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This is a discussion on to her i seem strange within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To use female language: She doesn't "get" it and she will never "get" it. I can tell you she will only be less understanding the ...

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Thread: to her i seem strange

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    To use female language: She doesn't "get" it and she will never "get" it.
    I can tell you she will only be less understanding the longer you are with her and will begin to gripe and chew you out even more often for your "paronoid" behavior.

    I see a new girlfriend in your future.

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    You aren't weird. We are all pretty much the same way to a greater or lesser extent.
    I think the people who go about in condition white all the time are the weird ones. They seem to live, mentally at least, in some fairy tale world where every stranger is a good friend they just haven't met yet and no one will ever hurt them. That isn't crazy, it's down right self-destructive.

    If you love her, hang on to her and try to educate her. If she is just a plain old girlfriend, then you may want to cut her loose and find yourself some nice lady who shares your awareness level and understanding of how the real world works.

    I think you are doing everything right and should be proud of how you take care of her even if she isn't mature enough to understand it herself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssssthesnake View Post
    sorry if it seems hard to read as im not much of a writer more a welder lol
    I can read you plenty fine... I used to be a welder too before I went to medical school... (true )

    BTW, you are strange... all of us here are strange... heck anyone with common sense now-a-days is considered strange... take her complaining as a compliment... but you may have to dump her for someone who appreciates you lookin out for her...

    Your behavior and you assessment is not peculiar to the CCW world... my first Japanese karate teacher taught me these things when I was a kid... it was reinforced when I was in the military...

    Remember: "you always win every conflict that you don't have to fight."
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    She'll come around.
    Sounds like a nice talk to air any issues is in order. My wife is more receptive to "precaution" now that I have shown her that it is for her and the children's safety. I try to be as understanding of her perception and have found that appearing "tactical" can actually have an adverse affect. If she is more interested in what you're doing, she cannnot posssibly be aware of the rest of her environment. Perhaps you could persuade her to assist you in keeping an eye on things whenever you're out and this practice will carry over to when you're apart. (Her safety is your priority, isn't it?) And if that happens, then you've solved a plethora of problems....
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    I think you're strange - most of us would be considered that way, but that's only because we're in the minority.

    Head on a swivel, walking down the street and moving out and away from alleyways as we approach, sitting with our back to a wall, and sizing up the room when we enter.

    But it's not our fault! Trained, qualified professionals are out there teaching these habits to folks like us every day.

    And sadly, many people don't see the benefit of being aware of your surrounding until something bad happens to them.

    She may consider you strange, but I think you're doing exactly the right thing.

    And btw, although it's polite to let the lady go first entering a restaurant dining room, when someone is taking you to a table; it is also polite to lead the lady out of the room when you finish the meal.

    I think you could extend that to leading her to the car - so I'd say your manners are just fine.

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    Some women freak out at the mention of a gun.Some have no common sense and will never change. It may be time for a change unless you want to hear about this the rest of your life.

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