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Picking up hitch hikers?

This is a discussion on Picking up hitch hikers? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by harrymut When I was young and dumb, I picked up a few hitch hikers, but I always patted them down for weapons ...

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Thread: Picking up hitch hikers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrymut View Post
    When I was young and dumb, I picked up a few hitch hikers, but I always patted them down for weapons first. I also made sure I was bigger and stronger.

    Not doing that anymore.

    So we're a TSA agent now are we?

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    Logically I know that I shouldn't because serial killers never look like serial killers, but I sometimes I do pick up people. Here in Nevada, you can have a gun in the car and it is only considered a concealed weapon if it is on your person. The drivers side door has a handy pocket built into it.

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    If it was like a family or a mom and kids or a younger woman I might be inclined. But overall no.

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    I did once, a long time ago. I was filling up at a gas station and a man asked if I could take him to the nearest bus station. He stood back and asked politely, and I told him yes, but he'd have to ride in the bed of the truck. I was driving a little 1991 Sonoma at the time. He said ok, so I drove him down the road and left him at the nearest bus station. If he would've become a problem down the road, well that would've been ok, because I was wearing a seatbelt and driving a beater.

    That little pickup was a great little truck, but the one flaw in it was a seriously off gas gauge. I never let it get under a 1/4 tank, but one day I didn't make it to my exit. I didn't think the gauge was that off, but it was. So there I was on I-65 S and the engine cuts out, and I roll over to the side of the road. My exit was right there on front of me (that's Harding Place for you locals), and it goes up the ramp, to the right, onto an overpass to the nearest gas station. There is no good shoulder on the overpass, so it's rather dangerous for pedestrians. I started the walk, but didn't get ten feet from my vehicle when a minivan pulls over and the guy asks me if I need a ride to the station. He was the only occupant. I had to weigh whether the danger from this man was greater than all the cars on the overpass. I would've never done it if I wasn't armed. I got in, and he took me to the station, I got a gallon of gas, and he drove me back and insisted on filling it up himself. He was a Kurdish immigrant and a nice guy.

    These days, however, with two children, I'd say the answer would be no, I wouldn't take a hitchhiker. I have more to think about than my own safety.
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    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    I have picked up hitchhikers back when I was much younger, and I also have hitchhiked, but haven't done either for a long time. It may make me a terrible citizen, but I won't pick up anybody now. What all the shootings (and increases in other violent crime by a relatively small but more violent group of people) have taught me is that nobody is safe from these types of attacks anymore. You just never know who's getting in the care with you.

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    No , unless I know them.
    The police are not there to protect you from crime, they are there to arrest the guy after the crime has been committed, assuming they find him. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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    Those days are long gone.
    You can get a lot with a smile but you can get a lot more with a smile and a gun...Al Capone

    Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth...Mike Tyson

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