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If the Aggressor Surrenders?

This is a discussion on If the Aggressor Surrenders? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm FS, I think the OP was clearly speaking of the aftermath , not of the encounter itself. I hear what you're ...

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Thread: If the Aggressor Surrenders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    FS, I think the OP was clearly speaking of the aftermath, not of the encounter itself.
    I hear what you're saying...But, again I say, if I am threatened to the point of having to draw my weapon, then it WAS in fear of my life and there will be no hesitation as to my response. Now, in the aftermath of the BG's threat being stopped, if I am unlucky enough not to have hit my vital targets, and he still has the ability to let his weapon fall from his hand and utters "I surrender", then I shall back away, scan for accomplices, reload, and call 911...

    Quote Originally Posted by MJK View Post
    Many years ago I surprised someone attempting to bteak into my apartment. When he saw my weapon drawn and pointed at him he turned tail and skedaddled! My response was to let him go. LE arrived on the scene several minutes later and I had my weapon holstered (a Ruger Super Blackhawk - but also had a Smith M59 backup in my back waistband). Gave the officers a description and they went on a search, only to find him hiding in the neighborhood.
    I understand the scenario of someone attempting to break into one's dwelling. If I am inside the dwelling at the time, once again I perceive the threat as danger to my life and will react accordingly. I shall not challenge him and give him the opportunity to react in an agressive manner towards me or the choice to turn and run. When he enters MY domain, he's made all the choices that I will allow...From that point forward it's MY choices...If I come home, and surprise someone inside my dwelling, then again, he has already made his choices. He obviously has no place to run if I'm blocking the exit. He's obviously there to do harm if he finds someone inside, and not just to take possessions...So, my reactions are still the same...He's made his choices, and I will have made mine...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rotorblade View Post
    I don't think it's inconceivable that an aggressor with a knife, broken bottle, or some other improvised weapon could recognize your draw and immediately drop his weapon, throw up his hands and start back peddling. Do you still proceed on auto-pilot and "stitch" him?
    Against a gun sure, it's different. Against any other weapon (if there is distance), I'm going to give the aggressor a fraction of a second longer to decide if this is what he really wants to do.
    Once again, keep in mind, the scenario is playing out in split seconds NOT sdeconds. If I have drawn my weapon to protect myself and/or loved ones, then I am in fear of my life...There is no pausing to see if the BG drops his knife, bottle, tire iron, or whatever...Yes, at that point, my training has taken over and yes I am on auto-pilot until the threat has been stopped...Distance in this scenario MIGHT be a factor...I believe it has been proven that most encounters occur from 21 feet and closer. Again at that point there is only one choice on my part. IF for some strange reason, the BG pulled a knife from 20 yards, then perhaps I might give him the opportunity to either drop it or turn and run. If the weapon is a gun, again, the dynamics of the distance MIGHT play a factor, the dynamics of cover MIGHT play a factor, the dynamics as to whether my family was with me MIGHT play a factor...ANYTHING in close proximity however, removes any thought of giving the BG time to drop weapon or run...JMO

    One other thing, KELCARRY, I'm not so sure you are correct in having the authority to shoot someone in the back if they are running away...Please provide references for this law. Thanks...
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJK View Post
    If I draw my weapon it is in response to a lethal threat. If, during the draw and presentation, the threat de-escalates to non-life threatening then I have neither the moral nor legal right to employ deadly force. I'm not an officer of the law so I will not assume responsibility for detaining a suspect unless it can be safely accomplished. In other words, the BG would have to cooperate in the detention. If he chooses to run, so be it.
    This. BUT if the BG is stupid and does cooperate, I would have him lay on the ground and I would move around towards his feet (this assumes I was not already in a position of cover. Example: In an open parking lot). I would tell him to lie on his stomach. I would keep 3 to 5 feet worth of distance from him keeping my gun on him and and wait for police. If possible I would stand on his weapon while we wait. AS THE POLICE APPROACHED IN THEIR VEHICLES I would re-holster my weapon and back away from the BG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionracas View Post
    Interesting concept but I think that would require some serious explaining depending on witnesses. It could very well be turned and made to look like an armed robbery turned hostage taking.
    When it gets called in someone will give some detail and as other said the cop hand cuff every one until thing get sorted out. Think about it when you get stopped they ask for your ID and then hold on to it for a reason

    for those who want to take a second for the bad guy to react look up "The Tueller Drill" and it will change your mind

    edit: as you can see there is no clear SOP in this so take it all in and use what you think is best
    For those who don't know what a challenge is, it is when you yell "freeze" to a BG and give him a chance to shoot or stab you first which has proven lethal to many a person

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    We have no way of knowing how any encounter will go done. Through mere chance anyone of us could end up in a situation where a BG gives up and we will all be better off having thought through potential issues.

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    I agree with some others here:

    Most times a BG will run once he realizes you are going to fight. (I've also had a couple of instances where they just "walked" away.)

    The last time I actually "held" someone was while doing private security work for bank CEO.

    I lived on the same property; but, not the same dwelling. Since this was a large estate in the country, LE was usually 45min away. Anyway, I got a call in the early A.M. that someone was breaking into the bankers home so I responded in my vehicle. (Did I mention it was a large estate?)

    When I arrived on scene I observed someone trying to break in through a BR window. I called to them & they turned with a crowbar in hand. As they made a move towards me I drew & ordered them to stop & drop the weapon. Thank God they did. But, they didn't run. So, I then ordered them to step away from the crowbar, get down (arms spread, palms up & ankles crossed). If they had not complied & advanced toward me, I would have shot.

    Once I knew they didn't have accomplices in hiding, AND they knew they were caught they became very submissive; so I carefully restrained & searched for other weapons while waiting on LE to arrive.

    If they would have dropped the crowbar & ran I would have let them go & gave a description to LE.

    Today as a civilian, I no longer carry cuffs or zip-ties. So, I would NOT want to attempt holding anyone. Who's to say that they don't have someone waiting out of sight to come to the rescue if something goes wrong?

    I hope I never have to be faced with that decision. But, I don't think I'll ever be trying to "hold" anyone for LE. (They either give up & run, or I shoot.)


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