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Can we cut your grass?

This is a discussion on Can we cut your grass? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Welcome to the forum and its not that long ago. Im 26 and there were just things you did and things you didnt. I remember ...

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Thread: Can we cut your grass?

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    Welcome to the forum and its not that long ago. Im 26 and there were just things you did and things you didnt. I remember mowing laws for neighbors and still look like the lil heck raiser when I was little.

    now a days a quick buck is all people are taught. When im home I answer the door and most people back up, when my girlfriend opens the door she has my buck 119 in her back pocket and our bulldog by the chest harness or collar.

    Most people back up, some lean in and get ready to pet the dog before they are "Does she bite" which my girlfriend quickly says "Yes, and shuts the door"
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    We usually/always support the local neighborhood kids that come around selling for this group or that. I was a Boy Scout until I was 18 and have a soft spot for them so if I don't need or want what they are selling I will donate some cash. Word gets around quick so we get many visits, I have no problem and actually like the kids coming around. But some are starting to ASSUME they will get something. When the attitude starts to show I will decline and explain why, telling them to try harder and be more polite next time. I actually got stopped walking my dog by one of my neighbors who told me what their son said when he came home with no sale from me. He thanked me for setting his son straight and said he took the opportunity to expand the lesson. I figure I cannot change the world but I will not give up my little corner of it without a fight.

    I am saddened when folks here say they will never answer their door because they don't want people around. I hope I never become so cynical that I pull completely out of society.

    About the "gentlemen" you encountered they were up to no good and fortunately they did not want confrontation. Now you have your wake up call, make the changes you need to make but do not give up the ideals of the past. FIGHT FOR THEM DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO BRING THEM BACK.
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    So how much were they going to charge to cut your grass?

    I've got mixed feelings. I'm glad you got your wake up call, but yet I'm saddened that you did.

    I too was a neighborhood kid who went around the area shoveling snow and mowing grass, it was work but I kinda miss those days (hey I was younger and in much better shape back then too). Mostly I miss those days because of what society has become.
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    Central Florida


    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome from Delaware! I think you did good, and made some good choices.
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    they seen the pizza coupon and assumed noone was home, you were about to be robbed, kids were looking for easy pickings, knocked to confirm noone was home, if you didn't answer you would have been surprised with an unwanted intruder..
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    "Those days" are not entirely gone--YET.

    My oldest grandson (12) and 2 friends joined together to mowed a neighbor lady's LARGE yard and pick up all the dog poop (lots of it). The three of them worked together for several hours. She was pleased with their work and asked them to come back in two weeks. Two weeks later my grandson started reminding his 2 buds of their promise to go back, but they kept putting him off, so finally, he went by himself and it took him 3 seperate sessions of several hours each to get it all done, and she paid him. Then his "buds" started giving him a bad time and wanted some of the money. He told them, "Have you ever heard the story of the little Red Hen?" (Grandpa is proud of him--he learned some hard lessons about real work on our small ranch, when the family stayed with us for a year when dad was deployed last time )
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblives2ride View Post
    they seen the pizza coupon and assumed no one was home, you were about to be robbed, kids were looking for easy pickings, knocked to confirm noone was home, if you didn't answer you would have been surprised with an unwanted intruder..
    Good point about the not answering the door being a signal to them that no one is at home and the house is fair game. We have occasional door knockers too. I understand the points made against those who don't want to be bothered. I think to be fair, there is a point where the disturbance of privacy becomes a bit too much. I am one who really does not want to be disturbed. I enjoy company and am not an anti-social person but I also have a private life and the time I want to spend with my wife in the evening when we've gotten comfortable after a long day, settle down and then the door bell rings. No, it's not some neighborhood kid wanting to mow our lawn. Even if it were, I mow my own and it's just one more way for me to keep up my exercise. Our late evening visitors are the guy driving down the street offering to sell beef from the back of his pickup. Or the guys wanting to paint the house number on the curb, or the guys saying they're working down the street (really?) and offering a deal on a new roof. And so on. I don't have (I've threatened to put up one, a No Solicitation sign but have not to this point.

    I do always look through the small glass "windows" in our steel front door before opening the door. I've not, so far, carried my gun in my pocket when answering the door but I have considered that depending on what I see out there it would not take me long to have it in my hand. Almost without exception, the solicitors after ringing the bell, step back off the porch and that's back several steps which helps to view them fully through the glass. And, as to potential burglars casing the house for occupancy, the fact that we always have at least one of our two cars, and both most of the time, in the driveway so that's a better indication of someone being home. If that's not enough, we have some neighbors across the street who spend most every evening hanging out in their open garage.

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    OP, welcome from a fellow SE-Michigander.

    While you're in the process of getting or waiting for your CPL, you may want to consider OC-ing. It's perfectly legal here in MI.
    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Ben Franklin

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    Front doors are indeed extremely vulnerable places. A storm door is also a very good inexpensive investment.

    Also, most peep holes the person can see when you look through it. They can see the change of reflection or shadow...... so if you decide not to open it they might still know your presence. Also if you cuff your hands and look at it, often times you can see quite well (some are built better than others). My gf was very paranoid about this - and i agreed. We have a discreet peephole camera above the door attached to a small LCD monitor. Works perfect. Fun project, both items cost about 20$ each.

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    Good to pay attention to your senses and behave accorddingly but:

    Remember all that Situational Awareness stuff? Get to know who the kids in the neighborhood are! Pay attention and walk the streets on ocassion if but for some exercise! Watch what happens around in your worls by keeping the blinds open more and look out the windows when you pass by during the day. Sit out on the front or back porch and watch the neighbors routine and get to know who they are too.

    Yea, be the nosey neighbor. That's all it takes to help drive some crime from the streets. I live on a Cul De Sac. I have neighbors phone numbers and we look out for one another and our kids, even the grown ones! My neighborhood, my business!

    It does help to deter crime. Especially now-a-days with so many empty properties.
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    Welcome from another Michigander, same area as you (SE Mich). Just about 2 months ago, had what appeared to be a meth head knock on my door asking me if I wanted my deck power washed. This was about 1:00pm in the afternoon. Ok, well....might not sound so strange except I don't have a deck, he didn't have a power washer. Point is, carry in your house at all times. Good luck with your permit, hopefully not too much longer, hope it isn't Macomb county.....joke of a gun board. Seems like it took me forever to get a time to appear.

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    The only time I don't carry is when I'm showering or sleeping but my weapon is alway within arms reach.

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    They saw the coupon and decided to see if anyone was home. The grass cutting was just an excuse if someone answered. You should have said, "Sure, go ahead and get started. You got a mower in that backpack or are you gonna use scissors and a ruler?"
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    Sounds like you were being cased for a break-in burglary, or even a robbery. Had you not been home, your home easily could have been the one burgled. Or, had they just had a tad more gumption, you might well have found yourself face to face with two scruffy young men with a collection of sharp pointy tools at their disposal.

    Yeah, ads/papers/mail left longer than necessary can attract attention of those who look for such indicators. And unlocked doors do nothing to inhibit uninvited entry.

    Being the attentive neighbor helps, though it would be more formidable if all neighbors were attentive and communicating (though that doesn't seem to happen in many neighborhoods). Nothing beats a good, intelligent early-warning system. Eyes/ears all over the place can be invaluable.

    If the two were booked on charges, have you checked with police to see if you could confirm identities as being those of the young scruffies who had cased your place?

    Welcome to DC, by the way.
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