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Mall Shooting What Would You Do?

This is a discussion on Mall Shooting What Would You Do? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd do what any rational person would do--get away if possible, fight back if not....

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Thread: Mall Shooting What Would You Do?

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I'd do what any rational person would do--get away if possible, fight back if not.
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    What-Would-You-Do? Threads all seen to have the same post-patterns. A reported or fictional scenario is introduced, never with enough intel or recon for a definitive evaluation of avoidance tactics. And then we ALL start assembling our own (unique) visualization of the scene & conditions while all guessing differently at a million undeterminable details. The OP unfortunately only has "multiple knives" (bless his heart) so the tactics naturally anticipated from the members of a forum called "Defensive Carry" are then further convoluted.

    Me? I would hurry to shepherd my family in the opposite direction from the threat using my knife to pry open any door or break any window that got in our way. I would give my wife my extra knife, keep myself between us & the threat in the rear of our little squad and, as we moved, I would loudly instruct my wife, without explanation, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is she to stop forward progress. Then I would...TELL HER THE SAME THING AGAIN! (because she is likely to in panic & not listening very well). I would turn into the nearest major store & go to the rear as deeply as possible telling everyone I saw that there are dozens upon dozens of naked college students in the Food Court (because even the most prudish among us likes to see naked college students). That then crowds the area & doors behind me with curious onlookers. I escort my family out the rear service entrance & then inside the nearest, large-enough, unlocked truck cab where we lock the doors, hunker down & wait for the police cars & news bans to arrive. Then I laugh about how clever the "naked coed" ruse worked.
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    M16A1 went full auto M16A2 had the 3 round burst. I would of got my family as far away from the threat as possible

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    Re: Mall Shooting What Would You Do?

    My first instinct would be to get myself or my family clear of the mall. If an immediate threat...engage. but, not without making sure my family had immediate cover.

    Many moons ago, I worked retail in a mall. If you push through the rear of a store, some of them exit to an alley or service hallway with access to an exit. Seems this might be an option in this type of situation. It would keep you from running with the masses or from being out in the open areas of the mall where the shooter most likely is.

    Just a thought. Hopefully, I'm never in a position to make that decision.

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    I'd be leavin'.................asap.

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    What would I do? I'd most likely:
    1) hear it on the radio (the county-provided radio in my truck has all the local PS frequencies programmed)
    2) read about it in the news (or on this forum)

    The local mall is a posted "gun free" zone, so they get none of my business and subsequently I would not be there when such an event occurred.
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    The guy used an ar-15 that jammed and he took his time reloading.It appears he was a lousy shot. This reminds me when I was young and numb.I remember
    being at a supposely nice bar when a fight broke out,my friend and I tried to get closer only to get hauled away by our boss.

    I'ved lived a good life,raised a family and now living alone so I would try to identify what's causing all the commotion and try to find best cover and once finding the bad guy using an ar I would engage with G-17 that I've been fairly proficent with knowing I had two mags in my coat pocket so In the store I had 52 rounds and a bug Ruger lcp in 380. The most important thing for me is not hitting an innocent shopper as I'd hate to end up in jail the rest of my life on a manslaughter charge
    because I took the intative to stop the shooting.Even saying this is what I'd do I am a guy who cried my eyes out when I had to put down my dog! Who knows,I guess only God does.I will tell you especially this time of year I don't leave home without packing.

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    Shooter in the mall, I'm running/hiding in the back of a 911.
    Shooter 'getting' closer in the mall, I'm running faster and looking for a better place to hide/call 911.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    My first reaction would be to head for one of the service corridors. Everybody else will be heading for the exits. Anchor stores in a mall will have their own loading docks. The smaller shops receive their merchandise through the service corridors. It should get you away from the shooter and put some concrete and hollow block between you and the rounds being fired.

    On edit, how to find service corridors when everyone around you is in a panic situation? Make a mental note when you pass doors that are marked "Authorized Personnel Only".
    ^^This is good practical advice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GentlemanJim View Post
    ^^This is good practical advise.

    Thanks. My previous business took me in all the malls in my area so I'm familiar with their layout. But, I was in one of those malls when they had some kind of emergency situation and had to evacuate. I noticed the vast majority of the public obeyed those "Authorized Personnel Only" signs and headed for the general exits. I ducked down one of the service corridors and back to the commercial loading zone where my truck was parked.

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    Hop on the mall cop's Segway, grab one of those big cardboard candy canes and joust with the BG!

    Or, find cover and an exit for my family...and stay between them and the BG.

    I like that saying... Put "some yonder" between us and BG
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    The OP said he can only carry a knife..

    Never take a knife to a gunfight.
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    Actually, the early M-16s were fully automatic. I carried one in southeast Asia in 1973 and it was.
    Quote Originally Posted by pittypat21 View Post
    The military M16 is NOT fully automatic. It can be set to either semi-auto or 3 round burst.

    Now the M249, that's a different matter entirely.
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    I like what Gene83 said, make a mental note of your exit points BEFORE there is a need for escape. Better safe then sorry. There will be panic, hold your cool, remember the exit points, and direct your family there. Their safety is your #1 priority.

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    Depends on my location to the subject... if I was in the immediate area I would engage... I refer to the immediate area as anywhere within 10-15 feet of this guy. If im on the other end of the food court or mall for that matter... its time to get out of there.

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