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Recent CU Grad/Home Invader gets shot AND charged

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Thread: Recent CU Grad/Home Invader gets shot AND charged

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    Wow .2 ... could explain a lot...
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Some of the idiots responding to the story have absolutely no clue. Instead of protecting themselves and family, they would rather invite her in, fix her a cup of tea and discuss why she was there, why she drank too much, what her college major was, and what her summer plans were.
    I find it ironic that the victims are both psychologists, who - to me - are the first ones to cry "[s]he didn't mean any harm, [s]he just had a bad toilet training period." Glad to see some realists in that profession.
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    Amazing! Wandering into a strangers home? Guess she won't do that again. What an idiot!!

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    21 feet is why i keep the bayonet on my mosin 91/30

    i can darn near reach that far without moving from behind my side of the bed
    ....saves on bullets
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    The young lady is lucky she failed at proving stupid kills.

    Like the moron kid here in Wisconsin did. Both cases were justifiable shootings IMHO.

    Just because people do stupid things and live all the time does not make it right. The kids have short memories, and no lesson will be learned. Young people like to have fun, and fail to realize that their actions have consequences.

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    Report: ... They don't plan to file charges against Justice — Colorado law allows residents to use deadly force against trespassers who intend to use force.
    Exactly what should be done, of course. Though, where "law" is concerned it can be Wonderland, particularly if the DA doesn't have his/her head screwed on properly and instead believes that the last one standing is guilty of harming others (despite facts). We'll see.

    Continuing to advance despite loud commands to halt, particularly inside one's own home, can (and should, IMO) be the equivalent of "intent" to harm. Hard to see it any other way, if you're on the receiving end of a home invasion at 3am.

    Perhaps now our soused little player will wake up to the simple realities of this world. Though, common sense ain't what it used to be. Perhaps the homeowners realize that locking the doors and windows can go a long way toward avoiding some ugly situations. Sad deal, all the way around.
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    I'm personally a bit surprised that anyone even owns a gun in Boulder, sounds like our tipsy nightwalker was too.
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    According to the story it was dark they saw a silhouette it kept coming so they couldn't tell if she was armed with a knife or a gun or a Nerf Bat and shot in her direction.
    This is why it's been suggested time after time to have a light either on your HD weapon,or with it so you can illuminate a potential threat,there have been cases where people have shot Spouses that had gotten out of bed and they thought were intruders,but then again thats the story they gave and they couldn't prove in most cases it was intentional as far as a premeditated event
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    This is why it's been suggested time after time to have a light either on your HD weapon,or with it so you
    That's exactly why I just traded my netbook for a flashlight/laser combo for my M&P (see my avatar). I don't want to tie up one hand with a flashlight.
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    "They don't plan to file charges against Justice — Colorado law allows residents to use deadly force against trespassers who intend to use force."

    I don't like the verbiage of the above quote from the article. How are you supposed to gauge "the intent to use force" at 3:30am in the dark? A good defense attorney may likely try and sue the homeowners, sighting the woman was no threat and had no intent to use force.

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    You only have to believe there is intent to cause harm.

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