I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight (A little long)

This is a discussion on I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight (A little long) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the grocery store with the wife tonight. For those who don't know me my wife is handicapped with MS. Just recently she started ...

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Thread: I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight (A little long)

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    I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight (A little long)

    Went to the grocery store with the wife tonight. For those who don't know me my wife is handicapped with MS. Just recently she started walking, talking and eating again so we are enjoying the change. At any rate went into the store with the usual light crowd conditions. Since my wife has some cognitive impairment with the MS she just dosn't process info very fast and I tend to be in a really high state of awareness to look out for her. When she was in her wheelchair we had several shady types look like they wanted to try for a robbery on her 'till they sized me up. That was one of the big reasons I got my permit but I digress.

    We are walking down the first isle by the produce dept. and there is a group of 5 20 something hispanic males. Not picking on hispanics here, I work with 'em all the time and no problemo, just reporting the facts. Looked like they where cooling off from a day at work and visiting. What struck me though was a 6th guy standing at the edge of the group. He looked like he was trying to "blend in" but clothing and behavior didn't fit the pattern of the group and they were not acknowledging him. Something set off a little bell in the back of my mind and I've learned to listen to those bells! Another part of me was thinking that I'm in a brightly light grocery store with people all around, take it down a notch. Well the crowd parted to let us through all polite, smiling and I made eye contact with all of em, nodded and didn't sense anything wrong. Then I made eye contact with the "outsider" and he very quickly looked at something else and alarm bells went up in volume. He just looked "wrong". As we walked through I started pushing my wife to the far side of the isle with the cart. As I passed the guy he turned really fast and aproached me from behind. I went into immediate "orange" headed for "red". He started about 5 feet behind me and we reached the end of the isle with him 3 feet behind. I pushed wife left spun 180 and dropped my hand straight on my right side one step from pulling cover and drawing and gave him the "glare". Subconcious alarms were ringing loud at this point and this guy felt and looked all "wrong". He looked like a fox that just got caught in the glare of a flashlight attached to a 12 gauge while about to raid the henhouse. He did a very abrupt right turn and walked fast down a service hall and took great interest in a poster all of a sudden.

    I figure he was trying to set us up for a bump and grab pickpocket theft or something similar as he was closing space directly at my back and way to fast. But training also kicked in and I wasn't taking chances with my wife there. Don't think I'd want an armed confrontation in the middle of a grocery store full of bystanders but it was obvious he knew he was caught and was aware of what my motions might mean. I also saw no overt threat or weapon so I stopped at that point. No hand on weapon no reveal but about 1 second from go. As I moved my wife and I away he beat feet for the exit at a rapid walk. My one mistake was probably not calling the cops or store manager. He was gone, we were fine and I had no one to point out so I decided to let that one slide.

    I will say this, planning and training pays. You know it when you react and move without thinking!
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    Ahh, the bells the bells!! Yes indeed a good yellow and spidey sense all combine to create an awareness and time to make decisions.

    Sounds like you were well on the ball. I have had a few such moments and look back on them with some satisfaction - at having at very least been prepared were it needed.
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    Thank God for the "Spidey Sense". Glad all turned out well and I am glad that your wife is doing better.
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    Good Job!
    There are 2 types of people, victims and the prepared. I choose to be prepared....

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    Always better safe than sorry
    Glad it worked out ok

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    yep, seems like a probable pickpocket attempt that you foiled either that or a purse grab and run.
    Whatever...it sure was not going to be anything good.
    Good Job!
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    Doesn't it feel nice to have the means to halt such a threat? My alertness has gone up noticeably since I started carrying. It keeps me aware of my surroundings. I notice things I would have never seen when I was just "sheep'in" along. I like the comfort of having my pistol with me. It truly gives a sense of preparedness and security.
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    I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight
    Yellow and Orange always pay dividends. Always. Glad you are both healthy and whole.
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    Sounds like you were aware, and did the right thing!

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    I hope to be that observant and react as you did if the time comes. I'm getting there, but only began training myself toward more situational awareness fairly recently.

    I'm wondering if it really is too late to report the incident. Depending on the systems they use, maybe there is a video tape still available in their security system, if they have such a system?

    It may be worth contacting a manager there today or tomorrow. Even if there is no video, I'd bet they would like to be on the lookout for someone who may be using their store as a hunting ground.

    Really glad to hear it worked out well, and I'm sure your wife feels pretty darned comfortable with you looking out for her.


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    Sounds like you were on point when you needed to be. Congratulations on being as aware as you were, because it apparently pays off! I have not been in this situation just yet, but I know eventually I could be. My best wishes go out to you and your wife. I hope she gets as well as she possibly can. Im sure she appreciates you very much.
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    thankfully, he tried you and not some sheep that were in the store, well you know what I mean-that is the sheepdog talking. great job with your SA. I would urge you at least make the store manager aware, as he will probably be back to look for another victim. I have a good friend that owns a grocery store, and I told him about this post. he said he would be thankful to know, so he could alert his employees of this behavior- as many are sheep too!
    thank god there wasn't a clean-up in aisle 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bando View Post
    Doesn't it feel nice to have the means to halt such a threat? My alertness has gone up noticeably since I started carrying. It keeps me aware of my surroundings. I notice things I would have never seen when I was just "sheep'in" along. I like the comfort of having my pistol with me. It truly gives a sense of preparedness and security.
    +1 couldn't have said it better myself.

    Way to stay "awake" ELCruisr!
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    Good job. Great awareness. Congrats!
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    Well Done, El...

    What City were you in? I'm a little east of Gainesville...I'm guessing, Orlando?

    Stay safe!

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