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What advice do you have for a teenager in school during an active shooting?

This is a discussion on What advice do you have for a teenager in school during an active shooting? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by GunGeezer IMHO trying to train young children to respond to an armed intruder in a school would be counterproductive and disrupt the ...

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Thread: What advice do you have for a teenager in school during an active shooting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunGeezer View Post
    IMHO trying to train young children to respond to an armed intruder in a school would be counterproductive and disrupt the learning process. Parents and school authorities would be better off concentrating on better means to ensure no armed whack-job ever gets past the front door: All exterior doors should be locked from the outside and equipped with crash-bars in case of fire. Security personnel should be stationed at the front door before and after school to protect students as they enter or exit the building. Metal detectors should be part of the entrance equipment with hand scanners for the security people. If possible, the school should be placed on the route of police patrol units with frequent and random presence. Some sort of visual emergency signal, perhaps a blue light, should be fixed in a highly visible location that could be activated like a fire alarm from several locations. Schools, like malls and other public places are extremely difficult to defend without disrupting their purpose. As a retired teacher of 35 yrs. I don't favor arming teachers or students for a plethora of reasons, mainly along the lines of armed security guards in banks. I do think an armed police resource officer is a good idea if the school or district can afford it.
    Actually I kind of like this idea too, although it might need to be expanded on a bit. It would be nice to have the light/strobe/etc.. on both the inside and OUTSIDE of the building in multiple locations. The meaning would have to be well advertised in the community on what that strobe/warning/whatever meant, you would need to run drills similar to fire drills, and you probably want to integrate it with some sort of automated alert system that goes straight to 911 with a tag/flag of Active Shooter or something similar.

    It doesn't serve an immediate need, but may well help with getting a faster response from the guys who can get boots on the ground and do what's necessary. They can't respond if they don't know about it. Goes back to that big COMMUNICATION thing.
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    My advice, learn to duck, weave, serpentine etc, and bug the principal for armed volunteers until he's so sick and tired of hearing it, that he threatens your kid with suspension if he doesnt shut up.
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    What advice do you have for a teenager in school during an active shooting?

    Take cover and do your best to not be visible. Get out if you can and avoid the media.

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    Locking themselves in the bathroom would not be a bad option either. They typically deadbolt from the inside and there are no windows for the shooter to see in. They also aren't well-populated (unless the school food was exceptionally bad that day), so the likelihood of a shooter going into them is minimal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardo View Post
    I have 2 teenagers in school. There've been 2 threats in our city since Sandy Hook. One of which actually was arrested and weapons were seized. There aren't enough police to station one at every school and teachers aren't armed. What advice would you give to a teenager in school today in terms of what to do if an active shooter comes to their school?
    Tell them to kiss their butts goodbye, at least until they allow teachers/administrators to Conceal Carry in schools. When that happens, they will have a chance .... until then its shooting fish in a barrel.

    Not what you want to hear, but way to true unfortunately.

    or send them to Sidwell Friends school with Obamas kids.

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    The research paper I wrote for my criminal investigation class was on Average amount of people who die during active shooter situations, police vs. citizens responses. While doing this paper I came across something interesting. We all know that less people die when citizens shoot back or have guns then waiting for police to handle the shooter. But something most people over look is this.

    The active shooter is there to shoot not have a gun battle or hand to hand fight with citizens. In alot of the reports i looked through, as soon as the Active shooter encountered any type of resistance whether from cops, sirens, or citizens, they stopped the attack. I say mostly, some will fight, but for a majority they don't want a fight.

    My advice is ALWAYS fight back, any type of possible resistance might stop the attack. off course do it within reason. don't run down a empty hallway towards the threat, but if they come into your room you should stand by the door and be ready to fight with some sort of tool, pens, stapler, etc.
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    Thanks for the consternation. I wouldnt send them to public school anyway. But my point is, they need security, they needed it before Newtown too...As far as dropping out, if i stayed in school I wouldnt have had the experience to be in a position of owning a successful business at 29, so there's always that too. Nothing wrong with taking a different path

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    Find cover and pray. That's about all you can do in a gun free zone.
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    I would tell them to do what ever it takes to survive. Each situation is different, so one plan can not cover everything.

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