This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

This is a discussion on This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My next door neighbor is a wonderful lady. She and her daughter and a friend went on vacation to FL and stopped by a Taco ...

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Thread: This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

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    This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell

    My next door neighbor is a wonderful lady. She and her daughter and a friend went on vacation to FL and stopped by a Taco Bell for lunch. She is a cancer survivor and has a colostomy bag, and is a heavy-set woman. Every once in a while, the bag has issues. And so that's what happened inside Taco Bell - the bag started leaking and she went to the restroom to clean herself up. She had quite a mess and it was taking some time. Suddenly, there was a bang on the bathroom stall door. It was a Taco Bell employee, and she started shouting that she was taking all day and needed to open the door.

    My neighbor was trying to tell her the situation, but apparently it wasn't good enough. The employee pounded the door open and stormed in, put her hands on my neighbor, shoved her up against the wall and threatened her. It scared my neighbor to death and left her terribly shaken, and she was already in an embarrassing situation being unclothed and leaking all over.

    The employee left, my neighbor eventually finished cleaning herself up, and she went back into the restaurant area to her daughter and friend. They all went up to the front counter and demanded to see the manager. So they get her.... You guessed it, it was the one who beat the door in. She laughed at them and told the other employees and customers that "there's the fat lady who was naked in the bathroom."

    Th police were called, but they did not arrest the employee. I don't know why. The girl claimed she thought my neighbor was a homeless woman using the bathroom as a shower. My neighbor's lawyer has this girl's rap sheet, and it's a mile long. Taco Bell has not apologized over the incident or fired that employee.

    So that's you in the bathroom when someone beats the door in and puts their hands on you.... What would you do?
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    I can't imagine this ever happening to me, but it's certainly not a "shoot" situation, if that is what you're asking.

    It is certainly something that should be taken to a personal injury attorney (have I told you how much I hate attorneys?) to file suit against the company and it's employee. I believe there is a good case for substantial recovery.

    Had I been there, I'd probably be dealing with a misdemeanor assault and battery charge, because I can't stomach people that bully the young, the elderly, or special needs people. I'd just have to do the time.
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    If this haapened to me, the manager would have lost a couple tablespoons of blood through her nose as soon as she came through the stall door.

    If this happened to my mother, I would have to plead the fifth.

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    If this happened to me the employee would have a colostomy bag of stuff to clean off him/herself.
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    That is just so unfortunate and crass and hateful on so many levels.

    Second thoughts are easy, but maybe next time post a friend outside the stall as "security"? Very unfortunate.
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    Manager would have been wearing the colostomy bag inside out
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    I would beat the snot out of anybody that would try that to me!

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    Try to push this old fart up against the wall and you will quickly find out what Krav maga black belt means.
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    Give them my colostomy bag.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    There are millions of starving lawyers in FL. Call one! Taco Bell can afford to take the hit. The manager can learn to start over by cleaning bathrooms.
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    Taco Bell/KFC/Pizza Hut must find there employees at the local jails. Nothing but dirtbags.
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    Taco's + Colostomy = Trouble .......IMO.
    Oh now I get it............her bag was her Concealed Carry........Geeezzz......that's nasty.

    TACO BELL = Gasateria...

    Cleaning herself up......... Oh Momma Mia !!!!!!!
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    Sounds like this particular Taco Bell's employees and the contents of a colostomy bag are very similar...

    I feel badly for your wife had such a device for about 3-4 months, and it can be a bit embarrassing.
    Someone barging in on my bathroom duties will come upon a grumpy old guy who can put up with a lot, but don't put your hands on me...ever!

    I would advise your neighbor getting the best attorney she can find and let him/her do the talking.
    A good attorney WILL get Taco Bell's attention.
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    I am sending a letter to Taco Bell and telling them they no longer have my money and will advise friends, family, military friends, and my police buddies
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    If this POS did this to my mom I would be typing this from jail.

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