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This is a discussion on Bears in town within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Years ago I lived for a time with professional hunters, packing meat "out" for clients. After the moose and caribou, we hunted the gut piles ...

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Thread: Bears in town

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    Years ago I lived for a time with professional hunters, packing meat "out" for clients. After the moose and caribou, we hunted the gut piles for brown bear...Evryone carried a heavy rifle, many carried scabbarded 12ga also...loaded buck then friend loaded #4 buck not 00...his explanation was if he had his shotgun in his hands his rifle was empty or...he was being hunted by a wounded bear or he was hunting a wounded bear...he wanted the extra shot on target, what ever part of the bear took the shot would not be working...haveing seen many big browns shot hard do amzing things with thier "blood-up"...everybody in camp carried side arms as well,(Ruger SA army 44's mostly, and yes they went with the big hats and the "western" gun leather) but they were for the Jap clients to shot (for massive tips)not for "defense"...Hope your bears are young and teachable might confirm that your "human" pepper spray has more capsain than "bear" spray...lots of bad bears are killed with 12ga every year...goodluck

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnman1 View Post
    Think deer hunters with highpowers. Even with a chest shot, the deer often runs a mile away and eventually dies from bleeding out.
    Not in my experience. A chest shot normally = vitals damaged which = fast death.

    A poor shot means tracking.

    If you know people, or have this issue yourself, you and the other people need to practice more.
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    Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new gun :D

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    Yup!!! We have coming into town down here also. It seems that there are more around then before. Of course we had the big fire down here last year.

    Bear Sightings on the Rise around Cochise County
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    Also here in SW Colorado where the bear sightings are high. I've gone up the street to a local park with a flashlight to see them, and ran into the police and chatted with them at the time. The police seem to be more annoyed at the calls than anything: just leave them alone and they'll wander off; If they're asked to scare them off, the bear just ends up running into someone else's yard. At that time, I didn't feel the need to carry anything other than my normal EDC, and the officer pretty much walked up to them clapping to scoot them off.

    But, I was cooking dinner this past weekend, door open to the screen door to let the nice fall air through. Cat suddenly freaked out and slunk away, and we looked out the front door to see a big old brown black bear looking hungrily in the door. My wife ran over to close the front door, I ran for the camera and went out the door after him (asking her not to lock the door). Never occurred to me to grab anything more potent than a camera in my hurry to get some pictures. Having been around so many this past year, they seem like...big raccoons...very big and very strong raccoons though: curious, hungry, frequently getting into stuff, but not particularly aggressive unless sick, injured, or cornered.

    Poor guy looked a little lost and confused, but I managed to get a few pictures of him running off. Interestingly, my anti-gun mother's reaction when we told her about our visitor was, "Why didn't you shoot him?".

    Interestingly, watching the scene up the street unfold, someone came out of their house and headed up the street away from the bear...the bear turned up the next street, and the guy never realized that a bear was less than a quarter block behind him moving at a fairly good watch that situational big as they get, they're very stealthy!

    In the end, the best bet is probably bear spray...I seem to recall that it's been more successful than firearms, and it saves everyone a lot of hassle. The bear gets a strong lesson to stay away from people, and you don't end up having to shoot an animal that probably doesn't need shooting. Of course if one DOES need shooting, I'd probably grab my shotgun and slugs to be the most humane.

    Bears in town-bear_running.jpgBears in town-bear_corner.jpg

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