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Thread: Depression

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    This is a really wierd thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricolordad View Post
    This is a really wierd thread
    Frankly, I'm proud of all of those that have come forth and shared some of their life with us. I think discussions like this are GREAT. Opening up & sharing struggles & pain really does help a person HEAL. My respect & fondness for this wonderful group as increased because of this.

    Thanks again to all that have shared!

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    There is no single right answer. What is right for one may not be for another. It often takes a combination of things to work, and that combination is not the same for everyone. Exercise helps most every facet of life, but when I was hit with severe anxiety and depression I was running 23 miles per week (this was 10 years ago). It manifest itself in severe insomnia. When you can't sleep, you can't do anything. It impacts every part of your mental and physical functioning. It is a long-term personal journey that never really "ends" as such. It took me years to get through it and to understand what happened to me and why, and to recognize the signs going forward. There were still tough times, they just didn't seem to get me as far down, and the time to rebound became less. In the end, I had to make major life changes to remove myself from the core situation that was at the root of the issue. That wasn't without difficulties, but was the right thing to do. Here I now sit and me and my life are better than I could have ever imagined. 10 years ago, I could not see how it could ever be. Faith and prayer helped Him bring me to the place I am today physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The anxiety and insomnia had to be treated as the medical issue that they were. Some counselling helped me identify the core issues which helped me realize I needed to change what I could...and I did. I had a lot of support from great friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Wing View Post
    Any one here been threw it ??

    What do you do with weapons ?

    How did you get threw it ?

    Best advise ?
    I would say that the fact that someone is talking about their depression is a good sign. From what I understand, and I am not a psychologist, depression is anger turned inwards. It's best to seek the advice of a professional. In the meantime, put the guns away and let someone you trust have control over their access.

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    Im certainly no doctor or therapist, but Ive been there myself, and im talking the worst part of it too. Where your actually contemplating your exit from this mortal coil. Its a hell that I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. As for your "friend",(Ill take your word for it) I'd approach him about it, one on one and be supportive and reinforce the fact he has people who care about him.
    The worst thing you can do at this point is play Nanny Hot Wing and take his guns away. You should be encouraging a development of himself, and thus proof of a future beyond the funk he is in right now. Thats about all I can say, what got me out was getting active. Workout, start getting back to church, go out with friends. Not to the bars, alcohol is the last thing he needs. same goes for meds. The anti-depressants they have now a days are bad news, trust me.

    Despite all our imperfections, failures and short-comings, God will always give us another day to get it right.

    Good luck.
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