Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around

Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around

This is a discussion on Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; WPD: Teenagers Hold Up Restaurant As A 'Prank'...

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Thread: Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around

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    Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around

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    The victims had no idea this was a prank, the little criminals deserve to be charged and tried for armed robbery.
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    Hopefully their prank will lead to charges being filed.
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    There doesn't seem to be in shortage of idiots out there willing to do stupid stuff.

    They are lucky they didn't get shot and they should do time for this.

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    Your right,it would be a good way of getting some stupid out of the gene pool

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    I'm wondering which rocket scientist video taped it so they could put it on youtube.You walk into a business and act like your robbing the place you at the very least committed an aggravated assault on the people inside.
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    Stupid kids that may not make it to be stupid adults. I see a bunch of lawsuits on the horizon.
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    They are lucky they weren't shot was the first thing I thought when I saw it on Drudge today.
    They turned the little "pranksters" over to their parents?? What is with that? Charge them...fingerprint them...mug shoot them....put them in jail and let Mommy and Daddy bail their lame butts out. Let them go to court and get the punishment this idiot move gets them.

    A "prank" like this shouldn't be treated like a kid drawing on a wall with crayons. "Now, son. You don't do that or you will have to spend 15 minutes in the corner." Give me a break!
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    They should be charged with armed robbery! I agree, lucky nobody there was a CCWer. This may have turned out very bad for those "pranksters"
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    They could have put someone in a bad situation that shot one of them thinking they were robbing the place. That would have been a hard thing to live with even though it was justified
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    The one was released to his parents. There should have been a boot placed in his rear first.

    Next they should spend the entire summer doing community service like push mowing and weedeating in parks, or sweeping sidewalks and picking up trash or removing weeds from the sidewalk for 40 hours a week as punishment for the offense. If both of those things are done successfully I would consider leaving it off of their record.

    Yes they could have been shot. However, it seems the majority on this forum at least, will hesitate to interfere in a robbery that doesn't include them or when there is a good chance all that is being taken is the shops cash register money.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    These punks should be charged, tried, convicted, and serve some time! I'm sorry, I have NO sympathy for "pranks" like this! First of all, while I would "hesitate" to draw and fire my weapon at a "plain and simple" robbery, everything changes if someone "orders me to the floor"!!! I WILL NOT be "executed" like a willing sheep! Someone orders me to the floor I will draw and commence firing at the first opportunity. If I think my life is in danger I will use every means possible to save it! I may die, but it won't be without a fight! In a situation like this the punks were lucky none of the people were armed and had my attitude. And if I had shot them in defense of my life because I had feared for my life due to their actions, I could sleep well at night with a clear conscience! I'm too old and have seen too much in my life to feel sorry for punks who do stupid things and put their own lives at risk as well as terrifying innocent people as a "prank". Just my .02.
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    So much for the theory that in a CCW state there's 1) a force field around the state, and 2) a CCWer everywhere.

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    Idiot children. Should be charged and do time. If it were my kids, a boot to the rear would be the least of their problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    Yes they could have been shot. However, it seems the majority on this forum at least, will hesitate to interfere in a robbery that doesn't include them or when there is a good chance all that is being taken is the shops cash register money.
    In the article they ordered all the customers to lie down on the floor; to me that's game on!!

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