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"Just going to the store" carry

This is a discussion on "Just going to the store" carry within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is why I like paddle holsters. Not for everything, but if I'm running out to the store it's easy to throw on....

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Thread: "Just going to the store" carry

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    This is why I like paddle holsters. Not for everything, but if I'm running out to the store it's easy to throw on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msthomas View Post
    From what I've read, the KEL-Tec P-11 isn't considered the optimal weapon for SD here. Frankly, it's all I carry... I'm perfectly happy with my P-11. After hundreds and hundred of rds, I've never jambed, dbl fed, or failed to eject...
    I carry a P-11, sometimes as my primary and sometimes as my BUG. I have trained extensively with it, left and right handed, stationary, running, and crawling, from behind cover or while diving for cover, standing, sitting, and flat on my back. I’ve done slow and steady aiming, and I’ve pulled the trigger as fast as I can work it, and it has never failed me in function or accuracy. I don't give a tinker's damn what anyone says about these guns. I bet my life on mine.

    Back on topic, I'm with the camp that considers getting dressed to include a pistol on the belt along with a spare mag. There is no such thing as being less prepared because I'm "only going to the 7-11." There is such a thing as minimal preparation for going out the front door. Anyone who says that they aren't always prepared because it's just going to be a quick trip, or, heaven forbid, "if it's my time to go then it's my time to go," your next of kin have my sympathy.

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    I typically wear sweats and t-shirt around the house around 8pm. Even if I am just going to the corner store, I change into jeans and don my M&P9 in OWB.

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    I haven't made my way through this whole thread yet, but even my local 7-11 in a quiet, middle class, low-crime part of town got held up a month or two ago.

    "Just going to the store" has as much - if not more - of an chance for things to go sideways than other elements in our day-to-day routine.
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    My "minimum" carry is my S&W 442 which I will have in my hand in my coat pocket at the local "Stop and Rob".

    That applies if just getting gas as well.

    Not always, but normally I have a backup such as a G19, P7, or 1911 though.


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    Sold my P238 so the G19 is always carried now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericb327 View Post
    Sold my P238 so the G19 is always carried now!
    I made the same move last year. They're slick little guns, the 238, but I was never comfortable with the caliber.
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    Short trip, long trip. You can still end up just as dead.
    As was said above ??? many times. Always be prepared.
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    guilty as charged if im headed to the store lest than a mile up the road some times ill just throw my snubby in my pocket but I don't feel under armed I always bring spare ammo now I usually carry my snub as a bug with my g27 now used to be a PT145
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    My "lazy carry" option is to throw the main carry piece in a bag that I usually keep with me anyway. If I had the "night" gun out already, I might keep that in my pocket and take the bag with the bigger piece, too.

    The CT permit says it's a permit to carry "pistols and revolvers", so technically I'm supposed to have 4 guns with me at all times.

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