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Picking up hitch hikers?

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Thread: Picking up hitch hikers?

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    One of the up sides to having a pick up truck with an open bed.
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    I haven't since the late '70s, early '80s. Not to say I would or wouldn't again but it would depend on the circumstances as outlined by some of the others here.
    "There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences." ~ P. J. O'Rourke

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    One of my best friends is one of those people that thinks everyone is good and if they are bad he can "handle it." That said he has gave quite a few people lifts that I didn't trust when I was in the car. I move to the back seat right behind the guy every time and well my ruger is no longer in my holster its ready to fire. Like one of you said, its only a couple feet from him to my friend, it would only take a split second for him to harm my friend.

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    Haven't done it for years. My wife and I have given rides to people in distress (broken down cars) but one of us would always sit in back with the hitch hikers in front. We were both discreetly armed.

    My vehicle broke down several months ago on a secondary highway. I was headed home on foot (about 4 miles) when a gentleman offered me a ride. He wound up taking me all the way home as it wasn't that far out of his way. I surely appreciated the favor as I had about 45 minutes until an appointment with someone. I think the difference might have been that I was walking and not just waiting for a ride.
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    Years ago, yep.

    Now a days... ain't gonna happen (or at least, not so much).

    (there are exceptions to every rule... but they are extremely rare...
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I can't remember the last time I stopped for a hitchhiker. But years ago, I have stopped for stranded motorist & people walking in bad weather or in the middle of nowhere. If I stop today, it's usually for an old person or stranded family. Even then, it's mainly to see if they need me to call for help.


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    If I know them sure.

    If not and there is no immediate evidence of an emergency or where someone is in obvious distress or danger
    "Forget about it!!!"

    Even in that type of situation I would be very cautious.
    "Life is tough but it's really tough if you are stupid"

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    I do not pick up Hitch Hikers. I do not suffer from remorse. I don't believe in needlessly rolling the dice.

    There are plenty of programs and places I can donate money, clothing and time if I need to feel good about myself.

    Serve my country, swear an oath to protect it, pay my taxes, fly old glory in the front yard, love and protect my family, honor the vets before me and help fellow americans in need.
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    The answer is no.

    Different day and times from what it used to be. There was a time when hitch hiking was ok, not so anymore. Too many whackjobs out there. Even when it was "safe" to do so, I refrained, and I have never, ever picked up anyone hitch hiking.

    It all boils down to trust. No way Jose am I going to trust someone wanting a ride, because I don't know them and cannot know what they might do to me once I allow them into my vehicle. If that sounds heartless, uncaring and non-compassionate, tough. Sue me.

    I may be oblidged to call 911 and have someone give them a "ride." It ain't happening with me.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    Hell no.

    Never have, never will.
    Same here

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    It would have to be an extreme circumstance for me. I am not so cold hearted that I wouldnt consider it, but unless it was a woman and kids, or elderly. If you are healthy enough to walk, you can hoof it. My issue is that I would be remiss to hitch hike as well so why is it any different to pick one up?
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    Only if it is Jack Reacher.
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    I don't stop for stranded motorist in most cases, everyone has a cell phone, here in Florida that is an often used technique used by the bad guys.

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    It might depend on the situation, but generally no I wouldn't pick up a hitchhiker. If I had a second person with me who was armed and capable I might consider it.
    "60% of the time...it works every time..." -Brian Fantana

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckusaret View Post
    I never pick up any hitch hikers and each time I see a hitch hiker I think of Aileen Wuornos. This woman killed at least
    eight men that gave her a ride.
    They weren't stopping to give her a ride. She was a hooker!

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