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Answering The Door

This is a discussion on Answering The Door within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Harryball You are so mistaken on this part. Not only do they do it, they are successful when they do. To the ...

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Thread: Answering The Door

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    You are so mistaken on this part. Not only do they do it, they are successful when they do.

    To the OP, not every situation deserves a gun. I think for the sake of discussion you have learned what you did wrong, and are correcting it.


    They come by, give you the Eddie Haskell routine, (all nice and polite), and then as soon as they are out of the picture, they are the're old self.

    They are called con men(women) and they are not relics from the past, and they come in many forms,
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    I have responded to these threads many times with my family's rule for answering the door:

    - friend, neighbor, or relative
    - scheduled visit from a contractor, pastor, or others.

    If you don't fall into one of the two categories above, our door stays closed, and we simply don't answer it. Period. No exceptions.

    I don't care if you're dressed like the Queen of England. I don't care if I hurt your little Girl Scout's feelings. I don't care if you think I should have helped you. I am not breaching the security of my home for an unannounced caller for ANY REASON. Many of the guys here say they do it, but "they have a gun". I'm not looking to shoot anyone, so it's just easier to leave them cooling their heels until they decide to leave. If they're persistent, I'll call the cops to ask what they want.

    If your door has a big glass portal where strangers on the front porch can nose around see what you're doing inside, you need a new, safer door. Now.

    There is a famous, old military saying: proper prior planning prevents poor performace.

    If you have a PLAN like we do, there is no on-the-spot decision-making necessary. None. You would have simply refused to answer your door. Instead, you felt you needed to make a lot of last-minute calls such as whether or not to pick up a firearm, taking your firearm, and opening your door to strangers in your bath robe because of how you evaluated their sartorial appearance. See how that thought process works for you? It's silly.

    Have a plan, stick to the plan, and you wouldn't have even had to worry about your gun, let alone make assumptions about how someone is dressed.
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    I have a no trespassing /no solicitation sign at the front door and it does wonders for keeping people away. The ones that ignore it I step outside and take their picture with the sigh in the background and get the name of their co and threaten to call the cops.

    In Texas it’s a $750 dollar fine and with a pic of the person w/sign in background and co name they can convict along with a personal lawsuit of breach of peace and invasion of privacy

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    My two shepherds are our doormen. I love hearing, "Wow, those are big dogs!" when we do open the door. Besides the peephole, we always ask who's there and I'm always armed.

    One big advantage we have is that our house has two front doors: a big double door set-up and a single door. We, as well as our family and friends know to use the single door. If the double doorbell rings (different tone than the single door) we definetly know it's a stranger
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    My advice is get an alarm system.

    When the door opens the alarm goes off and calls security in 15 - 20 seconds. If the person cannot articulate a reason for me to continue the conversation after 5 seconds I politely say no thanks and shut and re lock the door.

    More importantly if it truly is an emergency situation (or claim of one) by someone I know (or don't) from the neighborhood I don't have to turn my back on them to go call for help. Its on the way already and I don't have to yield my position.

    No answer and not even a look? I guess Dr. Petit would just have to keep on crawling in that case. Its an unfortunate comment on society that we feel no obligation at all to be good neighbors. I am not bashing the position, I even understand where it comes from, but its my hope that should one of my family members someday be in a position where they desperately need an honest law abiding citizen's help, they'd at least get the door answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cook74 View Post
    Being retired has its advantages of having breakfast with the wife around 1030 AM. As we sat lounging in our bathrobes, we had a knock at the door (big oval glass in center) and looked out at an older man and a young women who I assumed were the local Jehovah Witnesses church making the rounds. First the dog went nuts barking at the couple and as I stood up to approach the door. I cracked open the door and they immediately excused themselves for interrupting our breakfast.

    I was caught off guard by their looks (well dressed) and was a mere couple of inches from grabbing my XDM compact when I stood up to go to the door.

    Afterward, I cursed myself for being so lax and NOT grabbing my gun as I answered the door.

    BTW, they were holding a couple of three ring binders and literature but they never identified themselves as JW's... I feel so dumb not being more aware and assuming they were JW's when the could have been BG's. Normally JW's hand you a flyer about Jesus, etc and this is the first time they never even tried to hand me anything...

    So bottom line, I need to be more aware and not be sooo lazy and ASSUMING they were JW's and not BG's or others scoping out the house...
    You could have opened the robe and scared them off that way.

    I never go to the door without my 1911. Nobody sees it, but it's there. Usually- since my back is messed up, and I'm not working at the moment- my wife answers the door because she moves faster, and I stand behind her with the gun ready; we don't live in a very good neighborhood. Both of the homicides in Rock Hill this year have happened within 1/4 mile of where I live. -We're moving as soon as possible.
    "Gun control should mean hitting your target every time."

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    When I DO open the door, I only open it a small amount so my cats can't get out, but this guy:

    always manages to get his nose out the door.

    ps: If he doesn't know you, he doesn't like you.
    "If you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

    - Anon

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    I was between moves and had to take up residence in a questionable area (because I had three dogs). One evening there was a knock at the door. I took my SP101 and put my cross stitch on it's hoop over it. I answered the door and there was a Highway patrolman. He saw my needle work and not the gun. I set it down and continued the conversation. He was asking about some of the Neighbors. I have done this with newspapers, magazines and needle work. I am prepared and they never know. I now live in a small relatively stable community and still do it. When hubby goes out on a night call....SP101 sits in my lap. It or the LCP are never too far away. Let's face it...when I would need it the worse is when I wouldn't have it. THAT ain't going to happen.
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    I got a knock on my door the other night, around 10:30PM. Since I was not expecting anyone, I refused to answer (my general rule unless expecting someone). I still wonder who was knocking and why they knocked three or four times before leaving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cook74 View Post
    Answering The Door...
    I have no idea, my door has never asked a question.
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