Road Rage....

Road Rage....

This is a discussion on Road Rage.... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yesterday as I headed home I noticed a guy in his car behind me reving his engine as I drove. Well, the guy would floor, ...

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Thread: Road Rage....

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    It Changes...

    Road Rage....

    Yesterday as I headed home I noticed a guy in his car behind me reving his engine as I drove. Well, the guy would floor, smoke his tires and run dangerously close to my bumper. Well, I immediately stepped on the brakes when he done it a second time and prepared myself for the collision if he crashed into me. The guy continued until slowed down to almost a complete stop (this was in a neighborhood no real traffic) He floored it once more, backed off and turned.

    Now, I was prepared to call the cops but like I said he pulled off. What made the situation all the more interesting was the fact although I was in my own vehicle I was unharmed (I use my car for work and can't be armed) Let me tell you, I felt some what naked although I had my knife with me. Just posting to say I am glad I can carry eventhough I was unarmed at the time. The world is definitely getting worse.
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    You were still armed with your mind. Probably the best weapon of all. Glad it didn't get worse than some stupid driving. Makes me glad I drive a big gas guzzling pickup.
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    Possibly just ignoring the 'jerk' might have been a better plan! Don't you think that by braking, you could have made this 'wacko' a little more angry?
    I know how easy is can be to be 'engaged', but the better choice might have been to ignore and just make a turn...let the 'jerk' continue on his way without getting his continued attention.


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    Seen this type of wacko before, usually some kid just trying to get attention with no thought to reciprocations. N retsupt99 is right just ignoring them will make them real mad.

    Then there is the group that are mad at and hate the world and it takes no more than you doing the speed limit to really torque them off, same with them ignore them as though they do not exist and they really go ballistic and then they get real stupid and dangerous.

    Best bet is to pull over and let them by N write down their Plate no and do a 911 on them. In many states road rage will land them in jail.
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    Had a similar experience some months ago but the guy would not break off the chase. While driving I called the cops on my cell phone and arranged for them to meet me in a parking lot nearby. He broke off the chase when he saw the 2 police cruisers.

    When I initialy called the dispatcher she told me to stop driving so the cops could come to me!

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    Seems a lot of road ragers have some mission to totally push the envelope and see what reactions they can achieve.

    Some I reckon have no cojones and would run if challenged but the dangerous ones are those who actually want - what we'd describe in England as ''Bovver'' or ''aggro''. These are sometimes the guys who will go to a game - not for the game but what follows when they can pick a fight!!!

    For sure ignoring is best but that rattles some - so - play it as you see it, with a view to escaping the situation best way possible. Sure shows tho how many jerks are always around us every darned day.
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    You had a weapon, and so did he: you were both armed with thousands of pounds of lethal machine. It is worth remembering that an angry man with an automobile can kill you or other innocents in the blink of an eye. To the extent you can do so, it is only wise to avoid making other drivers angry!

    So avoidance and de-escalation are the best tools in your driving survival kit. Someone wants past? Let them past. Is he angry enough to ram you from behind? Don't step on your brakes and find out ... slow down gently, or turn away. Don't give him an excuse to ruin your paint job or your life.

    What I have done in a similar situation -- I eased to the side of the road, braking gently and slowly, giving him every opportunity to drive past. Thankfully, he did. Mouthing curses the whole way, of course, and in a cloud of angry tire smoke, but he did leave.

    What I had prepared to do if he didn't: I was going to sit in my car, doors locked, engine running and in gear, while waiting for the cops and keeping a close eye on my rear view mirrors. If he got out of his car, I was going to flip a quick U-turn and drive away in the opposite direction as soon as he was far enough from his vehicle to give me a good head start.

    Did I have a firearm? Yeah, but it was my absolute last choice. That mechanized battering ram I was driving would have been a better tool for the job, if I could not otherwise escape the road-rager.

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    I agree that, armed or not, avoidance would have been the better choice. Antagonizing an already reckless, dangerous driver is like pouring gasoline on the fire. Here in Fla., sudden braking to infuriate a tailgater is considered aggresive driving and can earn you a costly ticket.
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    I had a guy try to repeatedly run my wife and I off the road. He was beside us in downtown traffic in Atlanta swerving back and forth. I had nowhere to go really because the traffic was heavy. Eventually, he had his fill and left us alone. I hope this doesn't sound the wrong way but thankfully for him I kept a cool head.
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    I miss my green monster. Nobody revs the engine and tailgates a truck that runs around 8.5' high and sits on a set of 38's. Gas was killing me though. Now I'm relagated to just trying to move out of the way as fast as possible in my little pintobean machine.

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    road rage works both ways. ergo . if you get off the road you can't have the rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueLion View Post
    (I use my car for work and can't be armed) Let me tell you, I felt some what naked although I had my knife with me. Just posting to say I am glad I can carry eventhough I was unarmed at the time. The world is definitely getting worse.
    I wonder some times if carrying is worth a job.

    To me it is on my part time job. I'd rather pack even though it is against the rules. In a bad situation at least I could fight back even if it means loosing my part time job.

    I'm also thinking of buying one of those little Kel-Tec P3's. Carrying????? what??????

    Just some thoughts.

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    I see more road rage than you can possibly imagine. 99% of the time the person with the rage is an idiot. Let them be as stupid as they want to be.

    I have found that totally ignoring them COMPLETELY works. They rev up and burnout about to hit you? LET THEM HIT YOU. At that moment your lawsuit kicks butt. Sue happy people are annoying but this is the one time I would go for it...oh my neck....

    If you have the opportunity to give the finger, smile and wave like a lunitic instead. Their blood pressure will go so high so fast, if they have ever eaten at Waffle House, they will have an instant stroke. Sorta like fighting fire with gas. SO, at that moment pull up the video camera and tape them being stupid and turn it over to your lawyer and the cops...
    There are 2 types of people, victims and the prepared. I choose to be prepared....

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    I very rarely let one of those morons get me going but one time my wife and I were driving on a highway, each in our own vehicle. Some A-hole is driving very aggressive and cuts off my wife. He then started messing with her, pulled along side and swerved his P/U at her causing her to go onto the shoulder. At that point I had enough and muscled my way up next to him and told him to knock the crap off, not quite that nicely but I was really PO'd. He starts running his mouth, so I show him my cell phone tell him I have FHP on it (which I did), have already given them his tag and invite him to pull over . At that point he made a quick exit and that put an end to it. I was steaming for a while after that though, he almost made her wreck with his reckless driving

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    JJ reminded me of a similar situation with my wife and I a few years back. We met up in Lexington after work for supper. Later I was following her home, but with her leaden right foot she was a 1/4 mile or so ahead. Some guy in a ricer (I.E. import economy car with a wing, graphics, a huge chrome muffler that makes it sound like a ticked off weed wacker etc etc, usually with a brain donor for a driver) got to messing with her, although not quite as badly as the guy in Jim's experience. Very shortly thereafter I am sure he was wondering where the 1ton truck bearing down on him with the angry looking driver came from. By this time my wife had spotted me and knew what was coming. She made some room and I positioned my beat up 300k mile truck with more dings than a doorbell factory between her and the moron. Evidently he took the hint, as he suddenly decided he needed to get off at the next exit.

    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't about to start playing bumper cars with him or anyone else, but I wasn't going to let him get through me either.

    On another occasion I had a car load of punks cut in front of me, just so they could toss all their trash, and half empty soda cans back at my truck. Of course, with it being shaped like a brick, everything either hit the grill or ended up bouncing off the windshield.
    At this point, there isn't a lot on the road that surprises me anymore.

    Stay safe out there. Oh, and if anyone knows how I can get an ATF exemption for a grill mounted RPG launcher, let me know.

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