Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added) - Page 7

Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added)

This is a discussion on Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No idea, it's dependent on the situation. You could end up shooting the attacker if you come upon it and don't know who initiated the ...

View Poll Results: Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?

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Thread: Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added)

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    No idea, it's dependent on the situation. You could end up shooting the attacker if you come upon it and don't know who initiated the attack.

    As for those who claim they could've stopped James Holmes, I just laugh. Maybe military/LEOs with extensive training, but not most people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacman605 View Post
    Since the recent mass shootings happening around the country I have noticed on this board and others using the situation to champion the cause of carrying a firearm. The general statement being used is "If there had been someone in the theater, school, spa or insert your own, they could have ended the massacre". "When business owner's allow gun carriers in there store it aids in the protection of all concerned".

    On the other side of that, again both on here and other forums, I have noticed many people posting that they would not come to the aid of a stranger or become involved in a situation that did not put themselves or there loved ones in danger and that is their right to do just that.

    It is an individuals choice whether or not to intervene in any given situation and since it is an individuals choice there is no right or wrong answer. As many have stated we are not the police, they carry to protect myself and my family.

    The option to do a poll does not want to seem to work for me at this moment so I will just ask this in a regular post. No hidden agenda's, no secret adding later on, does not make any difference if the victim is male, female, elderly, young, race, creed, color or religion last just a simple question. The person will be killed or seriously injured based on your intervention. Yes or No, not well it depends or if I had a clear shot and so on.

    Would you as a CC'er, OC'er gun carrying citizen intervene on the behalf of a stranger to prevent their death or serious physical injury?

    If a mod or someone can turn this into a poll for me it would be greatly appreciated. Two options Yes or No.
    I did not participate in the poll since it was only yes/no.

    I CC to protect myself and my loved ones, so, based on your comment about the mass shootings, I lean toward Yes, since someone randomly shooting up the place is probably going to launch some lead in my direction sooner than later. This assumes that cover or retreat are not options.

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    As of today I think my doing something for others has changed, if it doesn't involve me or mine or at least someone I know, then Obama can and will take care of them. (Not)
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    It's gotta be who you are, not a hobby. reinman45

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    I like to believe i would... But i fear prosecutors!! And hidden laws, i'll risk it for my love ones only... Eddie

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    I help people in trouble and crisis for a living. And I put my own health and safety at risk doing so. I've been in many dangerous situations with direct risk to my own life helping others. So that is my basic nature. However, I don't do it foolishly or recklessly, and I don't do it without assessing the risk.

    So, in a private situation, I have a pretty high bar set before I will intervene in someone else's violent encounter. The most important thing at issue is, are things really what they appear to be? Do I have all the facts needed to make that decision? Does my intervention have a high likelihood of making things worse?

    Years of training and professional experience allows me to make those decisions rather quickly, but one thing I must have are the facts that the person in violent danger is truly an innocent person.

    I'm not going to risk my life for someone who created the problem or put themself in that situation and now are in over their head, or may turn against me and side with the aggressor because of a prior relationship with that person.

    I voted Yes, but it all depends on the situation before me as to whether I will intervene or not.
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    Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added)


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    I am not a LEO, nor will I have the Police Union lawyers supporting me. Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

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    Whether its justified and legal, consider the circumstances very carefully.
    Heres a scenerio: My daughter when younger had temper tantrums when she did not get her way. In one, she ran out of the house and down the street. I get in my vehicle and got to her, and not so gently placed her in the car. She was sceaming at me.
    Now, to an outsider, it would look like I am a pediphile grabing a kid.
    If the situation was someone I knew and absolutely was a life threatening situation, I would say something, and tell the perp to get lost, as I already called it in. I wuld only use deadly force it the perp went physical with the friend or attacked me.

    If you walk into a situation: Call 911 and stay on the phone at a safe distance.

    In the world of law enforcement, when they receive a domestic disturbance call, both the husband and wife turn onto the cop. The same would happen to you if you interviened in a domestic situation.
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    I think there should have been a Maybe or a depends option on this poll. I voted no. There is always an except to the rule though. i.e. a LEO in trouble, safety personal such as firefighters etc. or a mass shooting.

    but I'm not going to jail because I shot a guy who I see beating up a lady in the parking lot because she is his wife and sues me for his death cuz she still loves him. No way is that worth my time.
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    My default answer is no. However, if I could be 100% certain of who the BG is and what was happening, then I would change my answer to a definite maybe.

    In OK, if you use deadly force in defense of a third party, then you assume the responsibility of the third party you are defedning. If by some fluke you draw on an undercover LEO or a victim who had gained the upper hand, you are now associated with the BG and can be charged accordingly.

    Sometimes we have the right intentions but at the wrong times...I would have to be 100% absolutely certain of person and the situation before I took any action.

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    Yes, if the situation made it possible.

    I think that every one of us would want someone to come to our aide if we needed assistance.

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    There probably wouldn't be much time to think it over and weigh all of the possibilities. I hope I wouldn't stand by while someone was being killed and do nothing. I guess I would make the determination this way.........If what a person is doing justifies killing them in order to make them stop - then shoot. If their actions don't meet that standard.........try to help in some other way - or just stay out of it. Not an easy call. Could you get it wrong - yes. Should you let that stop you - only you can decide that. As for me - I'll help if I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    The most important thing at issue is ...

    • are things really what they appear to be?
    • Do I have all the facts needed to make that decision?
    • Does my intervention have a high likelihood of making things worse?
    • that the person in violent danger is truly an innocent person.

    That's pretty much my minimum standard, as well. Inserting myself into a situation merely because "someone's getting hurt" isn't hardly sufficient, at least for me. Generally, not from the law's perspective either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaGentleman View Post
    Thanks for your service to the Commonwealth!
    I'm curious - what would be the legal differences (if any) between your actions as an off duty officer and a civilian. Does your job allow you to act in a way not allowed to a civilian even thought you are off duty?
    Thanks and stay safe.
    I guess the simple way to answer your question is to use the term "blanket" both for legal and civil issue's. Only in the jurisdiction I serve do I have "more" power in intervening in a criminal matter and can actually effect an arrest or cite with a summons. Within my jurisdiction no matter how serious or minor the crime and wheter I am off duty or on duty in Uniform makes no difference I still can enforce Federal,State and County Laws to include ABC Laws and Game and Inland Fishery laws However if out of my jurisdiction yet in the same State I have jurisdiction in I can act only on felonies in progress with regard to "enforcement" and anytime I act as a Police Officer in "enforcing" the law I fall under my departments "Blanket" so to speak but if I make a lawful arrest not within my jurisdiction I have to go to the closest magistrate where the crime happened to attempt to obtain a warrant. Citizens have the same rights in obtaining warrants as Police Officers do however when you get into taking the bad guy before a magistrate the citizens rights stops there.

    In issue's that arise that are life threatening to others if my actions are not covered under that "Blanket" then I'm acting as a regular citizen with the same rights as a citizen. Bottomline if life is at risk just like in my daily decisions regarding action or not acting at all I would act and hopefully my department would not "bail" on with regard to the aftermath of the civil process that always follows...
    If you can read this thank a teacher. If it is written in English thank a Marine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accessbob View Post
    I would probably find it hard to not intervene. But until I am in that situation I won't know for sure as I am not going to make a blanket statement that I will never do so. Just like recently, on a bus here in Portland, a bus driver got stabbed by a passenger several times and several passengers also. I would have probably pulled my gun and may have shot him. But I am actually glad I was not there. I would rather not have to use my M&P for anything other than target practice. But I will if necessary. But by necessary it doesn't mean that I will restrict myself from helping anyone other than family or friends. I just can't do that.

    ^^^^^^This pretty much sums it up^^^^^^^^^^^

    Didn't vote because of it being a Y or N only.

    My answer is a maybe/probably/ya' never can tell/I'd have to be there.
    I would rather die with good men than hide with cowards
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