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VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??

This is a discussion on VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do?? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It depends....

View Poll Results: Door Pounds, Midnight: Woman, Scream: HELP! "LET ME IN! MAN WITH A KNIFE CHASING ME!!

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  • LET HER IN, Under Guard, Call 911

    50 47.17%
  • KEEP HER OUT. CALL 911 (Even Tho She May Die In Sseconds))

    39 36.79%
  • GO OUT, ARMED. Have Her Lie Prone, Wait To See If She's Followed Or Lying.

    6 5.66%
  • OTHER: (Please Speicify In Post)

    11 10.38%
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Thread: VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??

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    It depends.
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    Heard entirely too many examples of crazy people doing crazy things like this to get entrance so they can rob you. She could stay outside while the wife and I called the cops and watched through the windows.
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    While I wouldn't be in this situation (as written) since I can see all avenues of approach to my home through security glass and video cameras, I'll play along...

    1) Instruct the individual to lie face down on the deck, NOW!
    2) Hit the alarm system panic button nearest the door (all external lights come on, audible alarm sounds, blue strobe visible from the road).
    3) 911 call placed on speakerphone, line left open.
    4) Turn DoorClub(tm) to position that allows the door to open a few inches.
    5) Cover the individual through the partially open door until the PD arrives.
    5-A) If a knife wielding assailant appears on the porch, present him with the Gold Dot award(s) until the twitching stops.
    5-B) If no assailant appears, advise the woman to remain face down until the PD arrives... if she runs instead, re-secure the door and holster my weapon.
    6) Download the relative video files from ALL cameras to a thumbdrive for the PD.
    7) Deal with Police reports / paperwork.
    8) Have a splash (or two) of single malt and go to bed.

    Of course all this being written with no actual woman screaming and no actual situational stress, so my mileage may vary.
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    Something very similar happened near here about 3 or 4 years ago. The lady actually jumped from a moving pickup truck to get away from her estranged husband who was kidnapping her. She ran to the closest home in a very rural area. Her estranged husband stppoed the truck and follwed her on foot to the home. The homeowner did not let her in, but he stayed on the front porch with her. When the estranged husband came up, the homeonwer covered him with his hunting rifle. The estranged husband ignored the homeowners instructions at first and kept approaching, but finally stopped before getting shot. The estanged husband sat quietly until LEO showed up. The homeowner did not have much time to assess the situation and (in hindsight) made good choices although some poeple at the time said he was a fool for getting involved at all in case the estranged husband wants revenge.
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    I've thought about similar situations before - and it is a tough call because my nature is to try to help others, but the way the world is going downhill lately I would be concerned about a trap.

    Most likely scenario (assuming no cameras to assess scene): arm myself, immediately have my wife get armed and call 911 (she would wake up the second someone knocked on the door, no matter how late or how sound asleep she is). I would assess the situation though the front facing windows and turn on all outside lights in front and in back. If it looks legit - unlock the door and step back away from it to let her through without being at arms reach, wife covering from the top of the stairs.

    Scenarios like this remind me of why security cameras are a great idea - clear view of the porch, driveway, back door, yard...

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    I've got two young adult daughters who are sometimes out late. Thinking about what I'd want someone else to do for one of my girls in this situation, I'd let her in. It's the Christian thing to do. I'd do my best to be ready in case it's a setup, gun in hand and wary. "Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." (Matt. 10:16)

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    First thing i would do is look at the monitor, and see what was going on out front, as the lights would have already activated, if it is what it appeared to be, he is either a slow runner or she is a fast runner, if i cannot see him in the picture. 911 already called, but where I live it is 20 minutes for response, unless we are really lucky. I treat both people as a possible threat .... would like to think I would do the right thing, and wait for police, but then is that the right thing..... i wold propably answer the door via the side door, after looking at that monitor to make sure no one is out there, armed with a flashlight......on the end of a 12 gauge, as my wife holds the house and no one enters....perio,d. We let the police sort it out when they get there, unless there is a knife weilding man, and he is not smart enought to lissen to a big man with a big gun, ...... who knows , it is a scenario, but that would ne the closest to what i would think would happen in that circumstance.
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    I'd have to quiz her a bit to make that determination.

    Woman: Help, help, someone's trying to...

    Me: Are you a woman libber? Do you believe in equal pay and want equality and equal rights? Do you demand your car door opened?

    Woman: YES, YES!

    Me: Then Man Up and take care of your problem!

    OK, joking aside, since this is a hypothetical situation I couldn't resist.

    I agree with the previous posts not to let an unknown individual in, it's an invitation for personal disaster. However... And there's always a however!

    Under this fictional scenario picture this desperate woman as your wife, daughter, sister or dear friend. What IF this is the real McCoy? Seems to me a rational person would be able to discern actual fear and panic of a distressed individual or if it was an act? I don't know and don't want to experience it but... I have to agree, the safety of me and mine is paramount and error on the side of caution.

    Under this scenario, if YOU can live with it, no one should fault you for not intervening and becoming a target / victim yourself. By opening that door you would also be opening up legal matters you would be forced to get involved with and potential loss of income, time and travel for statements and court appearances, etc.
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    First of all the homeowner needs to proceed with utter caution. Just because someone is pounding on your door in the middle of the night does not always equate a "victim."

    We have all seen too many scenarios where the happless good Samaritan has the tables turned and ends up BEING the victim at the hands of some devious people looking for entry to a home.

    Someone pounding on my door is going to be treated as untrustworthy until I can get my weapon and assess the situation and calling 911 for Police intervention.

    It does sound heartless and non-Christian, but with all that is happening, the wolves are out there preying on the sheep.
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    1) at 12:30am I am asleep
    2) if someone pounds on my door the dog will wake up everyone in the house.
    3) if I open the door at 12:30am I am armed.

    Following only your rules I would choose A, but that is not realistic for me.
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    If you do your homework and you do security in layers... plenty of lights, brush cut back, gun in hand and a good view of the front door then I can say I will assess the situation and determine if it is real or a setup. We had a neighbor come over one night beating on the door, woman that lived alone and some guy was in her back yard trying to get in the door. I didn't know her then, but know her now but what kind of person would I have been if I didn't help and she was raped or killed

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    Many of the reactions posted pre-supposes that because you have a gun you are in control. People with guns are killed every day. Once you open that door you are no longer in control. You simply give up your defensive advantage.

    Call it what you will, but I take the time to instruct my family each day about the dangers of 'opening' that door. The criminal element wants you to open that door for every cry of help. Never let your guard down! Better to be inconsiderate and paranoid than dead, raped and/or tortured. If you don't think I am right then I invite you to ask the survivors of these types of incidents to hear how they feel about 'opening' that door. You won't hear;

    "Oh was the right thing to do."

    "Next time I'll make sure I watch her closer."

    Don't open that door! Your security lights should come on automatically, call 911 and stand your ground. Words from a survivor. I've been there and I'm telling you don't open that door!
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    I've got a halogen light behind the door. It's on wheels and powered by a car battery. I've used it before when the trailer trash are fighting and one runs over to my house for help.

    I'd definitely keep her out, tell her to lie prone with her fingers laced over her head and blast that halogen out the window. She would not come in unless she is bleeding and without a doubt being attacked. I've got 2 doors in a nook of the house, so I answer from whichever one isn't knocked on. Even when I'm in bed, the pistol belt is not far from me. When I do have to get up, I can just take the gun from under the pillow and snap on the belt. Never answer the door unarmed. Too many problems here lately.

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    Not only can I see out the door there's nowhere for anyone to hide within 45 feet.

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    I think I would let her in and have the wife keep her under watch, with her gun, while I am on the phone with authorities with the door locked. Anyone else comes a bangin, they are waiting for the boys and blue, she tries anything and Mrs. BigJon handles it.

    As a sidebar, I know I, like many of us have taken steps to avoid this, as barstoolguru and others have stated. I can see through and around my front door, and have other precautions in place.
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