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First time getting pulled over while carrying

This is a discussion on First time getting pulled over while carrying within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My intent is to notify... Not required in Iowa... and permit not tied to anything (DL, plate, whatever). I will have my permit and my ...

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Thread: First time getting pulled over while carrying

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    My intent is to notify... Not required in Iowa... and permit not tied to anything (DL, plate, whatever).

    I will have my permit and my license ready to hand the officer when he approaches the vehicle... He'll know I'm armed when I reach for the registration and proof of insurance. (I doubt I could get all the docs I need before he got to the car... but maybe... most of the times I have been stopped there probably has been enough time before he even gets out of his cruiser... he's probably doing "best out of three" coin flips to determine if I'm getting a ticket or a warning)

    That last was a joke, son... a joke, I say... Just to see if you were payin' attention.

    Glad your stop worked out... I would feel uncomfortable with him reaching across me like that... but I'd let him... especially if there was another LEO watching the passenger side.
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    Yes those were good stop's, glad you guys ran into excellent officers. There are lots of them out there, naturally we only hear about the bad ones in the news.
    Your attitude and honesty with the officer does make a big difference.
    I hold one permit now for quite a number of states, but don't have the Maryland one yet. We have our fingers crossed with the legal actions going on to change from a NO issue, to a shall issue. I still don't know if Maryland LEO's will require being notified during a stop nor do I know if the permit will be tied to our DL's.

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    This is my first post.
    Our son is a leo in California and his advice to me if pulled over: Stop, take keys out of ignition and place them on dashboard. Both hands on the steering wheel. If the stop is at night then turn on your overhead light. Tell the officer you have a concealed carry permit and you have a weapon on your person. Then follow his instructions. And our son has said on many occasions that cops get lied to every day and they really hate it---never lie if pulled over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtox View Post
    I can tell you that, at least in Tennessee, there is a very, very high probability that the officer approaching your car already knows you have a concealed carry permit. When an officer pulls you over, before he approaches your car, he calls in your tag to Dispatch. This allows him to find out if the car is stolen, if you have any outstanding warrants, etc. Here in TN, carry permits are linked to our Driver License which is, in turn, linked to our license plate. The dispatcher will tell the officer if the car they have pulled over belongs to a carry permit owner.

    It is my belief that it is best to volunteer your ID whether required to or not.
    Same here in Ohio. If they run my plate before they come to my car they already know the driver could have a ccl. We have to inform right away. Heck the officer already knows lol.
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    Wisconsin doesn't link the DL to the CC, there is no duty to inform; even though the DOJ website suggest that you do. I have made the decision not to inform, unless they ask me to step out of the car.
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