Condition White caught on video

Condition White caught on video

This is a discussion on Condition White caught on video within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Undercover Police Shooting - YouTube This is a video of an undercover drug sting and the officer is unarmed and not wearing any body armor. ...

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Thread: Condition White caught on video

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    Condition White caught on video

    Undercover Police Shooting - YouTube

    This is a video of an undercover drug sting and the officer is unarmed and not wearing any body armor. When the BG walks into the room, the officer takes his eyes off him to close the door. He starts to react to the BG pointing a gun at him by pointing his finger or hand back.

    Some of my thoughts:

    1. Especially, if you're going into a dangerous situation, be armed and protected.
    2. Never take your eyes off the other person.

    My questions are:
    1. It looks like the BG is using a revolver. What is he doing after each shot? It seems like he's manually cocking the gun.
    2. Why was the undercover cop not armed?
    2. Why did it take so long for the other officers to get into the room?

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    like the R A Heinlein sorta quote

    do not drink and shoot at the revenue man, it may cause you to miss

    just a badly thought out sting, especially that the cop turns his back like that

    lucky cop and a lot to learn from there.

    ---likely a cheap revolver that was desprite for a cleaning and it took both hands to advance the cylender
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    Sometimes you have no choice but to go in unarmed without body armor.... brings back thoughts of a Chandler officer killed during an undercover sting a few years ago.

    Chandler officer killed in shootout identified as Carlos Ledesma

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    that was just luck tha he didn't get killed

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    seems like tunnel vision kicked in and the officer almost ran into the fire that was suppressing the BG.
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    Wonder what kind of ammo he carries in that finger.Hope he's done his ballistics research.

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    Sounded like back up emptied the gun into the dirtbag...

    I believe that this is a pretty old film, but still glad the undercover cop did survive.
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    Backup in the next room still didn't get in there until 2 shots were fired at the undercover officer. He was lucky.

    ......and I'd have emptied my gun into that DB too !

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    This video is disturbing to me. Hard to watch! Got me a little emotional.
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    I don't think the cop is point his finger, he's sticking his hand up to block the gun or talk the guy down. I think it was just instinctual to put his hand up.

    If you watch the clock it didn't take very long for backup to get into the room. Best I can tell, they were in the room within 3 seconds of the first shot. They are showing the video in slow motion, so I thought the same thing that several others were thinking... WTH is backup?
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