Armed Robbery In Brazil. man shoots robber/ robber shoots man

This is a discussion on Armed Robbery In Brazil. man shoots robber/ robber shoots man within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well from what I could make out he engages bad guy #1 and he goes down. He engages bad guy #2 on the bike but ...

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Thread: Armed Robbery In Brazil. man shoots robber/ robber shoots man

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    Well from what I could make out he engages bad guy #1 and he goes down. He engages bad guy #2 on the bike but he has both hands on the handlebars and is not a threat right at that moment I could not tell what handgun he is using but point blank on BG #1 and he comes back and shoots him. BG #2 is down for the count from the initial shot.

    This video shows another example of lethality, incapacitation, ending the encounter. Obviously all shots turned out to be lethal, at least one was incapacitating and lethal to the biker, and the first shot to BG #1 broke contact but he was still able to reengage and fire a fatal round.

    This reminds me of the story of the young Marine who engaged an insurgent with and M4. He double taps and watches the BG go down. He moves across the street and looks down at his weapon to reload. He looks up just in time to see the dead insurgent firing his AK, he is now a paraplegic. He continues to train from his wheelchair.
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    It looks like he attempted a head shot only he was wearing a helmet.
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    Random bservations:
    The 'across the street' camera (halfway through), captures the majority of the gun battle.
    The GG's decisive actions do strongly suggest that he was LE.
    The lethality of the shots outside the shop were a bit all 3 cases the shooters dropped their targets on the spot.
    And as others have noted above, don't turn your back on an armed assailant.
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    That's a great video of what not to do. That guy seems to be a law enforcement officer. I wonder what rounds and or caliberss were used and the pistols involveled.

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    88% of all handgun deaths are caused by bleeding out. Only a spine/head shot would "Disable" the BG. The cop assumed a chest/heart shot would take him out and when he dropped, he thought it was over. Thats a very tough call to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    Even the largest handgun calibers are poor fight stoppers.
    Agreed, but I doubt he is carrying a .45 in his pocket.

    What I take from this, in a similar situation, the perp is getting a double tap of 230 grains of fury at least before I do anything else.

    Prayers to the family of the brave law man if he really did die. Sad.

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