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Driving too slow = beating?

This is a discussion on Driving too slow = beating? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've told the wife if I ever start driving like an old fart to take my DL or shoot me. Years ago My dad had ...

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Thread: Driving too slow = beating?

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    I've told the wife if I ever start driving like an old fart to take my DL or shoot me. Years ago My dad had issues when he was older, (too many years as a painter n toxic fumes) blew though stop signs and traffic lights every time he went out, I forbid the kids to ride with him, he was very lucky he never got in any bad accidents.
    A few years back I had a case of understanding (after dad had passed) and sympathy, this old guy stopped where I was employed and asked if I knew him and where he lived. I'd never seen him before so I asked if I could see his drivers license.... He lived just around the corner... yes he was driving.... yes he was totally lost... I called his home and they were in a panic looking for him Alzheimer's, bad news.
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    My brother was carjacked at knifepoint about 10 years ago. He was unarmed, and bailed out of the car, pdq. He didn't have the doors locked, but you better believe he doesn't drive with them unlocked, now!

    I will admit that I didn't give locked doors a thought until then. Mine are always locked now.

    By the way, the carjacker was caught and drew 10 years.

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    After doing many ride alongs w/ LEO, I do not bank on the BG being caught if he/she is allowed to leave scene. I've seen a lot of things that the average sheep hasn't.

    I try not to let my guard down, and look for things that others don't. The wife thinks I am crazy as the day is long, until I point something out, and she sees it too. I have "people watched" for years and years, so I am good at this.

    If I am approached in my car while in traffic by a threatning party, and I do not have a clear way out, there will be shots fired! Through the door if I have to!! This scenario is what scares me the most. Confined quarters, probably with family, usually with the guard down.
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    I hear Hollow points don`t taste very good and make it hard to keep the wine from leaking out you face.

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    Hopyard brought up another good point though about certain senior citizens carrying firearms. I mean, a shotgun for home defense I am always for. But working in an ER, I sometimes get elderly patients who can't even open a medication bottle or even remember the medication they were on. So I highly doubt that they have the physical speed to draw their weapon, pull the hammer, and fire within a respectible time frame. My other concern is what if, and I hope it NEVER happens, this elderly person in our discussion was armed and was not able to draw? Then, the sadistic assilant finds out he's armed, prys the gun out of his holster and shoots him?

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    And another thing, what ever happened to southern hospitality? Its becoming rare nowadays. Good thing I grew up on a horse ranch before moving in to the big city of Houston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeinMD View Post
    My brother was carjacked at knifepoint about 10 years ago.
    I've had a couple of these. On one, a guy aggressively attempted to enter the car, with his gang of cohorts right behind him; the other, a guy tried/failed and then faded back into the shadows. I don't recall who suggested doing so, but I have always driven with the doors locked. It has saved my butt. Nicely, my current car forces the doors to lock at 5mph or so.
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