There's many threads I've read on SHTF scenarios and what you need to survive, what weapons do you recommend, what calibers, what???

As an old retired military fart, some things never change with time and technology. The first thing you need in your arsenal is a "plan", and a plan for what? My personal belief is things are going South and bar any natural disasters, terrorism, pandemics, tsumamies, volcanos, pestilence, drought / dust bowls, solar / EMP attacks, etc., our economic collapse will eventually do us in. No professional and crediable economist would disagree the U.S. or insolvent and bankrupt.

Given the preceding probable scenarios in our near future, it will be national and/or global in scale, agreed? History and human nature suggests that during a national / global disaster people become uncivilized for a period and will do what it takes to keep them and their families bellies full. If people will riot and burn down their neighborhoods because of a basketball game or racial unrest, what will happen when a bonified national disaster occurs?

You need a logical and tactical plan to deal with such an event at the location you intend on being at WELL in advance of an occurrence.

Example: In the Army, the fighting force is roughly 25%, the other 75% is logistics and support. You need a plan, supplies and support for the location you intend to inhabit during global / civil discord. In my situation my wife and I alone would not be able to defend our home / location by ourselves. Preplanning and organization is key for a defensive / offensive operation.

No military I'm aware of just haphazardly defends a location or goes on an offense un-prepared, with no intelligence, no planning, no supplies, no leadership, no additional troops or reserves or no communications.

Think of a SHTF in military terms and prepare / plan for your individual locations and potential longevity.

Just my thought?