It coulda been real...

It coulda been real...

This is a discussion on It coulda been real... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got stuck driving to midtown Atlanta this weekend, to a childrens hospital. I hate that place (the city), and really didn't want to go. ...

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Thread: It coulda been real...

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    Exclamation It coulda been real...

    I got stuck driving to midtown Atlanta this weekend, to a childrens hospital. I hate that place (the city), and really didn't want to go. But I'm glad I did.
    I drove my mom and my GF to see a friends kid. We get to the covered parking area (all 6 floors, I believe), and I pull in. I get to the second floor and its all dark and creepy. I hear a car rumbling and I follow a car to the area. Seconds go by and this car speeds off from the area. I see why. 3 young black toughs in a parked POS '60's car, giving folks the eye. I had stopped, then noticed them notice me. As they did so and looked at each other, I slid my para out of its holster at the ready. One of them got out of the car and started walking my way. I hit the electric door button and rolled my window to about quarter down. He also noticed this as I kept an eye on him and his buddies. He slowly walked in front of my vehicle to get to another car. He opens the door, grabs something and walks back. I know it wasn't a gun, because I would have noticed that. He gets back in the car saying something to his buds and they slowly pull out of the parking area. As they descended the level, I pulled into the parking space. My GF just looked at me. She NOW knows what could have happened, and why I carry. Thats when I got nervous and scared. If that would have happened during the situation, it may have resulted into a different scenario.
    Whats really bad, what if I wasn't there and it was just my mom and GF ?.....

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    You were there.
    You were ready.
    Nothing happened.
    Good job!
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    That is the reason why it works: situational awareness; preparedness; simple defensive tactics that maintain the advantage (cover, distance, already have hand on gun); keeping the car's motor running and in-gear. 100%, with the hoped-for result, that you/yours go home to sleep well.
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    atta boy, good job. Pretty funny feeling when your heart hits your stomach because you know something might get bad, but at the same time your get the same feeling that you do on christmas morning before you open gifts. And your ready to get down to buisness.

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    You evaluated the "situation", were ready, made the right decisions and went on to have great day. Bravo.
    You can watch my back any day!
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    Good work, Arthur! Not bad for a (to paraphrase a line from True Grit) one legged fat man. Glad you were there. Also glad that the leg is coming along. Won't be long before you are ready to run a marathon. Well, maybe walk a mile. That's about my limit now a days.

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    Atlanta is a dangerous place...

    Quote Originally Posted by artz View Post
    I got stuck driving to midtown Atlanta this weekend, to a childrens hospital. I hate that place (the city), and really didn't want to go.
    Your reluctance to drive into Atlanta is well founded. In the Morgan Quitno 2005 crime survey of the most dangerous cities in the US, Atlanta ranked number 7 out of 369 cities:

    Morgan Quitno 2002 dangerous city survey

    Notice that Camden, New Jersey is number 1 on the danger list. And you can't carry your gun there either.

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    Im right up the road in Marietta and I too hate driving downtown. Espically in the Centinial Park Area.

    I remember one time I got turned around and ended up in the projects. At the time I was under 21 so I was unarmed. I looked both ways and drove through every stop sign till I got to a better area lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artz
    It coulda been real...
    It's always real. Sometimes the outcome is just less dangerous.

    Good on you for keeping your head screwed on straight.

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    Well done, artz!

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    Wow, not only did your actions decide the outcome of that situation, but luckily it ended that easily. God only knows who else became lucky (completely unknowingly possible vics) because you were there. Thank god for you and thankfully it ended safe.
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