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This is a discussion on Home invasion video and discussion within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One needs to know self and training, then comply and trust them or take charge and trust your ability . Something we all must choose ...

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Thread: Home invasion video and discussion

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    One needs to know self and training, then comply and trust them or take charge and trust your ability. Something we all must choose on our own. For me I have more control over my ability than I do over what they do, guess I am a control freak. I guess for me its better to go out trying than lying there in a pool of blood watching them do thing to my family after they make the choice for you.

    Ability comes with training that's why I have done the training I have and will continue to train. My family is worth it. Not only does one need to learn gun and fighting skills but also to get the feel of just what one can and can not do in a gunfight. That ability changes with the amount and kind of training one gets. If you do not feel that you can win the question is do you want to be able to? If so then do what it takes.

    You mentioned in your post about hopeless. To me having 3 bg's in your house with guns pointed at you and your family (right by your family none-the-less) while you are lounging in condition white on your couch with your gun fully holstered, no cover for you and/or your family nearby..... that's pretty darn hopeless in my book. It is nothing more than my opinion but if we were in the same exact shoes as the victims in the video, anything but complying at the beginning would make a bad situation worse for my family.
    Have you ever tried taking on 3 BGs in a fight? Since most of us have not and will not ever be in a real gunfight, plus being in the real gunfight is the wrong place to try out your training because there if you lose you die. Have you done any FOF training? Great for testing your ability and training. Learn what you need to improve on and what already works that you have under your belt.

    AOK, none of what I have posted is directed at you but in general as something we all need to think about. I'm just using your post to comment on and hopefully make some good points.

    Again to each his/her own!
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    It's gotta be who you are, not a hobby. reinman45

    "Is this persons bad behavior worth me having to kill them over?" Guantes

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    the women made the most sense,be armed at all times,be prepared and be ready..

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    Thank you to the original poster for the link. The discussion was very interesting. Many of the tips were excellent. Simple (lock the dang door) to more complex such as a alarm / lighting system. The outcome was the best that could be hoped for no one was badly injured. IMO the only thing I would have added would be a security door that is seperate for the inner door.

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    My sincerest apologies to Bark'n for using a partial quote. I've always hated 'sound bites' to augment a point, and yet I found myself having done the same thing. Sorry 'bout that, Bark'n.


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    It is very unfortunate, in this incident, that no one in the home was carrying concealed. You can identify quite a few instances where the perpertrators had their guard down and you could have got several quick shots off to eliminate the threat. Especially in the scene when the 2 perps. were somewhat arguing and pointing their weapons at each other. Double tap both of them, then take a defensive position of concealment or cover. You could then try to gain a tactical advantage and hopefully get the drop on the 3rd guy and take him out as well. This is exactly why I always have immediate access to at least 1 weapon with some high quality hollow point ammo.Also....practice, practice, practice! When you practice, make it realistic. If your weapon is normally covered by your shirt, practice getting material out of the way and drawing quickly! While a sub compact weapon carried in your pocket offers deep concealment, you have to evaluate how fast you can draw it in a situation such as the one provided in the video. Also, practice shooting on the move. You should be going for cover as your second shot is hitting its target. This is, of course, if you are not already shooting from a cover/concealment position.Make it a habit to change your location quickly, as to be a more difficult target. Good, thought provoking video. Thanks for sharing!

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    To me here in Orlando it`s all about arming up your home. My exterior doors are steel w/steel casements,1 1/2 Schlage deadbolts,1/4 steel backing plates to the steel reinforced channel for the deadbolt. The hinges are inside heavy duty with 4" screws. Only thing that concerns me is the slider,it`s welded shut {we never open it} but some BG could try and break the tempered glass which would set off the alarm system.The other windows have thorn bushes around them and they really hurt to get into them. All I`m buying here is Time. If they finally get in hopefully I`ll be ready to unleash hell on them and it`ll be a real mess for the cleanup crew and the Coroner. Always Carry,Never Tell.

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