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Wife threatened while driving her Volt

This is a discussion on Wife threatened while driving her Volt within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think your wife did exactly the right thing...ignored them and kept driving. If they kept it up or got more aggressive then a call ...

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Thread: Wife threatened while driving her Volt

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    I think your wife did exactly the right thing...ignored them and kept driving. If they kept it up or got more aggressive then a call to 911 would be in order. Usually these things happen so fast that we only get to think about what we should have done after the fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Hummmmm..... it bothers me , that your first thoughts are about brandishing a gun at them, and thinking about how the gun would resolve your problem. She wasn't threatened by what you have said , and they in no way were threatening her life. So why in the world.... would you introduce a gun into that ? Maybe you or your wife should be leaving the gun at home, it's that the logic you are using ... before you end up in jail.

    They were exercising their 1st Amendment rights, that's it.... that's all. It doesn't say they have to express their views of the Volt in a manner you find acceptable..... nor that they are restricted from expressing them.
    From what's been said... they didn't take any action directed at your wife, they didn't try to harm your wife, and they made no threat to harm your wife.

    On top of that, you are in the middle of "oil country" ...... you kinda going to have to expect some flack about driving a Volt there.
    You must be kidding...

    There is a big difference between exercising your 1st amendment rights and going around harassing/yelling/ threatening people at speed on the hi way. Please don't make it sound likes it's OK to do this...it's unacceptable and is NOT the way you exercise your 1st amendment rights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    Batteries are manufacturered by LG-Chem in South Korea (not by A123 and not in China), and production of the battery is scheduled to be moved to Detroit soon. That is a common misconception because A123 was originally supposed to be the battery supplier but GM decided their product wasn't good enough, which turned out to be a good decision. As for the rest of your argument about the environment.... I could argue with the finer points but I'm not going to for one simple reason: I don't care. We didn't buy the Volt because we are hippie tree-huggers, nor has anyone else that I know. We love the car and do not feel we have to justify it on some environmental grounds. What kind of car do you drive? How is it on the environment? Chances are you don't care either. So you don't feel you need to justify it any more than I should.
    Not so much responding to your post as a prior one by someone on coal fired generation, there are
    huge amount of wind electricity production happening in TX. I purchase 50% of the electricity for my home
    from a wind source and plan to up that to 100%. If one drives a Volt, charges it at home with wind sourced
    electricity, the coal -pollution argument pretty much goes away.

    Also, I read a news story that during the East Coast Hurricane, some managed to get power to their homes
    from their hybrid electric vehicles. So, there are some times when the system has additional unintended uses.

    I'm a fan of Picken's energy program, not Pickens himself. There is no reason why we should not have
    trucks running on compressed natural gas, nor cars on dual fuel. The technology has existed for about 30 years
    and is used in other countries. Anything that break the back of our need for imported oil is good for our economy
    because it keeps bucks here (JOBS) here.
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    Best to get off the freeway so if they do try and manuvers it will be a slower speeds. Call 911 and find the nearest PD or busy area.
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    I just love to voice my opinion of the Volt being as what worked out to $250,000 of taxpayer dollars went into each one. I like to get my moneys worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    That is acceptable? THe woman felt threatened...and men were acting like 13 yr olds in a 2000 lb moving weapon.
    2,000lb? More like 8-10,000. Average Gross weight on a 350/3500 dually is 9-12,000. -I have to keep up with it because I need to make sure my lifts at work can handle it.

    On a slightly different note, I hate hybrid/electric vehicles; I haven't seen enough benefit. (Friend of mine got rid of a hybrid Camry because it wasn't doing what it was supposed to) Not saying that excuses their behavior is in any way, just personal preference. My brand of choice is Honda- longevity, fuel economy, etc. My wife drives a 2011 Fit, and my car is an '82 Accord with almost 330,000 on the clock. Other than that, I drive a Harley (average 45-60/gallon )

    Seems like your wife did fine- I'm sorry to hear that she had the kind of problem, but it sounds like she handled it well.

    I would recommend getting your wife something with a little more punch. .380 is a fine defensive weapon, but I would recommend getting a .357mag as a car gun- I don't know how well a .380 would punch through a car's safety glass, but my bet is a .357 would do it at least a little better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I really do not care what anyone drives although I do drive one of those massive gas-guzzling road hog SUVs the holier than thou eco-freaks love to hate. When I run into one and they start their tirade about how I am personally destroying the environment I just ask if their econobox greenmobile is capable of towing a 4000 pound bass boat or a 1500 pound trailer with a 3000 pound tractor on it and will it go through 6-10 inches of mud to get to the good fishing holes or to their horror of getting to a deer stand. I then inform them their vehicle is just as useless for me as their opinion is and let it go at that. As far as the OPs situation I agree, go to a well-lit area, call LEOs and let them handle the situation.
    I hear it from time to time as well with my Tahoe. I actually am getting better mileage now then with the smaller mid-sized foreign built SUV it replaced.

    To the OP, best bet is to avoid and evade these types of idiots and call 911 if it seems the situation may escalate.
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    I think everything that needs to be said about the situation, has been said. I do find it kinda strange though how some of the members here are saying "get a real car instead of the volt" or even "toughen up, they just used their 1st amentmend".

    Think about it: If someone posts about "i (a 5'6/150lbs guy) was wearing Denims and a wifebeater when 2 HUGE bad boys walked right next to me in a threatening manner, insulting me about my redneck outfit, i was really afraid they would attack...", would you also reply with comments like "wear some real clothes" and "man up, they were using their 1st"? I think being insulted was the least of her worries...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    Ignore ignore ignore.

    Slow down to stay out of their way. Turn off if necessary, head for police station if necessary.

    Do not go down to their level...it's very dangerous in large fast vehicles. And probably Volts too
    Yep! If you wrestle with a pig all you get is muddy and the pig enjoys it.
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    Is this a Texas thing? I have never heard of drivers in hybrids or electric cars getting threatened... My is not a hybrid but gets 40+ MPG, that is because I am commuter and I like to save money in that area. Odd.

    I know it is different because I am a somewhat imposing looking male as opposed to a (perceived as) defenseless woman, but I find just giving back an emotionless stare baffles road raging goons. It is an acknowledgment that you have seen their threats but still providing no reaction, it can be somewhat entertaining to watch them struggle with what to say or do.

    "When among wild beasts, if they menace you, be a wild beast."
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    Just a note on oil...

    Saudi Arabia has been the second largest petroleum producer in the world, right behind Russia, and #3 has long been—drumroll, please—the United States. It’s a measure of the sheer wasteful extravagance with which we use petroleum in this country that the world’s third largest petroleum producer still has to import around 2/3 of the oil it consumes each year.

    We in the US produce around 10 million barrels of crude a day and use around 19 million barrels a day, it is impossible to make up all of the difference from within the US. If we want to be an independent country again, we have to cut down on our oil consumption.

    Now to keep this tread on topic......What kind of idiot gets mad at someone for the type of car they drive? If it is a gas guzzler that's okay I'm not buying their gas, if it is electric I am not responsible for the maintenance of their car.

    Oh and do you know what the leading US export is?.....It's gasoline!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Footslogger View Post
    Is this a Texas thing? I have never heard of drivers in hybrids or electric cars getting threatened...
    Nah. It's a blithering idiot thing.

    Not too many years back, driving around in something not built in the USA would, in some communities, be seemingly sufficient to get threatened or harassed. In other communities, driving around in something not designed to go off-road would draw the ire of some idiots. BTDT, myself, on both accounts (on the receiving end).
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    I think the best approach would be to pull out her cell phone, and in plain sight of these rednecks, dial 911, and continue driving.
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    As well, jerks have a hard time driving 5 mph less than the speed limit. Just slow down to a safe (& legal) speed, and let them tire themselves out. That said, she should also drill to speed dial 911 or hit the OnStar in times of stress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    My wife drives a 2012 Volt...driving 70 mph down the highway...

    Come on, tell us how slow she was really going.

    She could always trade in the Volt for a Big Girl Car.
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