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Unarmed with active shooter, two exits

This is a discussion on Unarmed with active shooter, two exits within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Based on your 2nd graphic: I'd run diagonally to the right of the speaker to draw fire away from my family. Then I would grab ...

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Thread: Unarmed with active shooter, two exits

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    Based on your 2nd graphic: I'd run diagonally to the right of the speaker to draw fire away from my family. Then I would grab the Anti-gun speaker and use him as a human shield to attack the shooter. At least then the speaker would be good for something...Just sayin'
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    I see you between a rock and a hard place. Your main concern is to get your loved ones out safe, so I want him to be looking at me. I'm throwing my chair at him even if it only slides across the floor at him he has to watch out for it. I don't think it will keep him from shooting me if I was to follow in a rush on him. But I have his attention and it's on me not my family.

    If you rush him, by yourself, he has a full mag and I see you just getting killed. But yet I want to be close enough so if his gun would happen to jam I can then rush him and take him down. So don't like getting to far from him but yet not to close either. I move but don't think I would run away or really get closer just keep moving. Trying to keep him from seeing what going out the other door. If he does take his eyes off me I'm all over him and I will most likely have some kind of knife on me even if no gun. It may be small but will still cut and stab.

    No matter what you try if you are his focus you are most likely going to take hits so get and have your mindset right before you ever start.
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    A gun control lecture? Why would I be at a gun control lecture?

    I wouldn't. Problem solved.
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    "C'mon, you two, we are leaving in a hurry right now."
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    What kind of gun is it? Jam-o-matic or something reliable?

    "Hey, it's Superman" and then while he's looking up fling a folding chair to his throat.
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    I am really trying to figure out what I would do. The only thing I can come up with is I don't put myself in those types of situations.
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    Easy for me to answer. First I won't waste my time going to listen to a anti gunner speak. Second, if it's posted no guns, I won't go there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minimalbrat View Post
    I am really trying to figure out what I would do. The only thing I can come up with is I don't put myself in those types of situations.
    The buliding an layout is real. And most of us woould not purposley put ourselves in a position like this. But imagine that the same gym is used for athletic events. In that case the bleachers are fold outs and they are on the right side of the diagram. Or if there was a awards ceremony for kids for whatever (which they do there). Or if they have a play? The put a stage against the wall where the closets are.

    It is sort of a Kobayashi Maru scenario depending how it were t play out. Even if armed, if yyou did not take the BG down and folks start fleeing (to the only exit) you might not even have a chance to shoot because of all the folks runniing.

    And for folks say they won't go to a place set up like this if it is posted, would you feel the same way if your child was getting an award or performing in a play?
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    I'm thinking these seats are the folding bleacher type... Not folding chairs...

    I'm the guy's target...if the podium will move I'm taking it with me as moving cover....

    Either that or yell "DODGE BALL" and every one throws their red ball at the shooter.
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    I suppose

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    My thought is the same as others. Folding chairs make pretty good missiles at short distances. I don't think a shooter can aim very well with several chairs flying towards his head.

    Hopefully, the shooter's initial target would be someone outside the door or the speaker. This may give you just enough time to get your family down & launch a chair at his head. After doing that, closing a distance 10yds or less may be doable before the shooter could regroup.

    Just curious about what actions you & others may take in a situation like this to place yourself in a "safer" position?

    Personally, if I know the potential avenues of "attack" and the escape routes may be cut off, I plan on using the crowd around me as cover. So, hiding in the middle of the crowd may be the safer option than sitting on the fringes. (If escape may not be possible.)


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    Whatever the case, as it plays out I would be doing my best to get the fam out of dodge. If for some reason I was in a position good enough to take a linebacker shot at him it would probably be after using myself as a shield for as long as possible to get them out. Bunching up in the kill zone is always a concern though.

    On another note, it's bad scheduling. They should have had the Concealed Carry convention going on that evening.
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    I'd tell the family to run as fast as hell out the rear door - all the way to the parking lot - and I'd charge the shooter whipping my chair at him as I got close hoping to get my hand on the barrel of his gun before he can get a shot off at me.

    It's the only way I can think to increase the odds for my family to exit - short of throwing a second chair at the feet of others heading to the rear that might push past my family.

    {edit} should have read page 2. I see others have already mentioned throwing a chair at him.

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    You spotted him while he was still in the hall, meaning you are one of maybe a half dozen to see him. If you can alert the family and get them to understand they have to clear out "RIGHT NOW", then they will be the first out the door. Good luck with that. ("But, whyyyyy?")

    Dumbest thing to do is to charge him, throwing what ever is at hand. Therefore you should scream "Airborne!" at the top of your lungs while doing it.

    Or "Aloha snack bar".

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    I would not have been there in the first place.

    I don't go where I can't carry under HR-218. That of course includes airlines. I am retired and have time to get where I need to go.

    That may limit me in some areas but they are not areas I need to go to anyway.

    After surviving a career in law enforcement I don't plan on being shot down without giving an account of myself.

    I always carry and I know how to do it well enough to not get discovered.

    This is just what I do and to many I know that seems over the top.

    Everyone has to live their lives the way they see fit. This is just how I have decided to live mine.

    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

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    Sorry but I have to change your scenario slightly.

    Why in the world would I choose to sit in the front row with my back towards everyone else in the room? Since I wouldn't do this, this is the part of the scenario I have to change.

    You should place yourself and your family in a position where you can best observe the entire room while also having access to an exit.

    I'd be sitting in the back row with my back against the wall where I'd have several of those moving shields in front of me and my family. When the shooter enters, we are staying low to the ground, we are holding hands, we are moving quickly, we are heading towards the exit while hugging the back wall...I'm going to have to assume that in this scenario there will be several people who will be running for the same door who will be between me and the shooter. Hopefully we survive the first round of fire. When the shooter goes to reload, we move as fast as possible to the door with me between the shooter and my family. My blade is out by this point. My family goes through the doorway first. I am last to leave. If I have to charge the shooter so my family can get out then that is what I do. If I make it to the shooter, hopefully there is an opportunity for me to make an immediate kill move with my blade. If not, I go for control of his weapon first and the kill second.
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