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Robbery gets really bad at Olive Garden. What would you do?

This is a discussion on Robbery gets really bad at Olive Garden. What would you do? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Spectre If a robber sticks a gun in your face demanding your wallet, "say ok let me get it for you", reach ...

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Thread: Robbery gets really bad at Olive Garden. What would you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    If a robber sticks a gun in your face demanding your wallet, "say ok let me get it for you", reach back and grab your pistol instead. It's all about misdirection.

    We had an incident in Minneapolis this summer where a guy was robbed, and shot in the face after he coughed up his wallet. That isn't happening to me if I can help it.
    I think you said it all...

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    I drive the guys at work nuts. Once the front doors are locked, my primary goes back into service on my hip. No one there knows about the .380 that has been in my pocket all day.

    If one of us leaves before the rest, I go to the door and watch them to their cars. I am scanning the parking lot and sidewalks with/for them as they get to their car. Once they are moving, I close the door and lock it back up. Once winter comes, our parking lot is dark. There are lights poles, but the landlord is to cheap to replace the lights.

    I am the "store security" as it were. In the four years that we have been open, there have been no incidents, but I figure that is just bringing the occassion to us. Our location and the nature of our business (pawn shop) puts us in the risk factor for a bad thing to happen. Just knowing this has prompted one of the other guys to aspire to his CCW, and another guy is waiting to get some ducks in a row before he goes for his.

    What would I do presented this situation? Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Not to say I don't think about these things, I just don't think that it is fair to say what one would do since no two situations are the same. What can be done is to learn from someone else's misfortune. Yes, I know how cold that sounds.

    As far as what I would do, lets just say that I have every intention to go home to my family. I might not do it, but they aren't either.

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    I order the "Tour of Italy" and a glass of wine. Perhaps a Maretti.

    Oh and the stuffed mushrooms...ummm.
    There are 2 types of people, victims and the prepared. I choose to be prepared....

    "Bless thee, O Lord, This handgrenade, that it may blow thine enemies to bits. Amen" ~Monty Python's Holy Grail

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    Unfortunately, in this day and age, some BGs would kill even after they have robbed the victim. As someone already aptly stated, there is this mentality of establishing and obtaining "street creds" by killing a person. It happens time and time again. It happened here recently in the LA area as a BG killed an elementary school aged child just to establish "street creds".

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    Police: Man Shot In Head During Uptown Robbery

    Quote Originally Posted by havegunjoe View Post
    I consider being robbed at gun/knife/club/fist point a threat of great bodily harm or death. I would act accordingly as quickly as possible and in a manner that would put myself and others in as little danger as possible.

    This seems to be happening too often these days for no reason. Recently we had a young man killed while he was handing over a team jersey for crying out loud. The fellow from what I have read put up no argument what-so-ever but was killed. This has got to stop and sending a few of these thugs to the happy hunting ground may just do that.
    Sadly as much happens all the time and is not unusual.
    A recent example of as much that has stuck in my brains long term memory is the following. Be sure to read all of the details as there were various developments...

    March 19, 2006 - 'Scholars for 9/11 Truth' student member and bioengineering student Michael Zebuhr dies from being shot twice in the head after his group of four people were mugged by two young individuals the previous night in Minneapolis even though no one in his group put up any resistance to the muggers.

    Police: Man Shot In Head During Uptown Robbery
    "A 25-year-old man is in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center after a Saturday night shooting in Uptown.
    The man was walking with his mother, sister and her friend after they finished dinner in a restaurant at Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street.
    According to police, two men approached the group about 10 p.m. at 31st Street and Girard Avenue South. The suspects allegedly stole the mother's purse. Then, even though the victims didn't put up a fight, the suspects allegedly fired two shots, hitting the man in the head.
    Kris Arenson, an inspector from the Minneapolis Police Department said, "Usually when the purse is given up, or even if the purse isn't given up, we haven't had any (people) that have been shot."
    Police said the suspects immediately fled the scene, jumped into a white car and headed south on Girard Avenue.
    Police gave vague descriptions of the suspects, only saying they are men between 17 years old and 22 years old and were both wearing dark clothing." - WCCO (03/20/06)
    Link to news report;

    Man Shot In Uptown Dies
    "A man shot in the head in the Uptown area of Minneapolis on Saturday night died late Sunday night at Hennepin County Medical Center.
    Michael Zebuhr, 25, was a Ph.D. student at Clemson University in South Carolina. He was enrolled in the bioengineering program. He dreamed of working at NASA someday.
    He was from Buckhannon, W.Va. and was a 2005 graduate of Davis and Elkins College, a private Presbyterian School in Elkins, W.Va. Officials there said he received B.S. degrees there in chemistry and math. They said he was a student leader as well as a member of the school's ski team.
    Friends and family said Zebuhr also loved mountain biking, math and science.
    Police said Zebuhr was walking to a parked car with family members, when robbers approached them and demanded his mother's purse. She gave it to the gunmen without any resistance. One of the men then shot Zebuhr.
    Lt. Lee Edwards of the Minneapolis Police Department said, "Within a half hour of the incident, we had already had six homicide investigators or six officers with homicide experience already working this thing."
    Police are hoping for a break in the case. Several security cameras were pointed in the direction where the shooting happened and police are now reviewing those tapes.
    Anyone with more information is asked to call Minneapolis Police at 612-692-8477." - WCCO (03/21/06)
    Link to news report;

    Uptown Residents Fight Back After Shooting
    "Minneapolis Police are reviewing videotape from security cameras after a shooting in the Uptown neighborhood over the weekend.
    Michael Zebuhr, 25, was shot in the head in the 3100 block of Girard Avenue around 10 p.m. Saturday.
    Police said on Saturday night, Zebuhr was walking to a parked car with family members, when robbers approached them and demanded his mother's purse. She gave it to the gunmen without any resistance.
    One gunman shot Zebuhr twice in the head. Police said the shooting appeared to be cold-blooded and unprovoked.
    Uptown's usual upbeat atmosphere remains on edge with no suspects in the case.
    She said that although the shooting is a tragedy, it was very unusual and similar crimes rarely happen in that area.
    Devens and other neighbors said the rising rate in burglaries and robberies in the area has given them concern.
    According to officials, burglary is up 14 percent and robbery is up 43 percent compared to one year ago." - WCCO (03/21/06)
    Link to news report;

    Link to the above stories as reported at the source;
    At the end of the day the bottomline is that some folks get 'lucky' as their attacker/robber/mugger/carjacker/home invader/attempted rapist choose in an instant to be merciful and leave us be and in intact.
    To depend on mercy from wolves though is a fools folly.

    - Janq

    P.S. - For the record I am not a member of the organization that has reported this information nor am I a supporter of their theories.
    I just happened to see this story at the time it occured last March at the Civilian Gun Defense Blog but could not find detail of it today. A Google seacrh on relevant keywords toward this event took me to the '911 Review' site and the story I was looking for.
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    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    Betty's post #2
    AzQr's post #20

    Communicate my feelings, perspectives and attitudes.

    I park where I do , and how I do for a reason - To leave quickly and I do like being able to see my vehicle as I approach it.

    For instance one thing they do here from time to time is be under the vehicle, grab ankles of driver/passenger and yank them down.
    Now driver/passenger is easier to manage, maybe a busted hip/ head, arm in the process. Other thugs are now able to rush up and take advantage...advantage can mean all sorts of things, especially if a female.

    Strength in numbers. Awareness is good, more eyes and ears are great! Nothing wrong with folks going to the closest - safest vehicle after work, meal, play, late class at college, movie...and then piling into that car, and being driven to next closest safest vehicle.

    Parking decks for instance, too many places for folks to hide. Safety in numbers- if can -work great here. Nobody says you cannot all leave, go somewhere safer, come back to get other's cars if too much going on, or just does not feel right.


    Software not Hardware.

    NO CCW zones I have to be in, a lot a good a CCW permit does me.
    I remember the days when our state did not issue these permission papers, and I remember being under 18 (earth was flat then, ask Chris )

    So I guess I am fortunate to have grown up poor. Meaning I never had to have the latest new gun, ammo or holster. I found what fit me, learned to use it, how to dress around it, and trained, kept practicing with what I had.

    I have been "approached" leaving a NO CCW zone. I have broken off a vehicle antenna and used it. I have tossed trash cans, anything to stop a threat, gain distance and not allow anyone into my safe zone.

    I am not proud, as I have turned my skinny little butt back around and gone back in when matters where not right.
    NO CCW zone, I can ask a armed Security to walk me and others out...I have, and I knew some of these. I have been tossed a BUG when shots fired and I was pinned behind a vehicle, and the officer and my wife at the time went back into building.

    I can hug a vehicle real good waiting for the Calvary...real good. Drives a wife nuts, but she did not seen to mind me hugging a vehicle the way I was...

    Betty and Browie are spot on - Mindset, and train the brain.

    Don't go where trouble is, leave when trouble arrives - main thing is the HOW to do these things.

    ME- I think like a thief, I think like a thug. "How would I as a thief/thug get Steve?"

    Be it me at a business, home, college campus, driving, at a stop light, walking across a parking lot...any and all of this- "how?"

    Chris and some of us others did this in Tulsa, as we did what we were there for...ADLs [Activities of Daily Living] , in whatever we were doing, and with others - "how?"

    I am not too proud to use the "Tennis Shoes Shuffle" either.

    Vehicles? Practice Vehicles a lot! I recommend this. Even if in the own safety of garage sit and think. Use a water squirt gun for a training gun.

    I highly recommend shooting into and out of vehicles to "know" what all goes on from both perspectives.

    Take a defensive driving class. Heck, get some cardboard boxes and pretend these boxes are vehicles and run over them, or other manuevers.

    Keep your vehicle running - disable the thug, and/or thugs vehicle.

    One big reason I do not do front wheel drive vehicles.

    Last edited by sm; October 11th, 2006 at 03:30 PM.
    Use Enough Gun

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