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Oh no - another shooting. (multiple merges)

This is a discussion on Oh no - another shooting. (multiple merges) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This was a horrible tragity, I work on 2 of the Medic units that responded to that lucky me I only came in after it ...

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Thread: Oh no - another shooting. (multiple merges)

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    This was a horrible tragity, I work on 2 of the Medic units that responded to that lucky me I only came in after it happened. My prayers are with those that are still fighting for life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrioticRick View Post
    I know before this is over the Amish will be saying "it was Gods will" or something like that, to justify it.
    I don't know; looking at the pics, some of them looked half ready to "hoist the black flag."

    I would like to watch the libs' heads spin around if the Amish started a militia.

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    The story is constantly changing.
    Now it turns out that he did not have a long term grudge against the school.

    He had no known past criminal history.

    In the past...he had abused/molested two of his little girl relatives 20 years ago and was fantasizing now about doing the same thing again to other female children. At least that is what he confessed.
    His original plan was to molest the young girls at the school and then kill himself.

    He was upset and unhappy with himself, his life and with God.

    He was planning on being in that school for a long time with his little female hostages.

    He barricaded the doors and had three weapons and 600 rounds of ammunition.

    His plan went wrong when the police showed up very quickly.

    One Hero of a little boy had the internal fortitude and the great common sense (in that totally chaotic panic scenario) to grab his little Sister and get her the Hell out of there when all the boys were told/allowed to leave.

    Kudos You Brave Little Kid! You saved your little Sister's life.

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    I am a Grandpa. I have a 5 and 7 year old Granddaughter, I send to school (public) every morning, pick up from the bus every afternoon. I have 3 state CCW, I am not allowed, by law, to have my firearm on the bus or at school, (1,000 foot rule). How will that law "protect" them if somone decided to enter the bus or school and my holster is empty? We all know no guns are allowed inside the 1,000 foot zone, so the monsters will not have a gun! RIGHT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    Alittle balance. 7 people were killed in Seattle last night in 3 seperate car accidents caused by drunk drivers. They make a big deal about guns and harly mention the people who drink then go out on the roads and kill people with their cars.
    I remember a couple of years ago about a HS girl walking down the road that was run over by a drunk driver (this was his 11th offense), here in Knoxville.

    By the way, I used to live in Renton and Graduated from Kentridge Sr High in 79'
    Lady Valerian

    I have 2 guns - one for each of ya'. Tombstone

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