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Dogs off the leash in my neighborhood

This is a discussion on Dogs off the leash in my neighborhood within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dangerranger When you are out walking your dog a lot of people will say carry a walking stick. but with the leash ...

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Thread: Dogs off the leash in my neighborhood

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerranger View Post
    When you are out walking your dog a lot of people will say carry a walking stick. but with the leash in one hand you only have one free hand for Mace, stick, or gun.
    Train your dog well, a well trained dog will stay behind you when told and can be controlled by the stick or your feet, so you put the leash over your wrist or on a clip on your waste and you have a free hand allowing you OC hand and Stick hand, Stick hand and Phone hand, Oc Hand and Phone hand, etc.

    It's not has hard to train your dog to be submissive as people think, just takes time and consistency. Both of my American Bulldogs know heel, and to stay behind the person in charge. The person in charge? They know that is always me.....
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    I would go talk to the neighbors and ask them to leash up there dogs for there safety and the safety of others, if that don't work call animal control
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    I was bitten by a dog (terrier - medium size) on a leash as the owner just walked by. In today's world people buy dogs as cheap home security. I had to get a tetnus shot and deal with animal control.

    Now I carry a S & W 642 with buckshot loads. If a pitbull, or any dog, charged me - "Ka-Boom". Shooting the dog wouldn't phase me, but chances are you will have to deal with the owner.
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    As I have mentioned before, I walk with a 4' stick ,tapers from 4" to 1", I have not been challenged yet. I love dogs and understand them pretty well. I do not run,I point the stick at them if they approach with aggression. So far,100% win on my part. They just walk away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.stuart View Post
    As I have mentioned before, I walk with a 4' stick ,tapers from 4" to 1", I have not been challenged yet. I love dogs and understand them pretty well. I do not run,I point the stick at them if they approach with aggression. So far,100% win on my part. They just walk away.
    I carry treats for the big dogs. Its the little rat looking dogs that I hate. Ankle biters. I use my cane on them.


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    Most of my neighbors let their dogs run free all day. The people two houses down keep theirs out constantly and those dogs just love to lay out in the street. I'm talking dead center of the street. There is one dog around here that goes up on porches and will grab anything you leave out. There is also a little Jack Russell and pit bull that love to chase vehicles.
    I've chatted with some people about it and I keep getting the excuse "you're in the country".
    Animal control was out here once that I know of. They knocked on my door, said they had complaints about some dogs running around and asked me if I knew who owned them. It was nice to find out I'm not the only one who is ticked off about it.
    To be clear, I don't hate dogs. I have a couple of my own, but when they go out, they go out in a fenced back yard. To me, letting your dogs run around freely to go into other people's yard/porch or to just let them wander around on roads is just inconsiderate and rude.

    Your local leash law: Learn it. Know it. Live it.
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    Dogs are like guns, most people think there's nothing to do once you buy one.

    Animal control may loan you a live trap.

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    The best part of using OC spray on a dog is when they high tail it home and run inside and try to rub the OC off on everything in the house. Owners have a way of remembering that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mg27 View Post
    My question is would pepper spray do the trick on a pitt?
    Perhaps. Depends on the dog.

    If the number of dogs is few and the neighborhood can track down the owners of them, then perhaps speaking with the owners would bear fruit.

    But if the numbers are large and those dogs begin getting aggressive, then it's all but certain a few deceased (shot) aggressors would send a message to irresponsible owners to deal with the problem or have it dealt with by those who are being threatened. One way or the other, the dogs will be gotten under control.
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    When I grew up, the only dogs on a leash were the ones the owners couldn't control and would run in front of a car. The only dog that ever bit me, I bit back and we called a truce at that point. Loose dogs don't bother me, but I have no sympathies for the owners if the dog gets hit.

    With all the laws and litigations these days, I think it's simply irresponsible to allow a dog to run free. Living out in the country with a large tract of land is one thing, but in the more surburban and crowded urban communities, one has to take more resposibility with pets.

    I don't know the temperment of your neighbors, but I would tactfully explain to them that their dog went after you, it's illegal for them to run loose, and if there's a further incident of the dog attacking/chasing you that you'll call the police, animal control, and a lawyer, andnot necessarily in that order.
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    Well here is a subject that will see a host of replies. It always does and always will. For some reason, many dog owners think they are the only ones who have the perfect dog that just walks along minding its own business and when it takes a crap, cleans up after itself, since most times the crap is on someone else's lawn. Don't you just love that? Calling animal control/police is fine and dandy. The first question I get asked by the voice on the other end of my 911 is "is the dog aggressive?". If you answer "no", particularly on a weekend when animal control is not there and this becomes a police matter, you will be lucky to see anyone in any timely fashion--so what this tells me is that this non-aggressive animal must rip the throat out of a 2 year old and then maybe I will see someone show up. I have been on a campaign to have the right initial questions asked by dispatcher--what kind of dog? what size of dog? If these questions come back as pit or shephard or akita etal and large that should be sufficient for a timely response--waiting for "aggressive" is ridiculous, IMO.
    Some replies have said pepper spray and there are always answers that include a firearm. For me bear spray is a big notch up from those itsy bitsy lipstick cases of pepper, has a range of about 25 or 30 feet and will stop a bear---if I have to face off against one or more pits, I would rather have a can of bear spray that informs said animals that they are now officially done from attacking and I would be doing this from a distance that allows me to be a lot surer of my saturating the air between me and them. If the dog or dogs are close to me and even attacking me or another dog that I wish to protect, the idea of a firearm in the midst of flailing legs, barking, growling, teeth at the ready is not, IMO, conducive to controlling a firearm and might actually end up shooting someone else who is nearby the fracas. A nice serrated knife, however, is much better made to order for this "close encounter" and give you a chance to defend yourself and another dog from the attack. Bottom line though---presumption of imminent danger of death or great bodily injury still prevails and your state/county/town law is the final word on what you can or cannot do. Bpttom line---"enhance" your comments to dispatcher about aggressive, carry bear spray and a knife if this is a bad problem where you live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mg27 View Post
    The goal is to not have to even draw my weapon if I can help it. Like i said I have talked to some of the owners and they agreed to leash em up.. but we shall see.. Thanks

    ^^^^^^^^^Discussing the problem^^^^^^^^^^

    With the neighbors would be a case by case.
    How well do you know them & get along with them?

    Do not get into a peeing match with others over such matters, & most of all, don't thump your chest to them by stating you are armed and are not afraid to cap their unleased mutt.
    Unless you want a war.
    Let the cops deal with them.
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    Around my place in the country, the dogs are more popular than people. Strays that have been adopted and know how to avoid traffic and are not aggressive unless defending their territory. Most everyone walks with a stick, dogs notice when you have something in your hand. Also if you watch dog behavior you will know when they are a threat.

    You can mix up a squirt or spray bottle with ammonia and it will get their attention when sprayed on their nose, full strength if a big mean dog otherwise diluted with water.
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    Instead of pepper spray I suggest bear spray. It is more powerful and has a much farther reach. Also it comes in a bigger can. After a shot of bear spray the dog will be unable to attack you.

    Does this sound mean? Maybe but if the alternative is either being bitten or killing the dog then I'd say it's a good option.
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    Animal control is a joke. Here in Florida they will do nothing even a person is bitten it will take 2 offenses for them to do anything. That's right..the dog gets a second chance to bite someone. Maybe a small child next time.

    This is a good example of laws that are made but not enforced are useless.

    I like Mikes description that the dog "goes missing". A dog who has bitten just once I will do what's needed to get rid of him. As Tony Soprano says..."disappear him".
    I am not waiting to see if a dog, running aggressively towards me unleashed, is going to bite me. I will not wait to see if wants to play or wants to bite. The owner is at fault for letting the dog go unleashed and is responsible for it's death.

    Overall I have seen more aggressive pit bulls than any other breed.(yes, there are other dangerous breeds also) Please don't show your ignorance by claiming Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than other dogs. This is just NOT true. Their owners seem to like the idea that their dog is the 'Bad Arse' in the neighborhood. With a growing home security mentality more and more people get these dogs and can't handle them.

    Dog crap is another topic that applies to all breeds of dogs. It appears to me the lower the owners IQ... the more likely he is to let his dog crap anywhere they want(except in his yard). You know who you are...MORON!
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