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This is a discussion on Shooting Back within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Welcome from North Carolina! I am not a church goer, yet I have never understood the logic, or lack thereof, that some states use to ...

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Thread: Shooting Back

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    Welcome from North Carolina!

    I am not a church goer, yet I have never understood the logic, or lack thereof, that some states use to ban carry in churches.

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    I'd be ready, along with a state trooper, local police chief and several deputies. I'm not LEO, but on the staff at my church. We do have a preschool at our church so normally it's off limits, but Indiana law says if you're designated as a member of the security team and have a permit, you can carry there. I talked to our leadership and they wrote a letter stating I'm part of the security team. That doesn't allow me to carry on any other school property, just ours.

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    I carry my Kimber ultra cary every Sunday. Our pastor is also armed.

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    I carry to church, and one of our deacons also carries. I'm sure there are more, but it isn't something most people talk about.

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    We have 8-12 armed safety personnel on duty all the time, most with walkie-talkies. Several are current or retired LEOs. We train and discuss possible scenarios every month. We also know most of the doctors/nurses/EMTs and there is always one of those on the walkie-talkie to be on call.
    So, yes, we would shoot back. But doing that in a crowded church is something you need to think about before you find yourself having to do it.
    So far, we have had only medical situations to deal with. The wireless communication is great for getting trained help on scene quickly - one person gets the weelchair, one gets the O2 tank, one makes sure the ambulance comes to the right door, several to do crowd control, etc. So so far all the armed personned do is be gofurs, and we'll be glad if that's all we ever get to do.

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    Church I currently attend meets in a public high school, so carry is a no-go, but I picked up the kindle version to give it a read
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilgrimshooter View Post
    The Kindle version is
    Awesome. Just downloaded it to my kindle.

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    The one church I go to you can carry IF you are a member and have a ccw. This is in the by laws and you are told about this once you become a member. The other church I go to does not allow guns in the church or on the property. I do not carry there of course.

    I know it can be difficult for some to understand but church is a place of worship and much more than a building to many of us. If the church says no carry one has to respect that place enough to abide by the members decision. Going to another church would be the answer. We have to remember we don't want people to take away our right of course so we don't have the right to take their rights away either.
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    Read the book a while ago, and enjoyed it. That said, in answer to your question, I'd wonder what I was doing in church. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    Read the book a while ago, and enjoyed it. That said, in answer to your question, I'd wonder what I was doing in church. :)
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    Welcome from So Cal!

    I will look into the book, and yes I am always armed at my church. If the need arises I can introduce people to Jesus, one way or another.
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    Welcome from Delaware! I (retired), another (retired) and two active duty LEO's are armed at every service.
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    I read it since this thread started. It is a good, if short, read. I bought a copy from Amazon to give to my pastor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Sarge View Post
    CCW is not permitted in a church, in Arkansas
    Even if you get permission from the Church elders or minister.

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