P. Fay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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