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This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

This is a discussion on This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a native Floridian I'm so sorry this happened to your friend. Florida used to be a nice place many, many years ago but no ...

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Thread: This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

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    As a native Floridian I'm so sorry this happened to your friend. Florida used to be a nice place many, many years ago but no longer. I hope your friend recovers from this horrible experience and wins her lawsuit

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    In hindsight its a no shoot. However being in the restoom and having the door pounded down as the OP posted and then an assault or even a threatened assault on a person in this womans physical condition by a healthy individual who worked there or not in my state IS a shoot situation. Reasonable fear of serious bodily harm. No place to retreat nor in my state a legal requirement too.
    As I say in hindsight no shoot. Let that have been a 20 something 200 lb male employee with me and likely as not its the last door he batters down unless he retreats. Hindsight is 20/20 and I have a bad habit of leaving my crystal ball at home.
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    My local Taco Bell is located next to I 95 and is manned by people from third world countries, the cleanliness is on a third world country level( below filthy) and the manager cares less, because he does not depend on return customer business.

    We have laws that covers battery on a senior citizens. Ref. Section 825.102 of the Florida Statutes. When the employee touched/shoved the lady she could have used whatever means, up to shooting the attacker, to defend herself. It is called the Castle Law here in Florida.
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    I tried typing a response a few times when you first started the thread - couldn't do it without violating forum rules.

    I am glad she is suing. This kind of assault causes real trauma - an "invisible wound". I hope everything works out for your neighbor.

    Best wishes,


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    On another note, those bags seriously need to be redesigned. They come off too easily.
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    I'm a peace loving man but if someone puts their hands on me like that, all bets are off. If I was carring a gun and that happened,I wouldn't do anything if I didn't need to defend against a serious attack. Even if you are not the initial agressor, you cannot do anything to cause the situation to escalate or you will be in hot water if it comes to real a serious self defense situation with a gun.Keep your cool, deescalate the situation if you can, and call your lawyer and get ready to open a Taco Bell, and press assault charges against the perp.
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    I think for those of us, it may not have been a shoot situation, but i would be willing to bet that if you genuinely felt threatened, and this sounds like a violent encounter for sure.. there would be nothing wrong with greeting whomever busted down my bathroom stall door with the muzzle of my pistol... but then call the police..

    alternatively.. post-assault.. id still call the police and file an assault and battery charge. the prosecutor in my area would have a field day with this... assault on a handicapped individual is a separate charge as well.. as im imagining the colostomy and all that jazz has likely left this person with some handicaps.. maybe not.. but still.

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    This woman was injured more than physically.

    She is probably a older woman...disabled....over weight (as disability has a tendency to do) public and a disability that involves a messy colostomy bag. She may never wish to leave her home again....I am sure she will be avoiding dining out.

    This should not happen in this country. Sue everyone she can for as much as she can. Therapy is expensive.
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    My Dad's second bout with Big C resulted in him having a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He hated it, but accepted it considering the alternative. He was very self conscious about it and my parents stopped traveling - if they couldn't do it in a one-day trip, they didn't go. Unfortunate. If that had been my Dad - whoa Nelly! I applaud your friend for traveling, hope she gets over her PTSD, and gets justice from this horrible ordeal.

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    If it was my daughter, wife or mother, the "lady" would be eating through a straw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    As far as I know, it is still in litigation. I haven't pried too much on the details. I do know the incident has shaken her up so badly it's given her a case of PTSD. She is seeing a therapist. This incident happened back in the spring, and I know litigation of this type will be slow. I imagine their lawyers can keep the wheels spinning indefinitely.

    I don't remember which part of FL it was in.
    M-E-N-T-A-L A-N-G-U-I-S-H is very expensive. I sure hope she is rewarded appropriately.
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    If it were my bag, she would be spitting the contents out of her mouth.
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    Wouldn't this qualify as a sexual assault? Makes for a more interesting trial.
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    I cannot believe this actually happened! Sue the snot out of the POS and Taco Bell! As said, too many lawyers looking for work!
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    First : Dear Taco Bell ; here is what happened to me at one of your Taco Bells ........... please contact XXXXXX .... (atty at law) if you want any further information on the lawsuit being filed.

    Second : I would have pressed for assault and battery charges .... period... and would have gotten them.

    She'll own that Taco Bell before it's over.
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