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VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??

This is a discussion on VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do?? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Won't know until situation happens. I will rely on my intuition and experience when the time comes....

View Poll Results: Door Pounds, Midnight: Woman, Scream: HELP! "LET ME IN! MAN WITH A KNIFE CHASING ME!!

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  • LET HER IN, Under Guard, Call 911

    50 47.17%
  • KEEP HER OUT. CALL 911 (Even Tho She May Die In Sseconds))

    39 36.79%
  • GO OUT, ARMED. Have Her Lie Prone, Wait To See If She's Followed Or Lying.

    6 5.66%
  • OTHER: (Please Speicify In Post)

    11 10.38%
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Thread: VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??

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    Won't know until situation happens. I will rely on my intuition and experience when the time comes.
    For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. (Sun Tzu) The Art of War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    I think you have a very good point about needing a time limit, but I think that would be a more advanced form of the exercise. I took around ten minutes to think it through and type up my response. Then I read it through and made some changes. I looked at it as a chance to brainstorm in a safe environment instead of waiting 'til I'm knee deep in it. Some of it I had already thought about such as what I can see and from where, fields of fire, and what to do with the lights. Also, about the wife's role. Other aspects like, "What if he doesn't present a lethal threat but still closes on the house?", I didn't see until re-reading it. I discussed this thread with my wife and she suggested ordering the woman back off of the porch where she could be covered from the bedroom window, then me tossing her a can of pepper spray and re-locking the door.

    re: acting fast. You are safe in the house and have all the time in the world to decide what to do. It is the woman on your porch who is under pressure. You need to make the Right choices to keep yourself safe. A tactical error can have enormous consequences. Consider this: What if someone else has already called 911 to either report an altercation or suspicious activity. Say I arm myself and exit the building only to walk up on or be confronted by LE in stealth mode. Not good!

    So far, I like the garage idea best. Unfortunately, I don't have one so I'll go with the wife's pepper spray idea. Good thread!
    Yes, I understand what you mean - I just felt a time pressure from the possibility she was on the level and any second a guy with a knife, crazed and running fast, would be on top of her - one thrust with a knife could kill her. But my residence is very different than yours and without going upstairs I couldn't see far into the driveway. So if I did see him right after I got near the door, he would be an arm distance away in but 3 or 4 seconds from my first possible sight of him, barely enough time to unlock the door and yell - or fire. Fact, I'm not sure it would be possible for me with fumbly hands and keys. I also had a strange thought come to me, an image of the assailant: that horrible story of the man eating a guy's face - he was so crazed and hyped he had literally devoured his whole face and I think the LEOs were driving by and saw it pretty quickly - and he was also so pitched up that it took multiple shots from a LEO at close range before he even stopped then! That's who I thought of suddenly appearing, that image.

    Very, very good reasoning you used, excellent, your mind swept around the premises looking for holes like an eagle.

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    You never know...she could be a Zombie...

    Worse, an HIV+ Zombie...


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    Quote Originally Posted by detective View Post

    Person at your door, say 12:30 am You're reading/watching TV before lights off. If you have a family they are asleep.

    Loud Pounding from front door, woman screaming unintelligibly. If you would get a gun out then you do, you go down stairs nearer the door and understand her screaming words: "HELP! HELP ME!! A MAN IS CHASING ME WITH A KNIFE !! LET ME IN!!! PLEASE!!!PLEASE !! HE"S COMING!!! HE"LL KILL ME!! LET ME IN!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She sounds truly in absolute terror.

    What would you Do?

    PS: You Either Can't See Out From Where You Are or, If You Can, You See a Woman, Say Early 30s, Looking Hysterical and Screaming, Pounding at Your Door i.e., She Acts Like She Sounds
    All I can say for certain is I would call 911 and answer the door with caution while on the phone. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face, so I don't know what exactly I would do. My intent would be to secure this victim and call the cops. Is that what would actually happen? I have no idea. For all I know she's the criminal.

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    Cool thing about my house, is that it has a mud room with it's own door and deadbolt. I wouldn't have to let her in, and she wouldn't have to face a knife wielding criminal. I'd tell her to lock the outer door and I'd call the cops.

    That being said, I live 12 miles outside the middle of nowhere, so someone being at my house at midnight is highly unlikely. Plus it means they ran past 4 other houses on the road up to mine. And the lady at the first house is someone I KNOW would let them in. She's one of those "We're all God's children" kind of people and has even let complete strangers stay the night. All that put together, and there is no way in heck I'm opening that door.

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    In my situation I would direct her to my fenced back yard with glass door. From there I could watch in relative safety while waiting for the LEOs.

    As a child, we lived on a rural highway, in a curve, with a huge tree on the outside of the curve. Every few months we would get late night visitors who had hit the tree and were all bloodied up. My parents always opened the door to them without the benefit of a firearm nearby.
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    im with drahtdog on this one. i live on a few acreas and have a big street light kinda thing right to the side of my house that lights up the front and back. front porch has atleast 10 stairs and a window over looking the stairs. id tell them to stay on the porch while LE is on the way and i could drop the bg before they even reached the stairs if required.

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    If her being in imminent danger was not completly obvious, I would instruct her to go to my vehicle (within 15 feet of my front door), where I could open/lock her in from my house. Then call 911, and watch to see if any need for more intervention is necessary.

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    Where's Gecko45 when you need him?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    Where's Gecko45 when you need him?
    Clearly he is patrolling the mall with his G36k and keeping everything 5x5.

    "The Engine could still seemed to scare them" -Felix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    Where's Gecko45 when you need him?
    Chasing some girl with a knife to your door but about two blocks behind her due to being weighed down by a 100 lb. manhole cover being used as makeshift body armor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I open the garage and let her in there. Then I close the garage keeping her locked in there. That way I can help her while still keeping a potential BG locked out of my house. If she really is in fear for her life she'll have no problem waiting in a locked garage for the police to arrive.

    ETA: I can open and close the garage doors by remote.

    Just so we are clear, this is not the first time this type of scenario has come up and this is the plan I have made in ADVANCE so that while in the moment I know what to do. Have a plan, stick to the plan. If you have no plan, plan to fail.


    I too live out in Timbuktu, but would probably opt for this routine as the police are 30-45 minutes away,

    Plan B
    This would consist of the 8yr. old son with the itchy trigger finger to crawl through the tunnel to the barn, climb the ladder to the machinegun tower and vaporize anything moving that shouldn't, while one of the daughters fires up the Abrams Tank in the batcave and takes it for a drive to secure the perimeter.
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