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This is a discussion on Door to Door Salesmen within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by billstaf If I do not know the person at the door (I can see before answering), then I take the time to ...

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Thread: Door to Door Salesmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by billstaf View Post
    If I do not know the person at the door (I can see before answering), then I take the time to grab one of my pistols, and hold it down by my side, safety off, as I answer the door. No need to let them see it, but ready in case they decide they are going to come inside without an invite.

    I have a "No Soliciting" sign right next to the front door. Just about everybody who hasn't been invited sees the sign and turns right around and goes. Most of the idiots who insist on ringing the bell anyway are either political or religious emissaries who seem to feel they aren't actually soliciting. They are annoying, but always harmless. I do try to be polite, but sometimes I'm not all that good at it.
    A No Soliciting sign is great. However, I'm nearly always rude if the sign is ignored. I don't care who it is, if I don't know them, they need to go away. I'm thinking of answering the door with a holstered gun and asking them if they are blind or too stupid to read the sign. That's for Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses too.

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    We had something going on around my neck of the woods where what looked like kids soliciting for <insert B.S. cause here> were scouting houses to see who is home or not during the day. Last month the outer rim of the neighbor hood had a day time robbery. No one was hurt, it was like scouted it to make sure no one was home and then hit it.

    I don't know... I make it a point to address someone at the door (through the door) and let them know I'm not interested. My wife does the same, but that dead bolt don't come off until we know who's on the other side of the door.

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    That's what peep holes are for. If I don't know or can't see the person ringing the door bell, I don't answer. I don't care whether they know I'm at home or not.

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    The suburb I live in requires a permit to sell door-door, and even for those providing services, E.G. tree trimmers.
    I just crack open the door and ask to see their "permit to sell door-door".
    they usually say "is one required?" "yes"
    If they give me crap about it, I reach for the portable phone and say " an officer is on the way to explain it to you"
    They are out of here, right now.
    Note, I have a firearm in the desk behind the door, within reach

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    In my old neighborhood, we would get that exact scenario from time to time...selling vacuum cleaners and getting paid by the was legit...heck, my wife purchased a vacuum...

    I do typically shy away from letting people I don't know into my house.

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    I've gotten "salespeople" like that before. Even had a "No Soliciters" sign, but they would just ignore it.

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