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CCer fights back in St. Louis

This is a discussion on CCer fights back in St. Louis within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by jumpwing Generally, I tend to trust the discipline and professionalism of thieves and burglars. Sure, they're breaking the law by committing a ...

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Thread: CCer fights back in St. Louis

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpwing View Post
    Generally, I tend to trust the discipline and professionalism of thieves and burglars. Sure, they're breaking the law by committing a forcible felony but there's just no way a burglar would ever EVER shoot a victim without provocation, especially if he has the goods in his hands already. Some of you just don't understand the kind of training these criminals go through. Their adherence to the Thieves Code of Honor would make a U.S. Marine blush. It's not only absurd, but a little insulting when I see some people on here cast doubt on their commitment to a crime well done.

    Shame on you.
    Zakly, but let's also remember that in that "Code of Criminal Ethics" there is a clause that reads one could and should expect to be put down during the commision of earning a lively hood. One of those pesky work hazzards we all have to deal with.
    Frankly I think the Code should be amended that work is a superlative method to earning a living than being infected with lead poisining.

    Based on the age of the victims there should also be a clause in the Victims handbook that permits the shooting your Perp in the back after they've completed their Felony This should be a given for anyone over the age of 55! A "Get out of Jail Free Card" if you will. And extra considerations given for Seniors who can hit a moving target. Possibly a extra FREE Dinner for two at the Golden Corral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    He's lucky he or one of his friends wasn't shot because of his actions.

    The robber already had the money and was running away with NO shots fired until the old guy decided to be a hero and opened fire. Not a smart move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by From the article
    The victims complied, police said. As the robber ran westbound along Olive, he turned and pointed his weapon at the victims, police said. The 71-year-old man, who has a concealed-carry permit, drew his revolver and fired five shots at the robber, they said.
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    Stopping the threat, shooting the armed robber(killing him) will guarantee one thing, he won't do it again and it saves taxpayers money. It's swift and immediate punishment. It oughta be a law!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    The robber had his gun out right from the start of the robbery. "A robber approached them from behind and ordered them at gunpoint"
    He had plenty of opportunity to shoot them but he didn't. There was no "clear apparent intent to fire". The robber didn't shoot until he was shot at.
    Sure he was justified. However, it may have been a safer bet to just let him go. We'll never know what might have happened but he's lucky he or one of his friends didn't get shot possibly caused by his actions.

    You are right, we will never know. Maybe the robber decided to try for a thrill kill.

    I would likely fire if the guy was leaving and then turned and pointed the weapon at me. Likely the guy decided to pop one or two "old people" for thrills. To wait until the robber opened fire seems reckless. Once the victim opened fire, the robber probably had an "oh snap" moment and fired wildly.

    Regardless, I'm not going to second guess the victim based only on a spartan set of facts. I wasn't there.

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    I missed this, thank you for sharing lokin4deer. Too bad all 4 victims were not armed.

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    I would be hard pressed to have faith in the intentions of a person that was robbing me at gun point. I don't blame the victim one bit for opening fire. I would have done the same to protect me and mine. The thief is a criminal, I doubt he has your best interests at heart. The only thing that should be questioned here are his morals and where his values are in relation to that of a human life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaDX View Post
    I missed this, thank you for sharing lokin4deer. Too bad all 4 victims were not armed.
    Imagine if all 4 had unloaded their revolvers on him! LOL

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    Sounds like more range time would helped..... but, better than standing there and being a target for a robber who apparently decided he didn't want any witnesses.
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    Too bad the victim didn't drop the robber where he stood.

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