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This is a discussion on Pre-emptive shooting within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Interestingly, here in NC we still have the pre-castle doctrine law that says you may shoot to PREVENT the unlawful entry. The castle doctrine also ...

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Thread: Pre-emptive shooting

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    Interestingly, here in NC we still have the pre-castle doctrine law that says you may shoot to PREVENT the unlawful entry. The castle doctrine also covers the home and (I believe this is the term) curtilage which means the immediately surrounding property and out buildings. It was meant to cover things like a detached garage or shed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mb1900 View Post
    I wonder about that, too. The guy had videocams installed everywhere. Why? He also expected the invasion. A car pulls up to your driveway, and within a few seconds you start shooting? In the best scenario I can imagine, a car pulls up, you get suspicious because you've never seen this car before. The guys pop out from the car immediately, you see their guns, and you run to your weapon stash. Then you take a position... Unless the video has been edited, it also seems like the home owner has been warned in advance. He has the videocams to take the evidence, and he had his shotgun ready, even before the bad guys pull up. Hmm...
    Exactly. I've lived the majority of my life in areas that were essentially urban war zones. This video and scenario scream attempted stash house robbery or
    An attempt to knock off a competitor.

    Though many law abiding citizens have surveillance cameras, this dude responded almost instantly as if he knew what was up ahead of time or watches his cameras like it's TV. The only people I know who do that are well...
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    Once the threat has been recognized and evaluated as meeting the criteria for action, that moment is the END of my "self defense". I am then immediately going on the OFFENSE until the threat no longer remains. You can never win a fistfight by merely blocking your opponents punches. You can't win a gunfight by locking the front door. Self defense is being awake & aware. Self offense, contrastingly, then saves your life.
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    they had an ak. if i saw someone coming with that firepower i would not hesitate to start shooting immediately.
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    Yeah, I've seen this one, there's more to it, IMO.
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    Too bad he didn't get more shots on targets.
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    A home invasion is very likely to be quick and violent. Assuming the door/window isn't immediately breached, then the moment I became certain that violent entry was occurring, I'd say that would be the moment when the euphemism "pre-emptive" would no longer apply. After that point, it's basically "open season" on violent felons coming at me.

    Sure, there's neighboring people to be concerned with. But that's true whether the BG is on this side or that side of two sheets of drywall. And, sure, there's the statutes and the DA/GJ to be aware of. But while I certainly will attempt to take into consideration those elements, my first concern is with surviving the situation. And if that happens to involve taking out a known BG despite the fact he's currently on the opposite side of a sheet of glass or drywall, then so be it.
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    From the moment you identify four bad guys attacking you with a mix of long guns and pistols you SHOULD feel afraid for your life and react accordingly. Anyone who sees this coming at them and isn't afraid has a screw loose.

    I would have liked to see a few more BGs get hit though.
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