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Does your spouse know what to do if you're forced to draw your weapon?

This is a discussion on Does your spouse know what to do if you're forced to draw your weapon? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Spirit51 Hubby and I both carry. We have both been in stressful situations in our careers. In a incident....I am his back ...

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Thread: Does your spouse know what to do if you're forced to draw your weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    Hubby and I both carry. We have both been in stressful situations in our careers. In a incident....I am his back up. I follow his direction. I would draw, take cover and follow his lead. We are a team...he is team leader, unless he is down...then I take command.

    I go shopping with my daughter and grand daughter. They have had it drilled into them that if we are in a parking lot and I say "Drop!" they drop and roll under the closest vehicle. Daughter is to call 911 and neither comes out until LEO matter what.

    If we are outside the store "drop" means run back into the store and scream for help. Don't come out until LEO arrives. We talk about different things in the news while driving around and discuss what steps would be taken if it happened to us.

    If you are with someone and there is a possibility of a incident occurring...they have to know tactics too. If you have to worry about what they will takes away from your ability address the threat.
    I have to say Spirit, the more post I see of yours the more I am impressed. You and your husband seem to have thought things out and taken action to train your children also. I admit I havn't had a detailed discussion with my wife concerning what actions I would expect her to take. I have little doubt she would follow any commands I gave her provided I had time and presence of mind to issue said commands.

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    scream loudly and longly. she's good at it and

    im use to, it but it may scare the bejebbies out of them.....
    thus giving me time to speed dial Gecho45
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    My Lady has been instructed Not to make any noise and Stay on the Floor. Anything above her head could be deadly. Home invasions are on the rise again here in Orlando. Always carry,Never tell.

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    My wife has health and mobility issues. She knows that if she sees me have to start to draw my weapon, she is to stay where she is, and try to get as low as possible. Since I know she can't move to try and find safety and cover, I have to be ready to draw the threat toward me and away from her by my actions and movement. She knows that by her not moving, I am aware of her position, and can react accordingly as the scenario plays out. Not perfect, I know, but life is not perfect, and we play the cards we are dealt.

    If any other member has any suggestions as to how we should handle this, I would love to hear them.

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    She will probably beat me to the draw.

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    The only girl I've dated that was into or open to the subject of guns was the one I'd least like to have one. Anyways, the plans pretty simple.. Seek cover immediately and call 911.

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    My wife knows exactly what to do, get behind me and get hers ready. She is considerably smaller than me so I know if she is behind me I will have to go down before she gets hurt so that is a relief to know. Besides she is one hell of a shot so if I go down the BG will not expect a pistol packing wifey to be there haha.
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    My wife and I both carry. What the hell happens if a situation arises and firearms have to be drawn is something that will disclose itself at that
    moment. If something happens inside the home the BG better be very wary of someone going through menopause with a gun in her hand. I will just
    stay in bed outta her way. RIP BG!

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    Nope. No matter what I tell her she doesn't listen. She's one of those who hears what she wants to hear and absolutely nothing else. Ask her to repeat something back to me after we have a long conversation, she can't. And all I've ever told her to do is this: DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYBODY.

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