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Long range pistol shooting

This is a discussion on Long range pistol shooting within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No not beyond 20-25 yards for practice. Beyond that in a Gun Fight, I am moving to cover and checking out what is there that ...

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Thread: Long range pistol shooting

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    No not beyond 20-25 yards for practice. Beyond that in a Gun Fight, I am moving to cover and checking out what is there that moved me to cover. If more than that, I am off to the SUV for the rifle to solve the problem.
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    When I shot at my buddy's farm every other weekend, we used to set up 5" steel spinners at 50 yards and bowling pins at 100 yards. We would shoot at the 50 yard plates with my P95 9mm, 442 snub 38, and SP101 snub 357. For the bowling pins at 100, Browning Buckmark 22 pistol. That was a ton of fun. Now that I have moved to a more urban area, the indoor ranges here only go out to 25 yards. There is an outdoor range a ways from here that goes out to 50. I personally love shooting on private land because we could use reactive targets. Spinners, bowling pins, golf balls, empty prescription bottles filled with cooking flour. That was so much more fun than punching holes in paper.
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    I shoot all my weapons at long range. Here is a video of me shooting the Davis D-22 derringer at a steel torso target, 50 yards downrange.

    This 357 I've shot 300 yards hitting an 8x12 inch target 2 of 6 times. The other shots were very close.

    That was 3 consecutive hits with the 357 at 250 yards over 3 days.

    I haven't tried my 1911 at over 30 yards yet, but I have used my black powder 44 at 50 yards, about a 5 inch 4 shot group. I need to try both of them at longer ranges.

    I hit at 100 yards with my Ruger Single Six using 22lr. I've shot a lot with the Ruger Mark 2 at 200 and under.

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    Lot of good answers from varied members in varied locations throughout the US. Personally, I have lived my whole life in areas that can be considered urban and my practice centers around the proverbial 7 yards outside defense perimeter and the closer in-house defensive perimeter. Yes there are what ifs, which can be considered arguments for argument sake, but I do not see myself in any way shape or form having my firearm out and aiming at anything at more than 20 ft. I will run, I will retreat, I will hide (which is what I will do in my locked bedroom during a robbery) but I will not go on any offensive and I do not see defense in my options at say 50 or 100 or 150 ft or yards. I practice point shoot and, if called for, hurt someone badly within my defense zone. Just saying.
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    At times... typical is up to 100 yrds with any of my guns. Shoot close in and then continually move it out from there, looking at what point the shots lose consistency. But occassionally shoot some rounds on the 200 yrd range with a .357.
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    I usually shoot my pistols at about fifteen feet, but I just picked up a little P238 and was so impressed with its accuracy that I tried it at 25 feet and landed all six shots around the center of the target. So it got me pretty excited and I'm going to keep moving further back. I just might have to move on to the rifle range. But now I've got a list of quality pistols at different calibers that I want to try ... gee, this never ends, does it? As soon as I get another gun, I want another. But I was putting chairs in front of me and reaching around as I would in a real situation, and I'm just happy to be progressing with my practice.

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