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A few years ago I checked into a Motel room in South Carolina. Within 5 minutes the phone rang and the person said "We're coming over to get our stuff". I said we don't know each other. 10 minutes later the banging on the door and window started. I was fully armed and told them whom ever gets into the room will never leave I am armed and will shoot. Do you need me to call the Coroner now or later? They took off. Don't know who they were or want to know. It was a sleepless night after calling the front desk to tell them what had happened.
I was down in Charleston on business several years ago and was in a ground floor room in the back corner of what appeared to be a nice "Econo Lodge".

Anyway, about 2:30am I heard a woman pounding on the door & yelling for help. I grabbed my pistol & discretely peeked out the window. There was a woman screaming, who at first looked alone. But, I watched a few more seconds & saw a big guy stick his head around the corner and noticed a pistol. Then I scanned the parking area & saw a couple more guys hiding behind my car. That's when I said I was calling the police. The big black guy made a couple of attempts to force his way in saying he was "security". But, after I told him I'd kill him if he didn't leave they all jumped ran away.

Back then, I just carried a Bersa 380; which is a great little gun. (I still carry it at times). But, I wasn't to comfortable thinking I may be facing multiple armed BGs with only 7 rounds of 380acp. Today, I carry a 40sw & 45acp; especially when I go out of town. I also look for "hotels" with inside room access; instead of "motels" with outside room access.

Looking back, I think it was a sit up. I called down to the desk to report what happened & ask them to call the police. But, nobody ever came to my room or called me wanting a report. When I checked out, I talked to the manager and told them I would never be back.