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Unsafe gunplay- what do you do?

This is a discussion on Unsafe gunplay- what do you do? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Reminded me of a time at the range, when I turned around and had an idiot with one of those 22LR AR's from the next ...

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Thread: Unsafe gunplay- what do you do?

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    Reminded me of a time at the range, when I turned around and had an idiot with one of those 22LR AR's from the next lane, behind me pointing it down range (4 feet from my head) I called him a real nasty name picked up my stuff and left.

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    I started the mentioned thread, and as I did... I would recommend FIRMLY correcting their actions. In my case they idiot complied, but had he not the situation could have been very tricky, because we weren't at a public range… we were on my property shooting back toward a heavily wooded area.

    I doubt the situation would immediately call for someone drawing on the moron, but he had insisted on putting myself and others in jeopardy while on my property even after being warned repeatedly not to do so… who knows what would have happened. Luckily I had several other guys there who would have been happy to help subdue the fool if it came down to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    Only Lucas McCain can really twirl a rifle:

    The Rifleman intro - YouTube
    The Rifleman definitely did it with the most style, though I could never figure out how he unloaded the rifle - thumb under the hammer?

    John Wayne did it pretty well on horseback (True Grit, IIRC) but I can't find a clip

    The Governator couldn't match Lucas McCain's steely-eyed glare without using Raybans, and he had to resort to a shotgun as well: Schwarzenegger flip cocks his Model 1887 - YouTube

    In response to the OP - If I ever see something like that that's not on film, I'm out the door quickly, kids in front of me, and on the cell phone to the Sportsmen's Association President. Wouldn't come back until I knew Bozo had been banned and his picture and story printed in color as a warning to other clowns.

    Edit: The best response to this ever was by Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F3wYMkpovo

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    Draw down on 'em while they play, see who is more under control then!

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    I think I'd react something like this:
    "Dude! is that a <insert gun make/model here> ?? Can I see it for a sec?" obtain weapon, unload/make safe, field strip and remove barrel, hand everything but the barrel back to the moron and inform him/her that any future reckless behavior with a firearm in my presence will result in severe pain, wait for a humble apology in recognition of his/her stupidity and retain the barrel until I'm walking out the door. If step 1 of this process didn't it would probably be a less-than-polite "cya" and out the door.
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    Bye Bye
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    How many ways are there to say... Good bye? And never come back.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I agree, if the idiot already has his gun out waving it around then there is no way I am going to draw on him, he might see that as an invitation to a game of chicken or a gun fight. The best you can do is leave NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barstoolguru View Post
    I play with my gun(s); what person doesn't
    I don't.
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    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

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