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This is a discussion on Shootout in Walmart within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I gave this a mental run through while in Target this morning. My plan would be to head for the back exit (follow the EXIT ...

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Thread: Shootout in Walmart

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    I gave this a mental run through while in Target this morning.

    My plan would be to head for the back exit (follow the EXIT signs), and get people moving out that exit. Take up a covered position inside the exit area and be prepared to engage if the BG starts heading that way.

    I am not sanguine about seeking out and engaging the BG. In the awful event that I take a shot at him that ends up hitting a bystander, I'd by far rather it be a case where I was shooting to defend my life rather than a case where I sought the bad guy out for battle.

    I have no illusions about being robocop. I'll try to herd some of the sheep to safety, and rear guard them as they get out. Seeking the BG out is a losing proposition, IMHO. You've gone from defense to offense, and depending on where you live that might be the difference between freedom and many years in a cell with Mongo.

    Just my $0.02.

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    Yea, I guess I am giving the sheep at bit to much credit.

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    One of the bad things about the emergency exits is the sound an alarm for a short period of time before they open.

    I think MattLarson has hit the nail on the head.

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    Food for serious thought.
    I like the balloon drill.
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    You can always tell who has been under fire before they are the ones on the ground/
    During the WTO riots here in Seattle people were going towards the action to see what was going on, then they complained cause they got hit by rubber bullets and or gas and pepper spray. Me I was making tracks the back way back to work. I was on my coffee break when all H broke loose.

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    Electronics and camera, sporting goods, jewelry, and layaway near the restrooms all have cash registers in most Wallys. The pharmacy would be a damned bad place to be also - money and drugs. Go out a fire door!! Alarms will sound. Get safe and call 911. A cell phone is a very powerful weapon!

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    Just one point about accessing the long guns at some Walmarts. Why would you only do it if a clerk was there to open the GLASS doors?
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    Get out if possible. If not, it's "Go-Time".
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    This all boils down to opportunity. If it's three or fewer aggressors, and I have ample opportunity to take shots at all of them from relative safety/cover, I'll take them. If the odds and situation are not in my favour, I'll bide my time until they are, or until the cavalry arrives.
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    I would find cover close to the back . If its a robbery it will be over fast or as soon as they get the money. If its some nut is shooting up the store I would keep low and wait till I got a shot that was clear. As soon as I shot and made sure he was down Iwould get my gun out of sight.

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    You do need to be careful about making assumptions, however.

    Try this out: You and your family are in Wal Mart. You hear the sound of a gun being fired.

    You pull out your gun and what?? Go looking for the bad guy?

    What if three other permit holders do the same and you all go about looking for the bad guy. You then round the corner and see a guy firing at someone you can't see. You shoot him.

    After he drops and you are mentally congratulating yourself you hear more gunfire. You just shot one of the good guys who was trying to shoot the bad guy.

    I guess my point is that in that situation, I would first attempt to secure my family. If that means getting them out the door, fine. If it means staying hidden with them, that's good, too.

    The difficulty come in where you are trying to save others. How can you tell the good guy from the bad.

    The reality is that you will most likely have to watch the guy shoot an innocent person before you know he is the bad guy. In that case you will just have to live with the fact that you acted responsibly and did the best you could.

    I agree with Falcon about the mental preparation. Plans will go out the window but with mental practice you should never be in the "My God how can this be happening?" condition.

    You will be in the "Knew this could happen, and I'm ready". You will be that much further ahead.

    I remember a day when a kid feared failing an exam or getting a zit. We live in a brave new world where the kids have to worry about getting caught in a terroist attack.
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