What to do with kids?

What to do with kids?

This is a discussion on What to do with kids? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey there, I am pretty new to this forum. I really like it. Anyways, like everyone on this subject, I too have come across a ...

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Thread: What to do with kids?

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    What to do with kids?

    Hey there, I am pretty new to this forum. I really like it. Anyways, like everyone on this subject, I too have come across a scenario and wondered what I coud've done. Well, let me tell you the short version.

    I was raking the front yard of my GF's house. A car just pulled up about two houses down, and two kids (probable high school) came out and were yelling something. I thought nothing of it. Until a few minutes later I hear a mother say, "hello? 911? yeah, there are these two kids saying that they have a gun!" As soon as I heard that, I told my GF to run inside the house and I ducked behind my car. Unfortunately, I was unarmed and no weapon in site. The two kids kept yelling something until they heard the sirens. Then, these kids ran passed my car only to be trapped by the quick and speedy police officers. It turned out that there weren't armed at all, just making a threat.

    So here's my question, IF i was armed and assumed that were armed, because they said they "have a gun". Would it have been right to intervene and point my gun at them until the police arrived? Or continue to hide behind the car. I kept playing that scenario in my head, even to this day.

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    In my opinion that would of been a good way you might of went to jail. I would of went inside the house and call 911 and let the LEO's do their job. The threat at that time was only verbal.

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    Imho if they are not activly beating someone , shooting , ect .. stay da heck away from them , observe , let the officers handle it . Anything else you do and you stand a good chance of being the bad guy when the officers arrive .
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    Declaration of armed status is not the same as visual confirmation. You would if armed have had IMO to have seen and been personally threatened with a gun to respond with such - beyond which ''good witness'' and calling in probably covers things.

    That said - if a robber in a convenience store has hand in pocket and claims to be armed - well, he can expect to be shot probably. All is down to perceived threat to the self. Much less so to third parties and when you cannot be sure. If armed then perhaps a state of con orange or red could apply in case you were threatened - but that would be about the limit until threatened.
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    Two things...

    One, I would carry even if you are just in the front yard
    Two, unless you see a gun or weapon, there is not an immediate, imminent threat.

    So pulling your gun on them might not be prudent. Especially as cops are en-route to a man with gun call, and you're the only one with a gun.

    Shaky legal ground with regards to brandishing as you are not even on your property. I wouldn't want to be the test case there.

    I take it it was daytime as you were doing yard work. Texas definitely gets much more homeowner friendly when the sun goes down with respect to using deadly force.

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    No, you don't get involved at that point. Were you or anyone else being threatened when they were running past your vehicle. Did you see a weapon or deadly force being used.

    I assume your not a sworn peace officer in your state, therefore you don't have any business acting as you were one.

    As I understand the laws in my state, if the person is in the process of commiting a felony, or directly putting someone's life in danger then you can get involved, other than that you are a good witness.

    What do you think the police are going to think when they pull up on a call with person with a gun, and your the one holding the gun?

    Others may have another opinion, but that is mine.
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    Yeah, that's what have been running in my mind. If I did pull out the gun, by the time officers would come, they would think I was the BG. My other thought was, what if I ran after them (just follow). But again, I realized I was unarmed. Good to know that I did the right thing by staying out of it but making sure they weren't getting away.

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    We can all recognize that it would be tragic if we stood by, protected our own from a safe location, waited for the police to handle this, and someone was killed, but that's just what I would do and advocate doing.

    Many have said it before: it is not my job to act as the police -- and I am not going to be viewed by a court as being justified in doing so unless there is an actual shooting going on and I am involved in some way as a would-be victim.

    It gets muddy, very muddy, when you talk about running to the rescue with your gun. Horrible as it sounds, the tragedy will not be your fault. You almost HAVE to stand by and let those responsible for taking care of it handle the situation.

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    Most seem to say don't get involved, because you don't know that there is actually a gun.

    How does that differ from the guy at Kentucky Fried Chicken saying he has a gun in his pocket and wants all the money or someone is going to get shot?

    Is it right to just sit and observe if the "criminal with gun" gets into your neighbors house and kills who knows how many befor the cops get there?

    Tough scenario, If they are running away, let um run. If they are kicking down the door, when or should you act? The cops might not make it on time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    Declaration of armed status is not the same as visual confirmation.
    The Harold Fish incident in AZ, recently, is a good example of just how dicey it can be with mere threats. It may well not be seen by a fine jury of twelve in the same fashion as you did at that moment. In this situation, IMO, I agree with others: it's far better to hunker down, be ready to defend if necessary, but to leave it to the responding officers. It's their job. You're not in immediate danger. They come running out of the house in your general direction, but it absolutely sounds coincidental and not directed at you. So, watch and wait, absolutely.
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